Equipment and Wealth


You begin with three pieces of equipment, including weapons, armor, and kits. You may carry up to five pieces of equipment.

Ranged and throwing weapons usually do not require ammunition, though some settings benefit from strictly tracking it, such as post-apocalyptic eras.

Kits give advantage on rolls for non-combat challenges, such as using a rope for strength rolls to climb, lockpicks for dexterity rolls to unlock doors, lore books for intelligence rolls to identify monsters, or fine clothing for charisma rolls to influence nobles.

Broken equipment can be repaired in the field by rolling intelligence against d8, or at a settlement for 1 wealth if that roll fails. Attempting to repair broken equipment without the proper tools or materials gives disadvantage on the roll.


Your team begins with a wealth value of 1. Small increases or decreases in wealth are not tracked, so finding a handful of coppers on some dead goblins or tipping a few credits at the space station bar don't affect it.

Different genres and settings with have varying costs for equipment, determined by the narrator. For example, guns might be common and cheap in a contemporary setting, common but expensive in a science fiction world, and very rare and only available for barter in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Some genres and settings might not even use traditional wealth, instead relying on a "scrap" system (for post-apocalyptic wastelands) or "rank" (for space explorers).