Vehicles and Upgrades


Vehicles have four attributes: maneuverability, speed, armor, and weaponry, rated from d4 to d12. Whenever a character makes a roll using a vehicle, they roll both their relevant attribute as well as the vehicle's and take the highest result. For example, a character driving a race car would roll their dexterity and the car's speed, and their final result would be the highest of both.

Vehicles use weaponry to make attacks, maneuverability to avoid them, armor to resist damage, and speed to adjust range. They can usually only attack close targets via ramming, unless modified with ranged weapons. Some special types of vehicles might not have certain attributes at all. For example, a train has no maneuverability and a jetpack might not have armor or weaponry.

A vehicle can be damaged four times, each time causing one of its attributes disadvantage until repaired. When all four of a vehicle's attributes are damaged, it is disabled. If it suffers damage while disabled, it is completely destroyed. Vehicles with fewer than four attributes could have other damage thresholds. A train might have one or two per car, while a jetpack could not have any at all (with all hits being applied to the pilot).


A vehicle can be upgraded by increasing its attributes or by adding modifications that give it special abilities. A modification gives a vehicle advantage on one attribute in a specific situation, such as spikes to improve armor against boarders or a warp drive to improve speed during interplanetary travel. The cost of each upgrade, modification, and attribute repair is determined by the setting.