Circe's Bicycle

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I was headin out to feed the cows when I heard a zinnia ask, "You got a minute?"

I shoulda known. When a flower asks you if you got a minute, it's gonna take more'n a minute.

Hop onto Circe's Bicycle and travel to a place where the mermaids collect beer cans, words fly into the trees, and teeth tap out of the window for a night on the town. The poems and stories of this collection, divided into sections on "Tradition & Transition" and "Love & Consequences," will answer that eternal question: what will really happen when Peanut Butter Baby rules the world?

Praise for Circe's Bicycle

Circe’s Bicycle by Tara Campbell is a small wonder. Smart, funny, and thought-provoking, this book contains all the magic and surprise of a genie’s bottle. Open it up and you’d best be prepared to fly.” —Kathy Fish, author of Rift (with Robert Vaughan), Together We Can Bury It, and Wild Life 

“In this shapeshifter of a collection, poems melt off the page or morph into short stories, stories start off as one thing and wind up quite another, teeth march down streets and women are abducted by giant bees and secreted away to hidden islands. A playfully constructed collection that delivers real emotion in an often strangely wrapped package.” —Dave Housley, author of Massive Cleansing Fire, If I Knew the Way I Would Take You Home, and Commercial Fiction 

“A journey into the fantastic, the whimsical, and the what-if, Campbell’s writings constantly surprise and delight.” —Tara Laskowski, author of Bystanders (winner of the Balcones Fiction Prize) and Modern Manners for your Inner Demons 

“From her first microfiction piece, ‘Monkey Roast,’ I knew I was in for something special. Tara Campbell brings a unique magic to her work, not just in words but in form. She keeps the reader anticipating, ‘What next? What next?’ A must read.” —Gay Degani, author of Rattle of Want, What Came Before, and Pomegranate Stories

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