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Available at Bookshop, Smashwords, Draft2Digital, or Amazon.What if the natural resources we manage began to manage themselves?

And then us? 

TreeVolution is a speculative fiction adventure featuring secret experiments, corporate machinations, and a little eco-payback.

Reports of peculiar tree assaults are trickling into the governor’s office in Olympia, Washington: a maple kicked a dog about to relieve itself, a ficus spanked a leaf-yanking child, a yew slapped a woman locking up her bike to its trunk. Young staffer Tamia Bennett prepares to watch her career fizzle when she’s put in charge of tracking these urban legends. But as documented arbor assaults become violent and widespread, Tamia and retired botanist Dr. Barbara Block discover that acres of genetically modified trees are developing deadly plans.

Miles away in the Palalla Nation, Charlie Meninick is in charge of protecting his tribe’s old-growth trees from timber poachers. He’s recovering from a tumultuous past and looking for healing in the forest. After an accident on patrol, however, all he finds are two dead poachers and no other witnesses to convince troopers that it was the trees that did it.

Tree attacks escalate, people panic, and forests begin to burn. Tamia and Charlie’s paths converge as they uncover who engineered the trees and why. With fire engulfing Washington State, a genetic mutation spreading through the Pacific Northwest, and someone intent on a cover-up, Tamia and Charlie must determine which is actually the bigger threat: the newly awakening trees, or the powerful people now bent on destroying them.

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Praise for TreeVolution

“. . . exciting, entertaining, thought-provoking, with an upside-down look at the current plague of people on our planet. A must-read for fans of Campbell, environmental politics, the planet, a good spec fiction romp—and yes, anyone who’s rooting for the trees.”

~ Amber Sparks, critically-acclaimed author of The Unfinished World and May We Shed These Human Bodies

“Campbell certainly knows how to write to the issues surrounding the destruction of the Earth, our home. It’s a great story and I have no doubt that readers will LOVE it!!”

~ Joanne Uppendahl, award-winning poet, author of She Who Gathers Stones: A Journey of Loss, Healing, and Joy

“. . . an outburst, an uprising, a wildness of story and heart. Campbell breathes the breath of life into her characters. When you close the book, trees no longer look the same.”

~ Rion Amilcar Scott, Lecturer at Bowie State University, author of Insurrections: Stories

". . . at times violent, terrifying and dark, but also breathtaking, awesome and gleeful. . ."

~ Carol Kean, Book Critic for Perihelion Online Science Fiction Magazine


Published in Queen Mob's Teahouse, November 2016

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