Multimedia II

Multimedia II is designed to be a year-long advanced computer course primarily for grades 10-12. Students should complete the prerequisite freshman Multimedia I class in order to enroll, or have permission from the instructor to waive this requirement. This class assumes students who enroll do so with at least an "advanced beginner" to intermediate skill level.

Fine Art Credit for University of California

As of the 2010-11 school year, Multimedia satisfies the Fine Art requirement for entrance into the UC system, as well as for graduation from Bullard High School. Students must earn a C or better for UC Fine Art credit, and a D or better for high school graduation.

Course Content

As the Multimedia II curriculum looks at techniques in design for both print and the web, it also attempts to address the question, "What is art?" through periodic exploration of several differing types of art and the artists who create it. This course also includes an introduction to the basic history of art.


Students will develop an understanding of the career possibilities in fine arts and graphic design; 

they will gain understanding of design elements, principles, and typography. The tools for these skills include the Adobe CC bundle--particularly Photoshop and Illustrator.

Included among the topics covered are skills such as

Camera Raw, Selections, Layers and Masks, Creating Composites, using Type, Paint and Gradients, and Methods of Output. To accomplish these goals, students will  participate in written essays, critiques both written and oral, tutorials, and the planning and creation of their own original computer graphics and multimedia work. As part of this course, each student will create a portfolio of his or her original work.