Toonami Schedules

Toonami Schedules (1997-2008)

Following the completion of the Adult Swim schedule up to the present, the next goal of Swimpedia became to cover the other Williams Street blocks. This includes Saturday Video Entertainment System, Miguzi, and of course, Toonami. Thanks to the connections we made when first cataloging Adult Swim, along with the help of many Toonami fans, we are now able to present the Toonami schedule here, with episodes included, from 1997 to present. Although some have asked not to be credited, simply wishing for the information to speak for itself, we would love to thank the following individuals and sources for their past efforts and information:

* Toonamifan55 and the Toonami Wiki

* The Anime Superhero Forum


* Jeff Harris' The X Bridge

* Blkcloak's Toonami: The Unofficial

* 910dohead's Recordings

* KayWeebe's Toonami Stuff Spreadsheet

* Wjbraden's Toonami and Adult Swim Spreadsheet

* Sketch1984's Toonami Schedule Archive Spreadsheet

* ItachiIshtar's Toonami Schedule Archive Tumblr

* Craig Fuqua's Classic Jonny Quest

* Ruin Cireela's Cartoon Network Wiki

* Rec.Arts.Animation and Rec.Arts.Anime.Misc

Now, with Toonami on Adult Swim (2012-Present) already being fully documented in multiple places, including Swimpedia's website, the goal of this project was to lay out the schedule for Toonami on Cartoon Network (1997-2008). Thankfully, this was not too difficult to accomplish with all of the dates from 1998 onward, except for January 24, 1998, where an hour-long preemption gets complicated, and October 30, 1999, where daylight saving adds to the uncertainty. The key to this period is that the Toonami fan community took shape in 1998, thus allowing for increased archiving from that year moving forward from a variety of sources. That being said, the issue for us then became 1997, which was predominantly gathered using recordings, newspaper TV listings, and scattered information from all over the internet. Ultimately, we are certain that we were able to figure it out, but if anyone has recordings from 1997, we are especially interested. Lastly, the main issue that remains is Cartoon Roulette, which never aired in any particular order and even in 1998+ was seen as filler content that no one bothered to document. Any of the few episodes listed come from recordings, and because they are scattered, only the first date, March 17, 1997, is marked as a premiere with an asterisk.

Additionally, because there are a variety of websites already archiving Toonami as a whole, such as the Toonami Wiki, our main goal is still to focus on Adult Swim with our site. Yet, because of this, we chose to craft the following Toonami schedule in a way that embodies the collective experience of viewers as a catch-all. Thus, along with the documentation of on-air events and other lineup information in a way that is similar to our Adult Swim schedule, here you will see dates for sweepstakes, off-air events, interviews, TOMs, upfronts, conventions, fansites, and a variety of other fun facts. The hope is to give you everything that fans of Toonami during whichever period also had access to, turning this schedule into something useful, as well as something nostalgic for old Toonami fans and an overall learning experience for new ones.

Lastly, as with any of our other endeavors, we welcome any recordings, or potential edits with concrete evidence, in order to make this schedule the best it can be, and please credit us!