Historical replicas for re-enactors and the general public,

plus other items made to order...

Sven The Merchant (STM)

STM is a company in the business of making replica items for living historians, historical re-enactors, geeks, nerds and larpers, based on extant remains, depictions or description in historical texts.

Items include: arms, armour, arrows and accouterments, leatherwork, furniture.

STM also runs a limited number of workshops so that people can learn the skills and make their own replica items (i.e. its cheaper) and you learn the skills to make more, and hopefully pass on the skills to others.

And if we can’t make it or source it, we know, and happily refer you to those that can.

Any new orders for furniture, especially chest now have a wait of 4 to 6 months.


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