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Sunol Ridge Repeater Group

The Sunol Ridge Repeaters are on the summit of Sunol Ridge at 2000ft. The repeater system consists of a 29MHz, 144MHz, 440MHz, 900MHz and 1200MHz repeaters. The 144MHz repeater provides coverage into the Bay Area Wide, Central Valley and Sierra Foothills.

The repeaters are used during commute hours, for general use and for various public service and emergency nets.

The frequencies and PL’s are: -

29.680 MHz minus (29.580) 94.8pl Currently off the Air until further notice (12/7/2016)

147.045 MHz plus (147.645) 94.8pl

442.625 MHz plus (447.625) 94.8pl.

443.5125 MHz plus (448.5125) CC1 MotoTRBO ***** Operational July 14th 2013 *****

927.1875 MHz minus (902.0125) 94.8pl ***** Operational Jan 14th 2012 ****** Linked to NC9RS

1283.550 Mhz -(1271.550) 88.5pl **** Operational April 29th 2014 ***** Linked to W6RLW


Please note that the 2m repeater operates in NFM mode. If your radio can be programmed for NFM please use this mode on 2m. If not, you need to make sure you don't over deviate. Move the microphone away from your mouth a little and don't speak too loudly :)

Coverage Map

Coverage map provided by Arnold KQ6DI

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