Therapy Groups & Seminars

Teen Group

Next Start Date: On Hold


Run by: Holly Joubert, Psy.D. 

The Teen Group offered by the Sunlight Center for Change is based in the tenets of both Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), two of the most effective therapeutic interventions in practice today. The group provides teens with the interpersonal skills they need to remain responsive to their voice, be heard in a positive manner, and take action in a graceful and assertive way so as to remain true to themselves and achieve their potential.  Participants will learn how to practice mindfulness so they can identify their emotions, and will gain skills needed to help regulate their emotions so they can make healthy choices in their rapidly changing lives. The group setting will allow the participants to create strong and supportive connections with other teens, and learn to balance this support with the competition they so frequently face at a time in life when peer interactions gain paramount importance. 

Kids' Social Skills Group (kids ages 6 - 10)

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A group where kids are able to work on improving their skills with other kids. It is personalized to the children in the group. Is excellent for children struggling with ADHD, Anxiety, and peer concerns. Topics include:

Therapeutic Hikes/Intensives

Next Start Date: Call to Schedule

Run by: Holly Joubert, Psy.D. & Wayne Zespy

Cost: $75 pp

2 - 3 hours


Therapeutic hikes are our way of providing hands-on, outdoor treatment in a time of COVID. We go to many locations that offer scenic views, open space, and fresh air. The purpose of these depends on the need of the participants. Topics covered may include: mindfulness, meditation, emotion regulation skills, EMDR-type techniques, CBT techniques, and more. Hikes are tailored to the participants in terms of strenuousness and therapeutic need. 

If attending, please make sure you inform the guides of any special needs or issues you may have that could need accommodation. If you have medical concerns, please check with your primary care before engaging in strenuous activity. 

Participants should plan to bring: water, snacks, comfortable shoes, light backpack, appropriate layered clothing for the elements including wind, sun, and rain, a notepad and pen/pencil for writing/sketching, and sunscreen. You may also bring a walking stick or other walking/hiking elements if required. Please be aware that this activity is at your own leisure but it is at your own risk. Be prepared and be safe. 

Therapeutic Retreats/Intensives

Next Start Date: TBD

Run by: Holly Joubert, Psy.D., Wayne Zespy, & Austin Guida, MS, LAC

Cost: TBD

Location: Triangle T Guest Ranch in Dragoon, Arizona

To sign up, contact

Therapeutic Retreats offer in-depth, hands-on experiences for emersion therapy. Each retreat is different as it is based on the participants attending, the needs, and what is available for offerings. The next retreat is actively being planned and will have elements of: equine therapy, hiking, mindfulness, meditation, business plan consultation, nutrition, family therapy support, emotion regulation strategies, music therapy, art therapy, personal training, and exercise/health/wellness. Food and lodging is provided. Please inform us if you have any special needs, accommodations, and/or dietary concerns. Base cost will provide general therapeutic services. Additional activities such as equine, nutrition, personal training, or business plan development are offered for additional cost upon interest. 

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