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I was absent. What do I do?
See the website, the homework board, the handout box, talk to another student, and if you still have questions, see me. You don't need to make up grammar and vocabulary practice missed, but you should spend time getting caught up on the material. If we work on an assessment or project in class while you are absent, you will need to make that up.

I was absent. How do I get the homework?
The homework is written on the board and on the website every Monday. See that list. All homework be it workbook or handout is available in the file cabinet on this site. The day you return you should have the homework that was due the day you missed ready to stamp. The homework assigned the day you missed is due the next class day and you need to get it checked.

When can I make up or retake a test?
You can come in at lunch. If you missed a test because you were absent, you have two weeks to retake it. After that, it will be entered as a 0. If you are retaking a test you did poorly on, you can earn up to 75% within 2 weeks on any grammar test. Before retaking a test, you must complete review activities and have them reviewed by me. You can find these in the file cabinet under "review". If your review activities show that you still need help, you will be required to work with me at lunch before being allowed to retake the test. The whole retake process must be completed within 2 weeks.

Why do I only have 2 weeks to make up or retake a test?
Because everything we do needs to be used in the following chapters, so you won't be prepared for future lessons. 

What if I need help?
You can come see me at lunch. I also have a list of volunteer student tutors and possibly adult tutors for pay.

Why can't I retake vocabulary tests?
I allow retakes on grammar tests because you may not have understood a concept, but for vocabulary, it is just a matter of choosing to study (which you shouldn't even have to do much if you pay attention in class).

How do I access the online book or workbook?
Go to the French Class Links page. If it's the first time for the year to access to text book, click on the link for your period to set up a Passport account for the year. If it takes you to your account for last year, use a different computer to sign in. After that, click directly on the Passport link. For the workbook, it's available on Passport. You can also use the link to my Google Drive on your class's page. 

How can I bring up my grade? 
  • Do your homework every day and bring it to class. 
  • If you have missing work, turn it in.
  • If you have gotten less than 75% on any grammar tests, retake them for more points.
  • Get help from me or a tutor.
  • Pay attention in class and stay on task. Be an active learner, ask questions and participate to practice the material.
  • Be in class every day.
  • Study a little every day instead of only the night before tests so that you can learn the information to apply later instead of just memorizing and forgetting. When you study and do homework, concentrate and take it seriously. Don't just put the time in.
  • Do quality work on all assignments.
  • Decide to enjoy the language.
Remember not to wait until the last minute. Asking how to bring up your grade the last week of the semester is too late. You have to do all of the above while there is still time. Allow at least a month to see some change. If there is no change, you aren't following the advice above. Be a hard-working student all year.

How should I study?
First of all, do all your class work to get the most possible practice in class. Secondly, as I have recommended numerous times in class, use one or more of the following methods:
  • go to your class page and click on Quizlet to study vocabulary with flashcards and games.
  • Go to your class page and click on Conjuguemos to practice conjugating verbs. 
  • Practice with paper or a white board. Write the forms of verbs or spelling of vocabulary over and over. Write the vocabulary in English, then quiz yourself by writing them in French. Do that again until you get them all right. For verbs, write the subjects (je, tu, etc.) and write the verb forms until you get them all right.
  • And I can't say it enough: you have to do this daily or nearly daily. While you might do okay on a certain test by studying that material the night before, the material will not be in your long term memory. Then you will have a harder time on each future test because you will be required to know old information to do new information. If you don't study a little bit a time, you'll get too far behind to do future stuff. 

Is there any extra credit?
No. Grades are based on proficiency. 

Do you have tissues?
The better question is, do you? I don't supply tissues as that would be very costly. If you are sick, bring tissues. That is part of being responsible.

What if I lost a handout?
You can print or find everything from our class on this website in the file cabinet.