Status Page

Public Service Events

From time to time in support of various public service events, parts of the W6SRR repeater system may not be available.

These include:

- IRLP and or Echolink nodes disconnected for times up to 8 hours.

- 2M Repeater TX disabled (Sunday of Memorial weekend each year from 6 am to 3 pm) in support of the Mt Hamilton Classic

- 2M Repeater is in use for a public event. Normal traffic is still permitted, however, we request you keep non-event traffic to a minimum until the event is over.

Notifications of these activities are posted on the W6SRR Yahoo Group page in advance of the event date.

Repeater Malfunction

If there is a malfunction with any of the repeaters or systems, please send us a short message via the "Contacts us" page. Do not assume that someone else has already notified us. We would rather have duplicate notifications than have none at all.