August - Dr. McDevitt-Murphy was honored with the Jack and Jane Morris Professorship. Congrats, Meghan! 

July - Matt Luciano received the prestigious Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Predoctoral Fellowship (F31 grant)! His project is titled, "Reducing hazardous drinking and PTSD-related avoidance through a brief alcohol intervention with an avoidance-focused feedback supplement."

June - Rebecca Zakarian and Sam Leonard both had posters accepted to the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies. Great job!

June - Matt Luciano had a symposium presentation accepted to the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies titled, "Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Alcohol Misuse: Understanding Comorbidity Through the Lens of Behavioral Economics". He will also be the chair of this symposium!

June - Matt Luciano had a panel presentation accepted to the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies titled, "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Getting into Graduate School and Beyond: Perspectives on Early Career in Traumatic Stress Studies".

June - Cece Olin and Dr. McDevitt-Murphy both had symposium presentations accepted to the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies!

June - Dr. McDevitt-Murphy has started her new position as Director of Clinical Training for the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program!

April - Rebecca Zakarian proposed her thesis, "Understanding PTSD, Aggression, and Shame Among Post-9/11 Veterans".

February - Jessica Tripp accepted a postdoc position at the Interprofessional Advanced Fellowship in Addiction Treatment at UCSD and the San Diego VA! Good luck, Jess!

February - Matt Luciano, Dr. McDevitt-Murphy, Sam Acuff, Ben Bellet, and Jessica Tripp had a paper accepted to Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy. Great work, team!

December - Sam Acuff, Matt Luciano, and Dr. McDevitt-Murphy had a paper accepted to Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology!

November - Jessica Tripp successfully defended her dissertation, "Using Latent Variable Mixture Modeling To Understand Differences Between PTSD And Moral Injury."

October - Dr. McDevitt-Murphy, Matt Luciano, and Becky Zakarian had a symposium accepted to ADAA!

September - Matt Luciano was just elected for a two-year term as the ISTSS Student Section Chair, an ex-officio Board position! 

September - Nichole Mazzulo had a poster accepted to the STRONGSTAR Combat PTSD Conference.

September - Matt Luciano and Nichole Mazzulo had a poster accepted to the ABCT Trauma and PTSD Special Interest Group.

August - Matt Luciano resubmitted his F-31 grant to NIAAA. Good luck, Matt!

June - Becky Zakarian, Cecilia Olin, and Nichole Mazzulo each had posters accepted to ISTSS.

March - Cecilia Olin has officially accepted an offer to join the Trauma and Coping Research Group as our newest doctoral student. Welcome to Memphis, Cecilia!

March - Ben Bellet accepted an offer at Harvard University for their Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program! Best of luck, Ben!

February - Dr. McDevitt-Murphy was recognized by The University of Memphis as a PI Millionaire.

February - Happy Match Day! Jessica Tripp was successfully matched for internship at the VA San Diego Healthcare System/University of California, San Diego Consortium!
December - Matt Luciano defended his midpoint project, a training grant (NIH F31) to develop and test a brief intervention focused on reducing alcohol and PTSD-related avoidance. Matt will submit this grant to NIAAA in early December.

November - Jessica Tripp won a $1000 APA Dissertation Award. Way to go, Jess!

November - Ben Bellet successfully defended his thesis project!

November - Matt Luciano passed his midpoint proposal! Phenomenal job, Matt!

November - Matt Luciano presented his findings on PTSD symptoms change after a brief intervention at ISTSS.

October - Ben Bellet and Matt Luciano both presented posters at ABCT this month.

August - Dr. McDevitt-Murphy, Matt Luciano, Jessica Tripp, and Jasmine Eddinger had a paper accepted to Addictive Behaviors titled, "Drinking Motives and PTSD-Related Alcohol Expectancies Among Combat Veterans."

July - Jasmine Eddinger and Matt Luciano both had posters accepted to ISTSS and have both been selected to present at the welcome reception.

June - Matt Luciano had a poster presented at the Research Society for Alcoholism.

June - Matt Luciano had a manuscript accepted to The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease titled, "Posttraumatic stress and physical health functioning: Moderating effects of deployment and postdeployment social support in OEF/OIF/OND Veterans."

April - Ben Bellet and Matt Luciano both had posters accepted to ABCT.

April - Jasmine Eddinger officially passed her thesis defense and earned her Master's degree! Fantastic work, Jasmine!

April - Matt Luciano passed his thesis defense and has completed the requirements for his Master's degree! Great job, Matt!

March - Rebecca Zakarian has officially accepted an offer to join the Trauma and Coping Research Group as our newest doctoral student. Welcome to the lab, Rebecca!

March - Jessica Tripp presented a poster at the Collaborative Perspectives on Addiction conference in San Diego, CA.

February - Jasmine Eddinger has recently accepted an offer at the University of Missouri - Kansas City for their Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program. Great job Jasmine!

January - Jessica Tripp had a paper accepted at Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior titled, "Trauma-related guilt mediates the relationship between PTSD and suicidal ideation in OEF/OIF/OND veterans."

January - Congratulations to Matt Luciano on passing his thesis proposal! Fantastic job!!
December - Congratulations to Jasmine Eddinger for recently passing her thesis proposal!

November - Jasmine Eddinger, Matt Luciano, and Jess Tripp all presented posters and presentations at ABCT and ISTSS this month!

November - Dr. McDevitt-Murphy was inducted as Fellow of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies!

October - Matt Luciano accepted a position as the Student Co-chair for the ISTSS Internet and Technology Special Interest Group!

July - Congratulations to Aisling Henschel who successfully defended her thesis, "How do aftermath of battle experiences affect returning OEF/OIF soldiers?"

July - Matt Luciano had a panel and a poster accepted at ISTSS!

June - Dr. McDevitt-Murphy's grant application, "A Behavioral Economic Analysis of PTSD Using Ecological Momentary Assessment" was recommended for funding by the Consortium to Alleviate PTSD!

June - Aisling Henschel accepted a position at the Medical University of South Carolina as a Project Manager!

May - Matt Luciano and Aisling Henschel both had posters accepted to ABCT.

May - Jessica Tripp had a symposium accepted at ABCT!

April - Aisling Henschel won the MSGP Program Director’s Award!

February - Megan Avery accepted a position in the Aronov-Morgan Practice!

February - Joah Williams accepted a tenure track position as an Assistant Professor at the University of Missouri - Kansas City's Clinical Psychology Program!
November - Megan Avery successfully defended her dissertation, "Using Latent Variable Mixture Modeling to Understand Trauma-Related Outcomes"!

November - The TCRG had several posters presented this month at both ISTSS and ABCT.

August - The publication VA Research Currents featured a summary of some of our recent work on brief alcohol interventions! 

August - Jordan Fields graduated with his PhD in clinical psychology. He will serve as a clinical psychologist in the United States Air Force and will be stationed at Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio.

August - Joah Williams received a Loan Repayment Award from NIH!

August - Best wishes to Megan Avery as she begins her internship at Butner Federal Correctional Complex!

February - Matthew Luciano has accepted an offer to join TCRG as a clinical psychology doctoral student!