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Musique Mercredi /Mardi 2017-18


T'es Branché Passport (this includes the e-book and workbook(*****see instructions below for first-time log in) (even if you used this last year, you have to click one of the links below to be registered in the new class but you can use your old log in info)
You can just make an account and use the e-book instead of checking out a book since we won't use it in class, but it's a good reference at home. You can also reach the workbook from your class's page without logging in.

*****First time log in to Passport: Click on the link below to make your account:
French 4/AP: we won't use this book at all.

News and Media (audio/video/text)
TV5 Monde Infos (articles and videos)
Le Monde (major French newspaper)
Le Figaro (major French newspaper)
France 2 (watch the daily French news)
L'Express (major French magazine)
RTL (articles and video)
France Info (read/listen/watch news)
RTBF (Belgian radio/TV/news)
L'actualité (from Montreal)
Cyberpresse (Canada)
Internaute (many topics, not just news)
1jour1actu (news for kids)
Débrouillards (science readings for kids)
Melty (interesting topics for teens)
Paris Match (magazine like People)
Rue 89 (online news)

Advanced Listening
(check out the grammar section for listening too and much more in the news and media section)
RFI (Radio France International)
7 jours sur la planète (AP--do B1 level exercises, French 3-A2)
Daily French (good topics, real French, not full speed) (short videos on various topics)
AudioLingua (B2 level for AP))

Listening for beginning levels (French1,2 is like A1 and A2)
AudioLingua A1(change to A2, B1 for harder listening, B2 and above will be really hard)

Grammar (and sometimes listening or other stuff mixed on site)
Conjuguemos : practice conjugating verbs!!                                                                                                                                            
Français Extra (great site for listening activities and practicing vocab and grammar)
Le point du fle (grammar explanations and exercises, vocab, culture, listening, etc)
Tex's French grammar (tons of explanations of grammar)
French Grammar quizzes (divided by chapter for a different textbook but all stuff we cover)
Bonjour de France (grammar, listening, culture, etc.)
A vos plumes (lots of grammar exercises)
Subjunctivator on (pick an expression and see if it uses subjunctive or not)

Word please use this dictionary!!
Typing Accents (not on Chromebooks) Dictionary site with multiple dictionaries including synonyms and antonyms
Larousse French dictionary (you can do French-French or French-English or English-French or get recipes or encyclopedic info in French)
Francophone dictionary (vocabulary from all the different French-speaking countries)

French 1 Listening Resources
Spelling Practice #1 (listen to words including accents I spell to get ready for the quiz)
Listen to the classroom commands to practice for the quiz 

Reading Practice

Extra Stuff to check out and learn more:
French on (all sorts of topics)
Game on cheeses in France and what region they come from
African stories (text and audio)
Akinator, le génie du Web (play 20 Questions against the computer)
French Revolution crash course (in English)
ielanguages practice listening, learn vocab and see French realia!

SAT Subject Test
Practice questions (scroll to page 42-48; includes answers)

Lyrics practice listening with music
Weekly playlist from NRJ (popular music with teens and young adults)
Current French hits streaming on NRJ (you may have to wait for 1-2 commercials and then it will start; the link takes you directly to the part of the site that plays only French hits)
Current French hits streaming on Musique Radio (click on écouter France hits in the pink box)

Study Abroad
Institut de Touraine
Tufts University program
Language and Friendship


Concordia Language Villages