IRLP (Updated 5/28/16)

The W6SRR IRLP node 3399 is operational and available for your use.

A list of IRLP nodes can be found at

As a reminder, the requirements for using IRLP are :-

  • Wait and listen for a moment to see if the node or repeater is actively in use.
  • ID and announce your intent to connect to a node and then.....
  • Send the 4-Digit number of the IRLP node you wish to connect to. For example "1015" will connect W6SRR to a node in North Vancouver.
  • When finished, disconnect from the currently connected node send "73".
  • ID after disconnecting.


1) You can verify that the node is not already connected by sending "00" or you can view the on line status here

2) Do not leave the IRLP node connected. Please disconnect it when you have finished.

3) At times, IRLP use may be suspended when Public Service Events are taking place. Check status page for details.

4) If you notice a problem, report it to

5) Suggestions and comments are welcome. Please email to

6) Further enhancements are planned, these include echolink. These will be added as time and energy permit.