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 You'll find in the site all resources related to Supreme. No, it's not exactly Supreme Commander, but Supreme Snowboarding, a great simulation game for PC.

 The game is also known as Boarder Zone in the United States and in Russia.

 As you might have guessed, it's a snowboard game, with 7 great snowboarders riding on 9 extreme tracks, 3 half-pipes and 3 big-airs.

 Even if the game is quite old, it works pretty well in Windows XP, Vista or even Seven. Using it on linux or Mac OS X is possible thanks to wine or any other emulation software.

 You will find the official patch 1.035 or the demo version.

 I have some works in progress, so stay tuned. It will be released when it's done !

 I also have to create another version of my video tutorial, because the current one is only a draft.

 As far as we know, there is no Supreme Snowboarding 2 planned for now.


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