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MacSound - Control sound volume in Mac OS X Style!

Version 1.3.3 (4/25/2007)



Install to the folder Program Files/MacSound and make the shortcut to the file MacSound.exe in the StartUp folder.

One click to see the volume bezel (now for both top and bottom placed Taskbars), double click to mute the sound. Press Alt+Up or Alt+Down to increase/decrease the sound volume. Use Alt+Mouse Wheel too. Right click the tray icon to see the options (set hotkeys, skins, remove the border and so on).

If you use the Object Bar set absolute show coordinates ( as example Position=24:986 , where 24 is the margin from top and 986 is the margin from left ) and use the MacSound_Trigger.exe to show the volume control. You can additionally run MacSound_Trigger.exe with parameters /VolumeUp or /VolumeDown or /Mute to change sound volume (can be slow). Note, that you must set absolute coordinates.

If you use the Windows Taskbar (on the top or on the bottom of the screen) set Position=Auto .

In version 1.3.3 the "Mute" hotkey was added (default Alt+Del ).