Lab Members


Meghan McDevitt-Murphy, Ph.D.

Doctoral Students:

Rebecca Zakarian, M.S.

Cecilia Olin, B.A.

Mya Bowen

MSGP Students:

Brook Buckley

Project Staff:

Allison Wallace, M.S

Kathryn Soltis, M.S.

Samuel Acuff, M.S.


James Murphy, Ph.D.

The Trauma and Coping Research Group (TCRG) is located in the Department of Psychology at The University of Memphis. Lab members are involved with projects initiated by Dr. McDevitt-Murphy, and they often conduct their own studies too.

Students in the Master of Science in general psychology (MSGP) program typically conduct an empirical Master's thesis project and Doctoral students typically conduct three milestone projects.

Please check out our lab member profiles (to the left) and our lab alumni listing (through the tab above) to learn more about the kind of work conducted by TCRG lab members.

Interested in applying to the PhD program to work with Dr. McDevitt-Murphy? Feel free to reach out to her by email.