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Francophone Recipes

Disclaimer: Remember that just because a recipe says it's "French", doesn't mean it's really French.While these sites have a lot of good, authentic recipes, some of the recipes aren't really authentic. So you have to evaluate, and if you're not sure, ask! I don't guarantee that every recipe on every site below is authentic.You can always do a search for the origin of a recipe. Tip: muffins, brownies and cupcakes are not French. Also, if the name has "French" in it, it's probably not French.

Recipes from France by region:                                                                        
Authentic dishes (not the recipe, but the names by region)
General French Recipes:
European French-speaking countries:                                                                        
Swiss recipes on All (try to choose ones that sound more French than German)
Luxembourg on World
Appetizer recipes:
crudités (marinated veggies)
olive tapenade: in a food processor, blend 2 cups pitted black olives, 2 tablespoons caper, clove of garlic, drizzle of olive oil, lemon juice and pepper to taste.
canapé (stack things on a cracker or small slice of bread such as some cheese and meat or a bit of brie cheese and a slice of grape)
roulades: make your own by wrapping one or two things inside something like this example
baked brie
brochettes: make your own by putting a couple of things on sticks such as melon and cured ham like this example
cheese allumettes
Belgian desserts for Saint Nicolas
marzipan and cakes and candies of marzipan:
African Recipes                                                                                        

Variety of North African Recipes on All (be sure to choose French-speaking countries, so not Egypt)

Specific Moroccan Recipes:

Quebec Recipes

Caribbean/South America

Louisiana (New Orleans/Cajun/Creole)

Recipes of Tahiti

Mardi Gras