Status Page

Repeater Status (December 30th 2018)

Internet at W6SRR is down due to a failed radio on the microwave link. Parts are on order and we expect to have this restored mid Jan 2019

Public Service Events

From time to time in support of various public service events, parts of the W6SRR repeater system may not be available.

These include:

- IRLP and or Echolink nodes disconnected for times up to 8 hours.

- 2M Repeater TX disabled (Sunday of Memorial weekend each year from 6 am to 3 pm) in support of the Mt Hamilton Classic

- 2M Repeater is in use for a public event. Normal traffic is still permitted, however, we request you keep non-event traffic to a minimum until the event is over.

Notifications of these activities are posted on the W6SRR Yahoo Group page in advance of the event date.

Repeater Malfunction

If there is a malfunction with any of the repeaters or systems, please send us a short message via the "Contacts us" page. Do not assume that someone else has already notified us. We would rather have duplicate notifications than have none at all.