Much of what I write is crossover sci-fi, or speculative fiction off the warp-drive path.  It's not about the technology and machines; it's about what happens when an ordinary person (or creature) faces extraordinary circumstances.  

In other words, put our world in a snow globe, add a drop of weird, and shake. 

If you've ever wondered what a fat cell writes in her diary, or how your teeth really feel about you, look no further.  If you want to read about a beer-swilling mermaid, a murderous houseplant, or your friendly neighborhood spleen, you're in the right place.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the stories, articles, essays and poems.

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UPDATE -- Jan 2024

For sadly obvious reasons, I've added Doctors Without Borders/Médicins Sans Frontières to the list of organizations I'm raising money for through the #12AngryLips action. Take a look here.

Photo by Hillary Deane