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03.11.2012 Lyssach - Brittern

Since we could not replace the exhaust, Nelson had to stay in Brittern and I had not much to do. But Christine went on ​a four day city trip to Barcelona. You can see the pictures I uploadet to PICASA.

Some questions are asked in connection with our trip to Africa again and again, I have now answered them in the FAQ's Nelsons blog. In english on the lower part of the page.

Nelson has an exhaust now. I only have to attach it properly.

A big thank you to Michael for his work.

On the drive home from Brittern I whent with Neslon on weighbridge. There I realized that he has alomost reached the maximum 3.5 tons, it weighs 3190 kilos.

08.10.2012 Lyssach - Brittern

During our stay in Spain we realized that we have a totally outdated directory of Mercedes workshops.

A request from the Swiss representative revealed that is not available for Europe and Africa. Ms. Nastassia Gallace was then kind enough to creat for us a list of the countries thru which we will probably travel. In the event that anyone is interested, I have posted them here:

Africa list

Europa list

Already in the second week of our trip in august, we found out that the first muffler has a hole. Soon there were even two.

Since Michael, who has a similar bus, offered to help to exchange it, I ordered a new muffler and the necessary accessories. One Saturday, I went to see him in Brittern. After cut the old out, we noticed that the replacement did not fit. On Monday I went back to Mercedes in Bern, where they told me that the original part of the 4x4 is no more available and wenow have to adapt the muffler for our needs. This means disconnecting the pipes and from the parts of the old and then weld them together. Since I can not weld, and Michael and his family wanted to travel the following weekend for three weeks to Tunisia, I have to wait until he comes back.

For the methylated spirit stove I built a transport box, the original carton box has suffered somewhat. Because this stove is intended only as an option, if we the gas runs out, the whole will be then placed in the roof box. However, it can also be good to use outside, as I've built on the inside of the left rear door a tray with a windshield.

How, how long, when, where?

These questions appear again and again when we tell our friends and acquaintances of our planned trip to South Africa.

How do you want to travel?

Of course with Nelson. But thhere is still a lot to do, which will partly be done this winter or next year before the trip.

The sand sheets still need to be mounted and the off-road tires have to be ordered for.

We'd like to let reinforce the chassis, but we have to make a decision how.

We also need some spare parts .

There are still a lot to be regulated for Christine and me. The Helth Insurance must be taken in suitable form for a long trip abroad. Many contracts have to be terminated, such as Newspaper subscriptions, internet etc.

Do we keep the current home or seeking a cheeper one, is also still open.

Vaccinations are probably still some do or renew.

Depending on the route we take, we will hav to procure visas.

How long you will be traveling?

That's open end, or as long as we can, or like and have enough money.

Since we were both going to retire in January 2013, time plays no role and we must not be anywhere at a certain time.

However, we will be limited by the validity of the visa and have to adapt our stays in the individual countries. Also the weather conditions and seasons will impose on us their dictation.

When do you start your trip?

Yes we are talking about it for a long time, but good things take time.

The earliest start is in summer 2013. Depending on when we are ready to go, we can travel Europe before heading to Africa. It depends on when we have done all the things which are listed above. But we to cross the desert not later than we December-January, because then it should not be quite so hot.

When we are in South Africa, our preliminary target, does'nt really matter. But rather not in the winter as it can there be quite wet and cold.

Where you want to drive through?

Which route we will take is completely open. As has been seen in the last two years, the political situation in Africa is changing so fast, that a long-term planning does not make mutch sense.

Basically, there are still two possible routes, namely in the East or in the West side of Africa.

To drive through the middle of Africa, it is already possoble since for several years and poses too great a risks. Regions and countries such as southern Algeria, Niger, DR Congoare no go zones.

On the eastern route travelers used to drive thru Syria, which is probably not not feasible for some tim. But one can now use Libya as transit, to enter Egypt, but in both countriesthe situation is somewhat unstable.

On the west coast, there is currently the problem area of Mali. Since the uprising of the Islamists in the northeast of the country, this approach has become very uncertain, if not impossible. Befor reaching Namibia, Angola is also a problem. It's dificult to get a visa for this country. If you're lucky you can get one for transit, but that's only valid for five days.Because of the bad roads and long range this is very tight. You can only get a 30-day tourist visa at your home embassy, but what happens if you do not timely enter Angola?

The decision will therefore fall until the summer of 2013, and even then it can still be quite different.

If you have some questions or you want to leave a comment email to nelson (at)

10.09.2012 Lyssach - Tarragona - Lyssach

Just in time for the holidays we have found a bike rack which fits reasonably to our bus. Although I had some modifications install it, but now we can take our bikes for four-week tripthrough France and Spain.

We have uploaded trip photos as usual at PICASA.

In Spain, the steering damper again passed out and I had to get a new one in Tarragona. For two days I have tried to go without, but I had given up and then installed it.

During the holidays we noticed a few things that needed to be optimized.

This does not includ that Christine would take with here more than three T-shirts (of which she has also used only two), but rather technical improvments.

For example, there was access to the tool box. This was the bottom of a seat box and hadso much material above it that ir was difficult to take it out. Everything had to be cleared away bevor to get at a some tools. Now I have installed a board, and so I can reach the tool box through the back door.

02.08.2012 Lyssach-Basel-Fälanden-Lachen

For the hot days I have mounted a fan on the dashboard and one for the warm nights above the bed.

In the rear over the dining table I made a suspension, to store a bodyboard during our holiday on the Atlantic.

The cover of the refrigerator box has received a profile angle as edge protectors.

I have made Some purchases:

Two 20 liter water bag from the Swiss Army.

A Coleman gasoline lamp.

I made ​​a shipping case for it.

Two second-hand but never used sandboards.

Nelson has no support for the sandboards, which is made ​​later in Fennec Concept.

09.07.201 Lyssach-Reinach

Once I've isolated the interior refrigerator box with a foam mat, I had to modify the cover because the fridge is now higher.

Finally I found a tool box that fits in the seat box. To accommodate more tools, I have built a board withe frame,

The materials used are all residues and some of them dating back to the equipment I removed from the bus in the beiginnings, and left overs.

For the Meerkat meeting in Reinach near Basel I whent with Nelson and took the opportunity to test him. On Saturday there were members of the http://www.afrika-das-forum.chtogether from Switzerland and Germany. Kurt the administrator and operator of the website had invited and organised the event.

But a bit I have done some work on Nelson to. I mounted a solar fan on the roof box, moved the cyclone filter a bit and installed two fans.

15.05.2012 Kirchberg-Lyssach

In recent weeks I have been busy building a crate. I mounted behind the passenger seat, at the back of the refrigerator box. So we have two water bottles at hand while driving. Italso has room for documents that you need for police checks, and othe small items

At the end of May so the hall had to be evacuated because it will be demolished. What has not happened yet though. On the former site at Leusound I've got again a home for Nelson and even the old trailer is still there. Under lefte whell I had to put some rocks to get it level. I did that with the high-lift because my hydraulic jack was too short.

11.05.2012 Kirchberg (Church Hill)

Next to the sliding door, I installed an LED lamp with motion detector, the built-in battery can be charged with a small solar cell, or via 12 volt socket.

On the refrigerator box I replaced the fan through a 20cm, ultra-quiet PC fan. Also the fixeded to 35 degree themostat was replaced with a variable one.

For the hot nights in the tropics, so I bought a second big PC fan and attached it to a self-construction. it can be tilted in all directions.

Above the shade of the kitchen window I have found a place for a extra cabinet, it's not very big but we'll find something that fits in there. You never have too much Storage Space in a camper.

This month we made trip to Munich (not with Nelson) and I took the opportunity to buy various things for our trip. Among other things I've bought window tinted film. This has nowattached to the posterior windows. It came out less then optimal but to make it perfect I would have to remove the glas and then had to also replace the rubber seals. But the purpose was to protect the interior from prying eyes and to reduce the sunlight and not to win the Pimp My Car Competition.

16.04.2012 Kirchberg

From South America Traveler Michael Hantsche, I got the tip to protect the headlights with a plexiglass.I find it clever that he used Tenax buttons fastenen them. These are normallyused for boat covers. In the second attempt, I then also managed to install such protective glasses. The first I bought was opaque Plexiglas, which I then replaced by a clear andslightly thicker one.

A Two Tone Horn belonged to Nelson's equipment when we purchased him . This should not for civilian use, but I did not want to leave it unused. So I have the the tubes connectedin paralel to the compressorthey sound in the same time. That makes a hell of a noise and later when tavelling countries with less stringent laws, this can very easily be reversed.

Her the sound

Above the kitchen combination I've found an empty space for a cabinet. It is not very big but handy for spices and other small items.

Near the slidingdoor I installed an LED lamp with movement sensor. The whole thing is pivoted so that it takes away less space when not in use. The lamp has a rechargeable battery that can recharge with a solar cell or via the supplied 12-volt socket.

Talking to Thomas the solo traveler via Skype the other day, he sayd his fridge developed a lot of heat. While No I replaced the 8cm fan that is turned on a thermostat at 35 degrees, with a 20cm fan that is much more efficient and a lot quieter.

16.03.2012 Kirchberg

Many 4x4 have a snorkel mounted and on top of this a cyclone filter. The snorkel has two functions, firstly, the crossing of water is easier because you have less risk to suck some of it into the engine. Moreover, up there the air is less dusty. The the task of the cyclone filter is to keep the dirt force away by centrifugation, before reaching the paper filter.

To fit a snorkel I whould have to make to mutch modifications on the body and as I will not go so deep in to water I think it's not nececery. But dust is really a problem in Africa. I was looking for a horizontally mountable cyclone filter until Michael Hantsche told me that in a Mercedes S-class had such a part fited. He has on istatlled on his MB310 an ist traveling with it in South America.

I now have one installed to in Nelson.

From past experience I know that you will never have too much storage space. So I made holes in the left rear door. here we have won some space. And the mounted board ca be used as schelf.

01.03.2012 Kirchberg und Büren

In February, it was sometimes so cold that the temperature in the hall was just around 6 degrees. Moreover, nothing has to be donne urgently, so I take it easy in thes freezing days.

I've moved the solarpannel regulator. Previously it was hidden in a closet and not so easily accessible. The battery isolator now has pilot light. So I can see whether the two batteeys are connected together over the switch or not. This should be the case only exceptionally.

I have now started to isolate the refrigerator box.

The Trabold filter is now installed as well. It was donne by Berger Agrartechnik.

That day was perfect weather with pleasant temperatures, and so I decided to make a detour via the Passwang. At the summit, I had lunch break. After that, I've tested Nelson's4x4 features in the deep snow.

Then I brought the Hi Lift to SAZ in Burgdorf. They have the hooks adjusted, now they have the correct measure of the rim holes.

The SAC is a school and training center for disabled young people.

25.01.2012 Kirchberg

We now have a chemical toilet on board. We can pull it on a cart out of the closet .

Nelson now has a second spare wheel, we were able to buy it fom Thomas.

Neslon has second spare tyre.

The floor of the interior has also been embellished. I have laid out a PVC covering mutch to SWAMBOS's delight.

For the separation of the board and starter batterys I have now also found a better solution. Till now I used it a relay whitch connected both the alternator when the engine was running. The new part has a processor that switches the two parallel battery in paralle only when the starter battery is fully charged. But you can combine the two if needed via a switch for 30 seconds or continuously. This can be useful to start the engine, or for work on the voltage converter (to use a grinder or similar) to provide more power.

We'd have to move out of the hall from the end of May, because the building is demolished in June. We are looking for a new place for Nelson.

22.11.2011 Kirchberg

Smaller works, have still to do be done. For example, the wiring to the accumulators and the 12 volt panel must be ordered and battery charger installed.


20.10.2011 Kirchberg

In the past monthes not much too spectacular happened.

A highlight was the visiting day. We invited to visit Nelson's and there were several interested parties.

Very early we talked about an ornament. Christine as a zebra-fan wanted stripes allover the bus. Finaly we agreed then to put on the rim of the pop-up roof.

Anita and Seba where a big help for this job.

And so, Nelson looked like at the visiting day.

Inside some was added, improved and embelished to.

For example, the lighting of the interior. Near the kitchen in the und seating Area I mounted LED lamps. Long time we did not know what we should do with the aluminum walls.Finally, we found the solution with cork boards.

In the kitchen and the sitting room, I mounted LED lamps. Some shelves were installed.

We did not know what we should do with the rear walls of sheet aluminum. Finally, we found the ideal solution with cork. Is that not a lot cozier?

So it looked like last year when empty.

The furniture in reare had to be removed to cover the walls wit cork.

Now it's more habitable.

24.08.2011 Kircheberg/Bodensee

End of August we went on a short trip to test Neslon.

The Bodensee was chosen as the target, an area that we don't know well. Via the Internet we found a smaller camping near Arbon. Saturday morning we (Marco, Christine andEmanuel) are on the run cruising at 80km/h. In fact, Nelson had to be loaded first. There was virtually nothing in it, so it became a late start, but that didn't matter because we wereonly due at 14:00 at the camping site.

We loved the days at campground Buchhorn, and Nelson has stood the test well with just a few little things to be modifyed.

The last week has been used to make the necessary improvements and some other outstanding work done. Do not worry, it still remains enough to do not to be bored soon.

21.05.2011 Kirchberg

The Cordless drills will be converted to 12 volts.

Just out of curiosity searching the Internet for a 12 volt mixer, I came across the homepage of Stefan Hack. Stefan is a Low Budget Traveler, he gives some information on how totravel with little money. He also made tutorial to make a cordless screwdriver to run it on the 12 volt car battery. The battery on my drill was dead, so I started to make the necessary modifications.

1. Free the battery free from its Innards.

I could open it without too much problems. After that I removed the battery. Then, the two Contact were carefuly disconected.

2. Installing the plug.

I had the this massif plug removed from old APC UPS, I also installed some at strategic positions in Nelson.

The contacts secured with countersunk screws.

The look of with the battery connector.

3. Final Assembly

And conected with a cable.

The built-in battery only had 9.6 volts, but the screwdriver does not rotate much faster with 12 volts, but he has considerably more power.

Note from 26.03.2011

Now I have used the modified screwdriver already more than a year intensivly, and it still works flawlessly. Although it is no more wireless with a 12 meter long cable and fourdistributed connectors in the bus I'm can reach every point inside and outside of the vehicle.

26.04.2011 Kirchberg

Even though I have not written anything for several days, this does not mean that I have done nothing more on remodeling. On the contrary, I was so busy that I did not have timefor the report.

Especially the Easter holidays I've been quite active. Main thing I was the last cabinet ttat should fill the gap between the kitchen furniture and the left seat box. Since I have received a few used RUKA boxes, I now want to build a cabinet for them. The idea is to use them like drawers.

This is the frame without wood.

I installed a new steering damper, the old one was worn out.

At speeds between 80 and 90 km / h I noticed a strong flutter on the front wheels.

06.04.2011 Kirchberg

Last Saturday we finally were able to pick up Nelson, now we can start for real.

Already last year, Christine and Emanuel discussed Nelson's color. It was the idea that we could decorate it with zebra stripesall over the body. For Emanuel it was to conspicuous.Christine give up and has now made ​​the suggestion to make the sripes only on the aluminum roof. Anne Marie, Emanuel's sister made a test on remains of plate to see if the acrylicpaint would adhere sufficiently on aluminium. Saturday the paint will be dry, then we'll see if it holds.

Emanuel has already drawn a model on the computer. The similarity with our homepage logo is purely coincidental ;-)


Perhaps you've already read in that the Nelson-conversion takes a little longer than originally planned. Now it would be time for the wiring, and installation of furniture, but this gives me time to optimize already finished furniture.

Today I drilled into my middle finger. I will not post Photos of the bloody finger or a description how blood dripped out of it. There are so sensitive souls reading this blog.

But I've been wondering if I should keep statistics of the BNAD-AID consumption. Others list the number of screws, timber, or kilos of paint they have been using. Luckily, Lukily Ionce had the idea to buy a car pharmacy at Ikea for Nelson. Had not thought that I would use it as often before the first trip. Maybe I should look for a sponsor for such First Aid Supplys. Let's see if someone is sufficiently cooperative, I could offer advertising space or on our t-shirts. Those interested please contact us via email.

The yellow thing from Ikea is currently my most important tool.

Below you see the seal thermometer, sponsored by Ruth and Roland Zuercher.

We have spring-like 13 degrees today in the hall. On colder days, it was only 8 degrees.


Now, at last the kitchen furniture doors and drawers finished.

Now we need to buy matching plastic boxes, so I can install the necessary trays.

From Nicolas Ghezzi I've heard that he is busy installing the cable for the fuel pump and the level indicator on the dashboard. Photos will follow when he has finished the tasks. The pop-up roof should be delivered to him this week.


Now I have time, to tackle the gas bottle mounting. Two bottles fit in the compartment of the kitchen cabinet.

They are tied down with straps. In the past large fire extinguishers were fixed with them. For dirt roads it's not enough, later I will add two more straps.

I removed the rear wall of this compartment, because it takes a vent

so that the gas can escape to the outside in case of a leakage.


Marco and I went to Nicolas Ghezzi to discuss some details. It was among other things, the storage space in front of the pop-up roof. He makes a proposal to install a lid so you have better access. He prefers to use smooth aluminum sheet, because it can reach a better seal. Marco has made ​​some some pictors of the roof work.


After that I had not started much time on the furniture continue, but I got it done.


I have contiued to built the cabinet, i.e. right now I'm grinding and painting the wood panels.

I have made it in two parts, so it does not obstruct the window pane at the door. In addition, the vehicle side is bent up inside, so the upper part is not quite as deep as the lower one to equlize this. There's is still space for one cabinet, but first I have to take the measure, but this is not possible befor Neslon is back.


A few days ago I have asked the fire department in Entfelden for photos of Nelson's active time. Today I recived some pictures from Mr. Roman Mauchle.

Here is a small selection, there are more at PICASA


Not so much going on at the moment, as Nelson has gone to the roof constructure he should be back in January. I can still build a cabinet and then I have in mind to modify the seat boxes.

This is the cabinet under construction. Now I have taken the mesurments of the boards, so that I can order them.


This morning I brought Nelson to Fennec Concept to Savagnier in the Neuchâtel Jura. Discussed the various woks with Nicolas Ghezzi . Christine (SWAMBO) was coming to pick me up, but despite, or because of the GPS, she lost her way in Neuchâtel. Finally, have found her, so I did not have to walk home 80km ;-))

Presumably Nelson will return in January.

Neslon standing next to a Toyota FJ40 in Nicolas Ghezzi's workshop


This week I have not worked much on the bus, but I had to arrange the material and the tools in the hall.

Now I've started the cabinet that will stand between the slidingdoor and seat. Yesterday, Marco has helped me deburring the aluminum profiles. This makes less fun, but he Marco to me: "This must be done to!" Today I could not continue, because I lack the necessary connectors for the aluminum profiles. I go to the hardware store tomorrow to get some.

The bench was in the hall, with the grinder,

I removed the oil-stained surface.


Now it has all worked out. Nelson has a roof over his head. Although for a limited time, but I in the cold winter days I must not work outdoor. The garage is just a few minutes awayfrom our apartment. Probably it will be demolished in the fall of 2011. Until then I should have done most of the work on the bus.

Seba (oldest son) has helped me yesterday with the move. Especially the kitchen furniture is so bulky and so heavy that I could not unload it alone.

We have cleaned out the whole bus, as in two weeks it goes to Fennec Concept for the diverse planed modyfications. During this time I will contine with the furniture.


Today, the weather was so beautiful and I started with the board on the rear door.

The whole will get a chain for support.


After spending a week in Croatia, I've continued on the Kitchen Unit.

Now the doors are fastened with hinges and latches pus the sink are installed. It lacks only the two drawers.

This week I recived my colleague Marianne get a good lift table. She has found in the garbage of the camp in Avenches. The table top is a little too big and too low but you can stilladjust it. I'll do that afther the seat boxes are fixed to the base plate, so that I can make the measuring. It's only possible after installing the popup roof is on the busbecause he must be empty for this work.

Great table, isent it? Was rescued by Marianne from the crushers.

In the foreground, the two optima placed here just to add some colour ;-)


In the last days I worked at the kitchen furniture.

The other boards except of the doThe other boards except of the doors and the stove-sink combination are also installed.

Now I'm busy with the water pump and the electric.

Filters, pump and expansion vessel


The last few weeks, not much has happened since the weather was not ideal, we often got away from work until late.

The Parking assistance does not really work. In reverse drive it shows an obstacle even if nothing is there. The sensors need some adjustment.

M ost of the wood is already bolted.

The two Optima batteries have been ordered thru Beat Leu (LeuSound) at a mutch cheeper price, these will be built in by Nicolas Ghezzi (Fennec concept). I can not use them now because the existing separator is not suitable for gel batteries.


Today I cut the hole for the kitchen stove / sink.

Here is a picture of the finished kitchen cabinet.


This week I installed a parking aid. Quite a complicated story the four ultrasonic sensors have are to be installed at a distance of 30 centimeters. Nelson has only two small plastic trim bumpers. The problem is that an obstacle is also detected in the middle of the vehicle. Hope I found a decent solution. Then two cables had to be run from the far right to left, so I had to let down the spare tire. For this I had to take the jack, taht whell is bloddy heavy. To get it down is one thing but it has to go up again. The installation is still provisionally as a cable for visual and audible indication to the board fittings must be installed from the back of the bus to the dashboard. Will do this only after installation of the furniture. But the acoustic parking aid can also be use in that way.

Yesterday I ordered thee wooden blanks for the kitchen furniture at the Hobby Center Lyssach once again they do not have enough material in stock. But this is no problem, because I have not planned to work on the bus this weekend.

Today we went to the Camperprofi in Schlieren. During our Baltic holiday We have bought a two-flame alcohol stove. I thought that the supply and installation whould be simlper the with a gas stove. If one gas bottle is installed inside the car you must provide ventilation. to allow the gas to escape in the event of a leak. Now I've got doubts about the power of the alcohol stove, and the supply of methylated spirits probably will not always be easy in Africa. So we've now bought a combination, sink and double burner gas stove.

Part of the wood I ordered is ready for pickup, but uUnfortunately the weather next week is not so good. But Marco has promised to come again next weekend to give a hand.


Diese Woche habe ich eine Einparkhilfe eingebaut. Ziemlich umständliche Geschichte da die vier Ultraschallsensoren in einem Abstand vom 30 Zentimeter einzubauen sind. Nelson hat aber nur zwei kleine Plastik-Zierstossstangen links und rechts. Das Problem bestand darin dass ein Hindernis in der Mitte des Fahrzeug auch erkannt wird. mit der Anordung des einen Sensor schräg zur Mitte habe ich ein passable Lösung gefunden. Dann mussten noch zwei Kabel von rechts nach links führen dazu musste ich das Ersatzrad herunterlassen. Dazu musste ich den Wagenheber zuhilfe nehmen. Runter kriegt man das schwere Ding auch so aber wieder rauf ist es kaum möglich. Die Installation ist noch Provisorisch da ein Kabel für die optische und akustische Anzeige bis zum Armaturen Brett verlegt werden muss. Das wir aber erst nach dem Einbau der Möbel möglich sein. Aber akustisch kann man die Einparkhilfe auch schon so verwenden.

Gestern hab ich das Holz für das Küchenmöbel bestellt ab im Lyssach-Zenter haben sie wieder einmal nicht genügen Material am Lager um alles zurecht zu schneiden. Das ist aber nicht so schlimm da ich diesen Wochenende nicht geplant habe am Bus zu arbeit.

Heute sind wir nach Schlieren ZH zu Camperprofi gefahren. Die vertreiben in der Schweiz das Material von ReimoS einem deutschen Caravan- und Camper-Zubehörhandel. Schon beim Bau des Küchenmöbel habe ich meine Meinung was den Gaskocher anbelangt geändert. Wir haben ja während unserem Ostsee-Urlaub einen zweiflammingen Spirituskocher gekauft. Ich war der Meinung dass die Versorgung damit einfacher und auch der Einbau simlper währe. Wenn man Gasflaschen im Wageninnerverbaut muss man eine Belüftung vorsehen. Also eine Öffnung die das entweichen des Gases im fall eines Leck's erlaubt. Nun habe ich Zweifel an der Leistung des Spirituskochers bekommen, auch die Versorgung mit Brennsprit wird wohl nicht immer einfach sein. Deshalb habe wir heute eine Kombination mit Abwaschbecken und zweiflammigem Gaskocher gekauft. Einen Teil des bestellten Holzes konnte ich heute auch noch im Lyssach-Zenter bei Coop abholen. Leider ist das Wetter nächste Woche nicht so besonders so dass ich wohl nicht so viel machen kann. Aber Marco hat versprochen mir nächstes Wochenende wieder zur Hand zu gehen.


Another month passed.

The furniture for the refrigerator is already finished. Now, Christine and I spent two weeks in Egypt, and last weekend was the wedding of our oldest grandson David and his wifeMascia, in Brissago.

This week I have time and again started in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, we also have the second offer of Fennec-Concept it looks good, now he added the offer for the for an awning.


Today Marco gave me a hand.

The heat was almost like in Africa, but luckily we had enough water with us.

This part is will be behind the passenger seat. In th top part is for the Waeco compressor fridge, this way you can take something out of it while driving.

29. - 31.05.2010

On Saturday, the construction of another piece of furniture has been undertaken. This is where the compressor cool box will be placed.

The frame building was donne rahter quickly, thanks to the experience gained with the first two items of furniture, and the new machine which I bought. So I can cut the aluminum profiles much faster and more accurately than with the jigsaw. On Saturday, I could have cut the boards and am now notwendeigen already finished with the second coat.


Today, at Pentecost, we have magnificent weather. Our grandson Marco, helped to remove the phenolic boards. On top of thte To Do List was teh task of sealing the holes in thefloor board. From removing the old facilitys there are some holes in the aluminum sheet. The holes, now have to be filled. One had to hold a spatula to the bottom, and the other one was pressing the fillingstuff in to the hole. As a good team we just fine.


Now, finally, two pieces of the furniture are (almost) finished.

It took some time but the last few weeks were not exactly ideal to perform outdoor painting. Almost every time I dared to start it rained for 10 to 15 minutes so I had to quicklyevacuate all in to the trailer and buse. With te rather low temperatures and high humidity, the paint does not dry too quickly.


Here are some pictures of the "mobile workshops"

How it started


Last weekend, the we had to empty the hall I was working in.Beat Leu offert ti use a old construction site trailer. But Emanuel had tow it in a not so legal action from Hill above Burgdorf. Fortunately, the Rockinger Hock has the right size for this action. In the begining the dirt road was steep but with 4x4 and reduction it was no problem for the bus.

The bus now has a name, he is called Nelson. We recently read a book about Nelson Mandela Emanuel Thougt it would fit. When Emanuel told Christine of his idea, there was a misunderstanding. On the previous evening We where watching the film Castaway with Tom Hanks and Wilson the basketball. So Christine said: "No, not Wilson!".

But she agrees to Nelson.

Last Wednesday Nelson probably drove the langes journey in his running life. We wanted to show him to Chris at the safari center in Stein am Rhein. He wanted to measure him to make an offer for the pop-up roof. From here we made a quick trip to Germany. Besides the temperature gauge actually everything worked fine. On our way back the needle went up into the red zone. Emanuelchecked the waterl level but it was ok. later he found out that the pointer always fluctuates greatly, probably due to a loose connection. We will keep this in mind, however.

The trip was already a special experience. To chug along at 80 to 90kmh on the highway is just something else. Roads under construction and other speed limits do not

bother us so mutch. In any case, as long as they are not under 80kmh.

According Chrs allowed the cross bars at the door could not be removed for saftey reasons. This would mean that the roof would open at the rear and that the interior has to be replanned. But then most of finished furniture are no longer usable. I

We have already received an offer from Germany for the pop-up roof. However, our concerns have arisen since the legal requirements are not the same in Switzerland.

We got the phenolic boards now.

The frames for the furniture are partially compiled. We have bought a plug-in system at Obi made by alfer.

Because the bus is not ready to stay and live inside, we have converted it to an indoor ​​the golf course.

Actually, the lawn only intended as a buffer between the corrugated sheets and plates of ground.

These have been ordered.

Now the bus is empty.

All this has to be removed.