Java Almanac

          The Java Half-Yearly Almanac and Directory for 1815,
                     published under sanction of Government

Batavia: Printed by A.H. Hubbard, Government Press 1815

1.British Forces
2.List of Shipping 
3.Surnames:Davis, Davies and Richardson
4.Births, jan 1814 - may 1815 
5.Deaths, jan 1814 - may 1815 
6.Marriages, jan 1814 - may 1815
7.Governm. Administration BATAVIA 1815
8.Governm. Administration RESIDENCIES 1815
9.List of Inhabitants (Europeans and Descendants of Europeans) with their Occupations and Places of Residence.
1st JULY 1815 Batavia and Evirons
10.Ship Arrivals and Departures 1814-1815  Update

updated on 29 november 2000  Ship Arrivals and Departures: jan 1815 - jun 1815 (Batavia)

Other Sources:British Gravestones in Batavia and Semarang on Java
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List of His Majesty's and the Honorable Company's Forces serving
on the Island of Java and its Dependencies, 1 juli 1815.

published: 12 aug 1999, updated 29 feb 2000
Java Army list:
source: the Java Half-Yearly Almanac and Directory for 1815,
published under sanction of Government
  • General Staff of the Army
    L=Lieutenant, G=General, C=Colonel, CP=Captain, M=Major
    Commander of the Forces, L-G, Miles Nightingall, 69th Foot
    Commanding the Eastern Division, L-C, George McGregor, 59th Foot
    Major of Brigade Eastern Division, L, J. McIver, 78th Foot
    Commanding the Western Division, L-C, James Dewar, 3rd Batt. Ben. Vol.
    Major of Brigade Western Division, L, John Hanson, 14th Regt. M.N.I.
    Commanding Bantam District, L-C, Udny Yule, ??th Regt. B.N.I
    Deputy Adjutant General, CP, William Colebrooke, Royal Artillery
    Assistant Deputy Adjutant General, L, L. Conroy, Light Inf. Batt.
    Deputy Quarter-master General, CP, J. Nixon, 17th Foot (Officiating)
    Deputy Commissary General, M, A. Campbell, 5th B.N.I.
    Sub-Assist. Commissaries General, L, T. Fiddes, 21st Regt. B.N.I
    Sub-Assist. Commissaries General, CP, J. Littler, 6th Batt. Ben. Vol.
    Sub-Assist. Commissaries General, L, Bidwell, 3rd Batt. Ben. Vol.
    Sub-Assist. Commissaries General, L, Lloyd, Light Inf. Batt.
    Deputy Barrack-master General, L-C, N. Burslem, 14th Foot
    Deputy Pay-master General, CP, Tucker, Bombay Marine Regt.
    Assistant Pay-master, L, W. Bell, Bengal Artillary
    Assistant Pay-master, L, G. Green, 3rd Batt. Ben. Vol.
    Commissary of Stores, CP, S. Shaw, Bengal Artillary
    Assistant Commissaries of stores, CP, Harris, Bengal Artillary
    Assistant Commissaries of stores, L, A. Cameron, Bengal Artillary
    Commissary of Ordnance, Mr. P. Gore
    Conductor of Ordnance, Mr. J. Lawrence, on duty to Bengal
    Major of Brigade, Sourabaya Station, CP, D. McLeod, 78th Foot
    Chief Engineer, L, K. Mackenzie, Bengal Engineers
    Commanding Artillary, M, E.W. Butler, Ben. Artillary
    Secretary to the Committee of Milliary Accounts, CP, John Butler, 59 th Foot
    Superintending Surgeon, J. Robertson, Esq. (On leave to Bengal)
    Medical Store-keeper, J. Hodgson, Esq.
    Acting Chaplain at Weltevreden, L, J. Hendy, Light Infantry Battalion
    Superintendant of Public Buildings Native Princes Dominions,
    L, G. Baker, Light Inf. Vol. Batt.
    Town Major of Batavia, L, T.O. Travers, 20th Regt. B.N.I (in Europe)
    Acting Town Major of Batavia, L, James Dalgairns, 7th Regt. M.N.I.
  • Staff of the Honorable the Lieutenant Governor
    Private Secretary, Charles Assey, Esq.
    Aides-de-Camp, L, T.O. Travers, 20th Regt. B.N.I. (in Europe)
    Aides-de-Camp, L, T. Watson, Ben. Eur. Regt.
    Acting Aide-de-Camp, L, J. Dalgairns, 7th Regt. M. Nat. Inf.
    Honorable Aide-de-Camp, CP, Garnham, 3d B.V.B.
  • Staff of the Commander of the Forces
    Military Secretary, CP, J. Nixon, 17th Foot
    Major of Brigade, L, C. Tucker, 24th Lt. Drag.
    Aides-de-Camp, CP, J. Nixon, 17th Foot
    Supernumerary Aides-de-Camp, L, J. Hendy, Lt. Inf. Batt.
    Malay Interpreter, L, J. Hendy, Lt. Inf. Batt.
  • Detachment of Bengal Artillery, Head-Quarters Weltevreden
    upd 19 dec99
    namesarmy rankremarks
    E.W. Butler 25 july 1810, Major Commanding
    S. Shaw 31 mar., Captain-Lieutenant Com. of Stores, Weltevreden
    C. Harris 28 april 1812, Captain-Lieutenant Assist. do. Sourabaya
    J. Scott 1 april 1806, Lieutenant Adjt. and Qr. Mr.
    G. Everest 3 april ----, Lieutenant -
    J. Farrington 5 dec 1809, Lieutenant -
    A. Cameron 16 oct. 1810, Lieutenant Asst. Com. of Stores
    H. Ralfe 5 nov 1809, Lieut. Fireworker on furlough to Europe
    W. Bell 7 nov. ----, Lieut. Fireworker Ast. Dp. Pay-Mr.??
    J.H. Wood 18 sep 1810, Lieut. Fireworker -
    J.S. Hele 14 nov ----, Lieut. Fireworker -
    H. Delafosse 16 nov. ----, Lieut. Fireworker -
    Adjt. and Qr. Mr., Lieutenant J. Scott
    Assistant Surgeon, Mr. J. Fallowfield-
  • Corps of Colonial Hussars, Head-Quarters Weltevreden
    upd 22 nov99
    namesarmy rankremarks
    Charles Dudley 4 june 1813, Captain Commanding
    Thomas Ward 28 mar 1810, cornet Adjutant
    D. Ernst 2 july 1812, cornet -
    Adjutant, Cornet Thomas Ward ..... Assistant Surgeon
  • His Majesty's 59th Regiment of Foot, Head-Quarters Serondole
    upd 22 nov99
    namesarmy rankremarks
    A. Ross 28 Mar, colonel Europe
    A. McLeod 13 june 1811, lieut-colonel Europe
    G. McGregor 4 june 1813, lieut-colonel Comg. East. Division
    Matthew Shawe 4 june ----, major (lieutenant-colonel)
    Joseph Greighton 23 sept ----, major -
    David Graham 11 jan 1810, captain -
    G.E. Darby 14 mar 1811, captain Staff, Isle of France
    John Butler 26 aug 1811, captain Sec. Com. Mil. Accts.
    H. Pitman 27 aug 1811, captain -
    R.C. Stevenson 12 feb 1812, captain -
    F. Fuller 13 feb 1812, captain -
    James Cockburn 4 sept, captain Europe
    George Forrest 1 july 1813, captain -
    J. Chadwick 24 --- ----, captain Europe
    D. Gordon 9 june 1808, lieutenant -
    John Dillon 21 sept. ----, lieutenant -
    J.P. Pennyfather 22 --- ----, lieutenant -
    S. Clutterbuck 17 nov ----, lieutenant -
    R. Howard 5 june ----, lieutenant -
    N. Chadwick 5 dec 1811, lieutenant Europe
    W.H. Waters 8 mar 1812, lieutenant Europe
    P. McLaughlan 11 --- ----, lieutenant Europe
    W.C. Holmes 25 june ----, lieutenant -
    John Lukes 6 aug ----, lieutenant Europe
    Edward Mitchell 1 sept. ----, lieutenant -
    Richard Wolfe 3 dec ----, lieutenant -
    Edward Long 16 june 1813, lieutenant -
    Edward Scott 1 july ----, lieutenant -
    M.H. Hoctor 24 sept ----, lieutenant -
    Alexander Howard 28 --- ----, lieutenant acting adjutant
    E.P. Duncan 29 --- ----, lieutenant -
    J.W. Gelson 6 oct ----, lieutenant -
    George Dixon 5 may 1814, lieutenant -
    James Ralph 26 --- ----, lieutenant -
    John Burn 1 oct 1811, ensign -
    J.F.G. McLean 26 sept 1813, ensign
    W.H. Sampson 14 oct ----, ensign
    Pay-master, H. Rose ..... Europe
    Adjutant, J. Crawley ..... Europe
    Quarter-master, W. Moorhead ..... Acting Pay-master
    Surgeon, M. Reynolds
    Assistant Surgeon, R. Badenach .. Bengal
    Assistant Surgeon, P.K. Lamb .. Europe
  • His Majesty's 78th Regiment of Foot, Head-Quarters Weltevreden
    upd 29 feb 2000
  • Link -
    namesarmy rankremarks
    Sir S. Achmuty, B.K.B. 13 jan 1812, colonel Europe
    Alexander Adams 7 apr 1802, lieut-colonel Europe
    Jonh Mclead 12 may 1808, lieut-colonel Europe
    David Forbes 24 jul 1814, lieut-colonel -
    James McVean 1 may 1812, major -
    C.C. McKay 9 jul 1805, captain Europe
    C.G. Falkoner 26 dec 1805, captain Europe
    Donald McLeod 17 mar 1807, captain Brigade Major, Sourabaya
    Joseph Bethune 3 - 1808, captain Europe
    Arthur Forbes 26 jan 1809, captain Europe
    William McKenzie 24 oct 1810, captain Europe
    John Grant 18 jul 1811, captain -
    Henry N. Douglas 13 june 1812, captain -
    Roderick McQueen 27 jan 1814, captain Acting Pay-master
    Niel Campbell 3 feb ----, captain Europe
    Phineas Ryrie 26 sept 1805, lieutenant Europe
    James Fraser 1 feb 1806, lieutenant Europe
    L. Grant 8 feb 1806, lieutenant Europe
    Alexander Fraser 17 jul 1806, lieutenant Europe
    Richard Hart 25 apr 1806, lieutenant Asst. Resident, Souracarta
    A.M.K. Cameron 9 jan 1807, lieutenant Bengal
    Joshua Gregory 19 jan 1808, lieutenant Europe
    F. McKae 21 jan 1808, lieutenant -
    John McIver 8 dec 1808, lieutenant Birg. Maj. Eastern Div.
    Alexander Sutherland 6 jul 1809, lieutenant -
    John McLeod 22 mar 1810, lieutenant -
    Joseph McKenzie 25 apr 1810, lieutenant -
    John McDugal 7 mar 1811, lieutenant Europe
    Alexander Brodie 6 jun 1811, lieutenant -
    John Marquis 21 nov 1811, lieutenant Europa
    William Barth 20 feb 1812, lieutenant Europa
    John Pennycuick 11 june 1812, lieutenant -
    Alexander Waters 8 aug 1812, lieutenant -
    Donald Cameron 21 jan 1813, lieutenant -
    John Mitchell 4 mar 1813, lieutenant -
    D.E. McQueen 25 nov 1813, lieutenant -
    Roderick Cameron 20 jan 1814, lieutenant -
    John Smith 3 feb 1814, lieutenant -
    John McCrimmon 1 mar 1814, lieutenant -
    G.H. Douglas 1 jan 1813, ensign -
    Robert Maxwell 2 jan 1813, ensign Europe
    F.S. Dixon 3 jan 1813, ensign Europe
    P.H. Maires 11 may 1813, ensign -
    - Morrison 19 may 1813, ensign -
    Daniel McKenzie 22 dec 1813, ensign -
    Jonathan Forbes 19 jan 1814, ensign -
    George Munro 20 jan 1814, ensign -
    Edward Twopenny 27 jan 1814, ensign -
    William Beales 4 feb 1814, ensign -
    Adjt., J. Cooper
    Quarter Master, William Gun
    Surgeon, N. Currie
    Assistant Surgeon, J. Hughes
    Assistant Surgeon, W. McLeod .. Europe
  • Hon'ble Company's Bengal European Regiment, Head-Quarters Macassar
    upd 22 nov99
    namesarmy rankremarks
    John Haynes 28 april 1808, colonel Europe
    John Eales 30 sept 1803, lieut-colonel Europe
    H.O. Donnell -, lieut-colonel Europe
    Peter Littlejohn 25 july 1810, major Comdg. Hill Rangers
    Sir Thomas Ramsay, Bart 25 july 1810, major Amboyna
    J.D. Broughton 29 dec 1804, captain Europe
    John L. Stuart 20 oct 1805, captain Asst. Comy. Gen. Bengal
    W. Henville Wood 15 dec 1805, captain -
    Jeremiah Bryant 10 - 1810, captain Br. Major Ft. William
    Richard Higgott 2 july 1813, captain Ramghur Battalion
    William Home 31 aug ----, captain -
    James Auriol 15 june 1814, captain Bengal
    Forster Walker 15 june 1814, capt.-lieut. Amboyna
    Alexander Brouwn 13 july 1803, lieutenant Europe
    Thomas Watson 30 --- 1804, lieutenant A.D.C. to Hon. Lieut. Gov.
    J. Kirchhoffer 3 may ----, lieutenant Amboyna
    C.C. Smith 21 sept ----, lieutenant -
    George Bolton 21 sept ----, lieutenant -
    P.S. van Swinden 21 sept ----, lieutenant Amboyna
    Samuel Watson 24 oct ----, lieutenant Acting Adjutant
    Edward Fitzgerald 30 nov 1804, lieutenant Europe
    Rober Ledlie 18 aug 1805, lieutenant Amboyna
    John Fulton 11 sept ----, lieutenant Amboyna
    William Burroughs 22 nov ----, lieutenant Adjutant Bengal
    Metcalf S. Hogg 11 apr 1807, lieutenant Bengal
    Joseph Orchard 3 mar 1808, lieutenant Amboyna
    H.P. Carleton 26 dec ----, lieutenant Amboyna
    John Irwin 15 --- ----, lieutenant -
    Francis Crossley 10 --- 1811, lieutenant Amboyna
    James Harrison 9 may 1913, lieutenant Amboyna
    George Wray 2 july ----, lieutenant Amboyna
    David Ruddall 1 sept ----, lieutenant Bengal
    Benjamin Ashe 31 March 1814, lieutenant -
    E. Irvine 15 june ----, lieutenant Quarter-master
    J. Goding 1 july ----, lieutenant -
    James Marshall 11 nov 1808, ensign Amboyna
    William Davidson 15 --- 1809, ensign
    James Easson 10 dec 1811, ensign Bengal
    T.H. Cotes -, ensign Bengal
    W.H. Howard -, ensign Bengal
    J.C. Craine -, ensign Bengal
    W. Byrne -, ensign Bengal
    H. Monk -, ensign Bengal
    Adjt., Lt. W. Burroughs ..... Bengal
    Qr, Mr. Lieut. C. Irvine ..... -
    Surgeon, Mr. J. Brown ..... Bengal
    Assistant Surgeon, G. Eckford .. Amboyna
    Assistant Surgeon, P. Halkett .. Amboyna
    Assistant Surgeon, G. Lawson .. Amboyna
  • Light Infantery Battalion Bengal Volunteers, Head-Quarters Djocjacarta
    upd 19 dec 99
    namesarmy rankremarks
    D.H. Dalton 25 july 1810, major Commanding
    S. Fraser 5 aug 1806, captain Comdg. Javanese Corps
    S. Richards -- --- ----, captain At Sea on Sick Certificate
    R. Cock 13 july 1803, captain Adjutant
    G. Baker 30 sep ----, captain S.P.B. Nat. Pr. Dom.
    W.F. Wilson 21 sep 1804, lieutenant Qr. Mr. Javanese Corps
    A. MacLeod 20 mar 1805, lieutenant R. and C. Banjoewangie
    L. Conroy 13 may ----, lieutenant A.D.A.G. to the Forces
    G.W.A. Lloyd 17 sep 1806, lieutenant Sub-Assist. Com. Gen.
    J. Tulloch 1 feb 1807, lieutenant Sub-Assistant Treasurer
    J.R. Knight 10 oct ----, lieutenant -
    G.J. Hendy 1 feb 1808, lieutenant Malay Interpreter to the Comd. of the Forces
    J. Steel 14 oct 1814, lieutenant -
    W.H. Wake 3 jan 1812, ensign Acting Quarter Master
    Adjt., Captain R. Cock
    Qr, Mr. Capt. Richards at Sea
    Assistant Surgeon, Mr. J. Thomson-
  • 3rd Battalion Bengal Volunteers, Head-Quarters Sourabaya
    upd 19 dec99
    namesarmy rankremarks
    James Dewar 3 aug. 1811, lieutenant-colonel Comdg. West Division
    A. Cambell -- --- ----, major -
    R.C. Garnham 8 june 1806, captain Resident Djocjocarta
    W. Brookes 31 oct. ----, captain on leave to Bengal
    J.R. DeBoauregard 29 dec 1812, captain Resident Paccalongan
    E. Craig -- --- ----, lieutenant at sea on sick certificate
    Woodward Bidwell 15 jan 1804, lieutenant Sub-Assist Com. Gen.
    G. Williamson 4 june ----, lieutenant Bengal
    Alexander Black 27 aug. ----, lieutenant -
    J.S. Oliver 15 oct ----, lieutenant -
    R. Norris 10 sept. 1805, lieutenant on furlough to Europe
    John Cruickshanks 1 feb 1807, lieutenant Quarter-Master
    Thomas Trist 31 mar. ----, lieutenant Adjutant at Sea
    William Cotes 16 sep ----, lieutenant Collector at Samarang
    George P. Greene 19 nov ----, lieutenant Assist. Pay-Mr. Gen
    G.R. Pemberton 22 may 1809, lieutenant Collector at Sourabaya
    A.F.P. McLeod -- --- ----, lieutenant -
    D. Mason -- --- ----, lieutenant -
    Adjutant,Lieutenant Tristat sea on sick certificate
    Quarter-Master,Lieutenant Cruickshanks Acting Adjutant
    SurgeonMr. C. AsseySecretary to Government
    Assistant Surgeon,Mr. RamsayBengal
    Assistant Surgeon, Mr. WelshEurope
  • 4th Battalion Bengal Volunteers, Head-Quarters Salatiga
  • Link:
    namesarmy rankremarks
    W.m Colt 16 Sept. 1807, captain Commanding
    L.H. Davy 22 Nov. 1807, captain Resident at Cheribon
    G. Knight 31 July 1810, captain -
    J. Clarke 2 Jan. 1811, captain Commanding at Madura
    N.B. Rawlins 2 Jan. 1811, captain -
    H.F. Denty 8 Sept. 1803, lieutenant On leave to Bengal
    J. Dun 30 Sept. 1803, lieutenant -
    G. Hunter 27 Jan. 1814, lieutenant On leave to Europe
    T. Fiddes 12 Apr. 1805, lieutenant Sub. Assist. Com. Gen.
    T. Hepworth 17 Sept. 1806, lieutenant On leave to Bengal
    P. Grant 1 Feb. 1807, lieutenant On leave to Bengal
    H. Dwyer 8 Sept. 1809, lieutenant Quarter-Master
    C. Christie 19 Dec. 1809, lieutenant Adjutant
    C.E. Davis 23 Sept. 1810, lieutenant Collector of Besuki
    W. Wallace 20 Apr. 1811, lieutenant Adjt. Javanese Corps
    H. Sibbald 1 June 1811, lieutenant -
    J.O.Clarkson 1 June 1811, lieutenant -
    F. Antice 30 Oct. 1811, lieutenant Doing duty Jav. Corps
    T.H. Rous 27 Nov. 1811, lieutenant -
    J. Jolliffe -, lieutenant Doing duty at Sea
    O. Philips -, lieutenant Assist. Resid. Macassar
    Adjutant, Lieut. Christie
    Quarter-Master, Lieut. Dwyer
    Assistant Surgeons:
    Mr. P. Mathew, Gar. Surg. Weltevreden
    Mr. J.L. Irving, on leave to Bengal
  • 5th Battalion Bengal Volunteers, Head-Quarters Weltevreden
    upd 30 jan00
    namesarmy rankremarks
    Hugh Griffiths 3 jan. 1814, major Commanding
    W m. Collyer 15 Mar. 1811, captain On furlough to Europe
    W.B. Walker 3 May 1813, captain -
    G.V. Baines 15 Mar. 1811, captain -
    A. Montgomery 15 Mar. ----, lieutenant Quarter-Master
    J.L. Dewaal 15 Mar. ----, lieutenant Assist. Resid. Bantam
    Alex Dick 15 Mar. ----, lieutenant -
    Alex. Horsburgh 15 Mar. ----, lieutenant -
    Alex. Stewart 15 Mar. ----, lieutenant Adjutant
    P.P. Morgan 2 Aug. 1814, lieutenant -
    Thos. Frobisher 15 Mar. 1811, lieutenant On leave to Bengal
    A.L. Swanston 15 Mar. 1811, lieutenant Fort Adjutant, Banca
    W m. Percival 8 Sept 1813, lieutenant -
    W m. Joyer -- --- ----, lieutenant Doing duty Java Corps
    Thos. Ward -- --- ----, lieutenant Adjutant Hussars
    Adjutant, Lieut. Stewart
    Quarter-Master, Lieut.Montgomery
    Assistant Surgeons:
    Mr. R. Tytler
    Mr. T. Compton, doing duty 4th V.B.
    Mr. H. Thomson, ditto, Bantam District
  • 6th Battalion Bengal Volunteers, Head-Quarters Chemangees
    upd 30 jan00
    namesarmy rankremarks
    Charles Poole 8 Mar. 1806, captain Commanding
    Herbert Bowen 30 Oct ----, captain On furlough to Europe
    J. Hunter Littler -- --- ----, captain Sub-Assist. Com. Gen.
    J.C. Jackson 21 Feb. 1804, lieutenant Asst. Pay-Mr. Maccas
    Patrick Duderon 16 Aug. 1805, lieutenant Quarter-Master
    Robert Seymore 22 Aug. 1805, lieutenant -
    James Eckford 17 Sept. 1806, lieutenant R. and C. Djipan and Grobogan
    Brook Watson 1 Feb. 1807, lieutenant Fort. Adjut. Macassar
    Arthur Anster Homer 3 July 1808, lieutenant Resident of Tagal
    George Bryant 10 Oct. 1810, lieutenant Adj. Amboynese Corps
    Rober Pringle 8 Aug. 1812, lieutenant Adjutant
    Stephen Swayne 20 July 1814, lieutenant doing duty Java Corps
    Richard Burney -- --- ----, lieutenant Asst. Residt. Sourabaya
    Tho. Eales Soady -- --- ----, lieutenant Doing duty Java Corps
    Adjutant, Lieut. Pringle
    Qr.Mr., Lieut.Dudgeon
    Assistant Surgeons:
    Mr. Jacob
    Mr. Patterson, Macassar
  • Amboynese Corps, Head-QuartersHead-Quarters Weltevreden
    upd 30 jan00
    namesarmy rankremarks
    J. Dalgairns 21 Sept. 1804, lieutenant Commanding
    G. Bryant 10 Oct 1810, lieutenant Adjutant
    G. Nicolitz 23 Nov. 1811, colonial-lieutenant -
    F. Julio 14 Dec. ----, colonial-lieutenant -
    P. Knibbe 14 Dec. ----, colonial-lieutenant -
    J. Spanoghe 10 Oct. ----, colonial-lieutenant -
    M. von Franquemont 17 Mar. 1812, colonial-lieutenant -
    G. Tetley 17 Mar. 1813, colonial-lieutenant -
    M.L. Schoof 18 Feb. 1814, colonial-lieutenant -
    W m. Roubaud 18 Jan. 1815, colonial-lieutenant -
    Adjutant, Lieut. G. Bryant
    Qr.Mr., Lieut.Dalgrairns
  • Javanese Corps, Head-Quarters Sourabaya
    upd 22 nov99
    namesarmy rankremarks
    J. Fraser 5 oct 1806, Captain Commanding
    W. Wilson 21 sept 1804, lieutenant Quarter-master
    F. Austice 30 --- 1811, lieutenant -
    N. Wallace 2 apr ----, lieutenant Adjutant
    W. Javer -, lieutenant -
    - Swayne -, lieutenant -
    - Jolliffe -, lieutenant -
    J.E. Soady -, lieutenant -
    Fredericks 23 oct ----, colonial-lieut -
    van Driel 23 oct ----, colonial-lieut -
    Seibert 14 jan 1812, colonial-lieut -
    DeBree 1 feb ----, colonial-lieut -
    Dostal -, colonial-lieut -
    Nagel -, colonial-lieut -
    Mourits -, colonial-lieut -
    Ranzow -, colonial-lieut -
    Babier -, colonial-lieut -
    Adjutant, Lieutenant Wallace
    Qr., Mr. Lieutenant Wilson
    Ass. Surgeon, Mr. G. Webb
  • Committee of Military Accounts
    upd 20 mar00
    • Lieutenant General Nightingall, Commander of the Forces, president
    • Lieutenant Colonel Dewar, Commanding Western Division, vice president
    • Major Butler, Commanding Artillery, member
    • Major Campbell, Deputy Commissary General, member
    • Capt. Colebrooke, Deputy Adjutant General, member
    • Capt. Nixon, Deputy Quarter Master General, member
    • Capt. Tucker, Deputy Pay Master General, member
    • Lieut. McKenzie, Chief Engineer, member
    • Captain J. Butler, 59th Foot, secretary
  • Staff attached to Garrisons and Stations (Western Division)
    upd 20 mar00
    • Commanding, Lieutenant-Colonel Dewar, 3d Beng. Vol. Batt.
    • Brigade Major, Lieutenant Hanson, 14th Regt. M.N.I.
    • Acting Captain, Lieutenant Hendy.
    • Sub-assistant Commissary General, Lieutenant Fiddes.
    • Commissary of Stores, Captain Shaw.
    • Conductor, Mr. J. Lawrence, (on duty to Bengal.)
    • Acting do. Serjeant Carrol.
    • Garrison Surgeon, Mr. P. Mathew.
    • Commanding, Lieutenant-Colonel Yule,
    • Surgeon, Mr. Thomson
  • Staff attached to Garrisons and Stations (Eastern Division)
    upd 20 mar00
    • Commanding, Lieutenant-Colonel G. McGregor, 59th Foot
    • Major of Brigade, Lieutenant Melver, 78th Foot
    • Commissary of Ordnance, Mr. P. Gore
    • Sub-assistant Commissary General, Lieutenant Bidwell.
    • Sub-assistant Commissary General, Lieutenant Lloyd.
    • Garrison Surgeon, Mr. Brown.
    • Major of Brigade, Captain D. McLeod, 78th Foot
    • Assistant Commissary of Stores, Captain Harris.
    • Sub-assistant Commissary General, Captain Littler.
    • Garrison Surgeon, Mr. A.F. Gray.
    • Commandant, Major M. Johnson.
    • Superintendant Public Buildings, Lieutenant Baker.
    • Surgeon, Mr. A. Murray.
    • Commandant, Major Dalton.
    • Assistant Commissary of Stores, Lieutenant Cameron.
    • Commandant, Lieutenant A. McLeod, Light Inf. Vol. Batt.
    • Commandant, Captain Clarke.
  • Staff attached to Garrisons and Stations (Independant Districts)
    upd 20 mar00
    • Commandant, Captain Court.
    • Fort Adjutant, Lieutenant Swanston.
    • Surgeon, Mr. Woolley.
    • Commandant, Captain Wood.
    • Fort Adjutant and Barrack Master, Lieutenant Watson
    • Surgeon, Mr. Patterson
    • Acting Pay-Master, Lieutenant Jackson
  • List of The Corps of Burghers at Batavia
    upd 22 nov99
    • -, captain
    • Jeremias Jacobus Dominicus, lieutenant
    • Justus Dionisius, lieutenant
    • Johannes Senn van Basel, lieutenant
    • Aart de Jong, lieutenant
    • Jan Carel Hillebrink, lieutenant
    • Jan Piet, lieutenant
    • E.F. Sieversz, lieutenant
    • H. Simons, lieutenant
    • S.J. van Domburg, lieutenant
    • H. van Mander, lieutenant
    • Lourens Frederik Mayer, lieutenant
    • Leendert van der Hust, lieutenant
    • Gerardus Theodorus Wagenaar,lieutenant
    • Hendrik Schierhout, lieutenant
    • Joseph Schraider, lieutenant
    • Jan Hendrik Meyer, lieutenant
    • W.B. Albinus, lieutenant
    • STAFF, Adjutant, Jan Carel Hillebrink
  • Death in the Milliary Listupd 20 mar00
    • Lieutenant J. Jolliff, of the the 4th Batt. Ben. Vol.
  • ERRATA upd 20 mar00
    • In the list of the Burgher Corps, for Commandant, Lieutenant James Dalgairns,
      Acting Town Major, read Commandant, Lieutenant Thomas Otho Travers, Town Major,
      Lieutenant James Dalgairns, Acting Town Major and Acting Commandant
  • General Orders by the Vice-President in Council, Batavia june 19, 1815
    His Majesty's 59th Regiment and the 3rd Volunteer Battalion will hold themselves in readiness to embark for Bengal by the earliest opportunities that may offer. The Commander of the Forces is requested to issue the necessary orders for carrying the same into effect, and to make such arrangements as will be required to effect a relief of those Corps respectivily. C. Assey, Secretary to Government
  • General Orders by the Vice-President in Council, Batavia june 28, 1815
    A proportion of the Artillary detachment serving on this Island, will embarked for Bengal on ships that will pointed out to them The Commander of the Forces is requested to issue such supplementary Orders as are necessary in conformily to the details already communicated. Captain Harris of the Bengal Artillary, being ordered to return to Bengal with the detachment, Lieutenant Allan Cameron will proceed forthwith to Sourabaya, and is appointed Assistent Commissary of Stores at that place. The appointment of Assistent Commissary of Stores at Djocjocarta, is abolished from the date of Lieutenant Cameron's taking charge at Sourabaya, and a Park Serjeant will be removed from Weltevreden to Djocjocarta for the duties of the latter station. The services of Mr. Assistent Surgeon O'Beirne being required with H.M. 59th Regt. the General Order appointing him to the 3rd B.V.B. is cancelled. Lieutenant G.P. Greene, Assistant to the Deputy Military Pay Master General, will proceed with his corps to Bengal, and the office held by that officer is abolished from the 1st proximo. C. Assey, Secretary to Government.
* Land Forces of Britain, the Empire and Commonwealth
    * extract from : THE NAVAL AND MILITARY MAGAZINE - 1827

List of Shipping, Belonging to the Island of JAVA,
july 1 1815

published: 12 aug 1999
List of Shipping
source: the Java Half-Yearly Almanac and Directory for 1815,
published under sanction of Government
  • link Knuppel Family (Schooner Jonge Nicolas)
ship's namestonscommandersowners
Ship Governor Raffles 330 J. Neish C.H. Klein, Samarang
Ship Elza 398 J. Taylor Chapman & Rutter, Samarang
Ship Hector 400 W. de Groot W. de Groot & Co.
Ship Po 280 J. Mariar J. Mariar
Ship Isabella 240 M. Mayne J. Scott
Ship Theban 90 C. Lacellas Aiaslie and Addison
Brig Elizabeth 60 - -
Brig Christina 50 Chio Chinko C.G. Greeving
Brig Henry 85 N. Buchanan Chapman & Rutter, Samarang
Brig Helena Jacoba 120 C. Martius Joseph Johannes, Samarang
Brig Ebgelina 100 J. Gebhard P. Bol
Brig Anna 190 P. Bol P. Bol
Birg Covelong 140 W.U. Eddie W. Hicks
Brig Seahorse 160 J. Suo J. Suo
Brig Tiangshong 30 Cha How Oey Holong
Brig Susanna 40 Paketje Tan Tonking
Brig Chuanhek 120 Chea Tinko Koy Theko
Schooner Viagante 160 J. Wallace Rollo van der Kaa
Schooner Jonge Nicolas 60 C. Knupple C. Fleyer
Ketch Wilhel. Helena 75 C. Valentine R.S. Veer
Cutter Arethusa 60 - Hekscher
Honorable Company's GUN-BOATS
Three-masted 2 Matheus Goeterur
Three-masted 3 C. Lefeire
Three-masted 5 Clas Rooke
Three-masted 6 William Buytendyk
Three-masted 7 J. Taylor
Two-masted 4 J. Ballet
Two-masted 5 M. Kern
Two-masted 7 J. Mary
Two-masted 8 -
Two-masted 9 C. Cowcher
Two-masted 9 G. Dunn
Two-masted 11 G. Paumard
Two-masted 12 J. Woestho??
Two-masted 18 J. Allan
Two-masted 14 F. Anastaslo
Two-masted 15 M. Huruing

Surnames: Davis, Davies and Richardson
on the Island of JAVA, 1815-1818

published: 12 aug 1999
Surname List
source: the Java Half-Yearly Almanac and Directory for 1815
published under sanction of Government
Davies, W. mr., assistant-resident Semarang, Rembang, Cheribon
Davis, C.E., lieutenant collector of Land Revenue Probolingo, Besuki and Passourouang
Davis, Samuel, Director East India Compagny elected on 10th oct 1810
Davis, John Francis Apt. as Writers, 1813 JFD, List of the honorable company's establishment at Canton in China
Richardson, Francis John, assistant-clerk, secretary's office Buitenzorg (Batavia)
Richardson, John, 1773: sheriff Former govenors, judges, sheriff's and deputies
Richardson, W. committee member Insurance Companies: Ganges I.C.

Births, jan 1814 - jun 1815 on Java

published: 22 nov 1999
source: the Java Half-Yearly Almanac and Directory for 1815,
published under sanction of Government
  • Januarij 1814
    • At Campong Macasser, on the 28th, the Lady of Lieut. Col. N. Burslem, Deputy Barrack
      Master General, of a Daughter
  • March
    • On the 18th, the Lady of J.C. Goldman, Esq. Deputy Accountant, of a Daughter
    • On the 17th, the Lady of P.T. Couperus, Esq. Deputy Collector of Customs, of a Son
  • April
    • On the 20th, Mrs. De Lanoy, of a Daughter
    • At Samarang, on the 23d, Mrs. J.C.S. Meyer, of a Son
  • May
    • On the 9th, Mrs. P. van Hoek, of a Daughter
  • June
    • On the 23th, Mrs. F.C. De Blot, of a Son
    • At Sourabaya, on the 28th, Mrs. N. van Meeverden, of a Son
  • July
    • At Samarang, on the 1st, the Lady of F.E. Hardy, Esq. of a Son
    • At ditto, on the 22d, Mrs. D.C. van Blommestein, of a Son
    • At ditto, on the 27th, Mrs. P. Gore, of a Daughter
  • August
    • On the 17th, Mrs. Schaap, of a Daughter
    • On the 26th, Mrs. J.W. Moorrees, of a Son
  • September
    • On the 10th, Mrs. R. von Prehn, of a Son
    • On the 13th, Mrs. H.J.A. Sack, of a Daughter
  • October
    • At Samarang, on the 3d, Mrs. F. Cookson, of a Daughter
  • November
    • On the 7th, the Lady of the Late W.m. Barrett, Esq. of a Daughter
  • December
    • On the 8th, Mrs. G.C. van Ryk, of a Daughter
    • On the 20th, Mrs. R. Inglis, of a Daughter
  • Januarij 1815
    • On the 13th, Mrs. M. van Doorninck, of a Daughter
    • On the 24th, Mrs. J.B. Meyer, of a Son
    • At Paccalongang, on the 21st, the Lady of Captain .. Beauregard, of a Son
  • Februarij
    • On the 14th, the Lady of P.T. Couperus, Esq. Deputy Collector of Customs, of a Son
    • At Limbangan, on the 22d, Mrs. Mrs. Lunel, of a Daughter
  • March
    • On the 5th, Mrs. H. Blom, of a Son
    • At Samarang, on the 15th, Mrs. J.H. Domis, of a Son
  • April
    • On the 1st, Mrs. Krause, of a Daughter
  • May
    • On the 2d, Mrs. F.C. Robberts, of a Son
    • On the 7th, Mrs. C.N. De Abo, of a Son
    • On the 12th, Mrs. A. Vincent, of a Daughter
    • At Sourabaya, on the 23d, the Lady of Captain Charles Harris, of the Bengal Artillery, of Twin Daughter
    • On the 26th, Mrs. Beyvank, of a Daughter
  • June
    • On the 12th, Mrs. P. van Hoek, of a Daughter

Deaths, jan 1814 - may 1815 on Java

published: 22 nov 1999
source: the Java Half-Yearly Almanac and Directory for 1815,
published under sanction of Government
  • Januarij 1814
    • At his House in Jacatra, on the 3d January, Captain Francis Lynch, late Master Attendant of Batavia
    • On the 6th do, Mr. W. Wood, late Commander of the Ship Mary
    • Same day, Mr. J. Ihnen, late Scriba to the japan Commission
    • On the 27th January, Mr. Hoogfelt
    • Same Day, Mr. Pieter Muller
  • Februarij
    • At Molenvliet, on the 5th, Captain A.R. Makepeace, the country Service
    • At Sading Oost, on the 6th, Mr. Rischoff, late a Captain in the Dutch service, aged 62
    • At Cheribon, on the 9th, Mr. Steenbrugge, Overscer of the Coffee Cultivation in the District of Limbangan
    • At the General Hospital, Weltevreeden, on the 11th, Edmund Johnson, Esq. Assistant Surgeon in His Majesty's 24th Regiment, and Surgeon to the General Hospital
    • At Cornelis, on the 20th, Lieut. A.E. charters, of the 5th Bengal Volunteer Battalion
  • March
    • On the 9th, Mr. Paul Francken
    • On the 10th, Mr. Jacob George Diederick Passchen, aged 64 years, Apothecary of Batavia
    • At Onarang, on the 17th, in the 27th year of his age, Captain Norman McLead, of His Majasty's 78th Regiment
    • At Anjer Point, on the 18th, Mr. Thomas Wattleworth, Merchant of Batavia
    • On the 28th, a child of Mr. J.L. Wynhenke
    • At Labaxice, in the Brebes District, on the 30th, Henrietta, the infant Daughter of Lieut. Col. Keasberry, aged 8 month and 16 days
  • April
    • At Souracarta, on the 1st, a child of Mr. D.C. Simon
    • In Batavia, on the 7th, Mr. Satur Avit, Armenian Merchant
    • At Tagal, on the 29th, Lieutenant Colonel Keasberry of the Madras Establishment, Resident of that District
    • At Sourabaya, on the 30th, Captain Edward Masquerier, of the country service, aged 42 years
  • May
    • At Samarang, on the 4th, in the 52d year of his age, Johannes Knops, Esq.
    • On the 15th, aged 40 years, Mrs. Miero, consort of Mr. Leendert Miero.
    • On the 22d, Mr. J. Knibbe, aged 52
    • At Tagal, on the 26th, Mrs. Evertze, wife of the Scriba at that place, aged 27 years
    • At Japara, on the 31st, Mrs. Vorster
  • June
    • At Samarang, on the ?th, aged 33 years, Mr. R. Severing
    • At Bodjong Gedee, on the 17th, aged 48, Mr. Simon Dirks
    • In the Straits of Macassar, in June, Capt. Jacobus Jansen and his son Joseph.
      Capt. Jansen commanded the Ship Perseverance of this port, and in consequence of
      a dangerous munity, was induced to blow the Ship up, by which desperate measure
      he and his son and nearly all on board lost their lives
  • July
    • At Jacatra, on the 11th, aged 17 years, the Lady of W.N. Servatius, Esq.
    • At Samarang, on the 11th, Lieut. J.H. Aspinwall, Quarter Master of the 4th Bengal Vol. Bat.
    • August

    • At the Hospital Quarters, Weltevreeden, on the 5th, Mr. George Robertson, 6th Officer of the Honorable Company Ship Surat Castle, aged 18 years
    • On the 15th, Mr. J. Groof, Apothecary, aged 31
    • On the 17th, Mr. Robert Macnaughton
    • On the 19th, Mr. H.G. Ryser
  • September
    • On the 2d, Lieutenant Alexander Campbell, of His Majesty's 78th Regiment
    • On the 8th, William Barrett, Esq. Government Warehouse Keeper
    • At Rembang, on the 15th, the Lady of John Davidson, Esq. Resident of that District
    • At Sourabaya, on the 15th, Mrs. Coenraad Roosemeier, aged 34
    • On the 29th, a child of Mr. Lassis Martheze
  • October
    • On the 27th, the Reverend J. Schill, Minister of the Lutheran Church, aged 64 years
    • At Sourabaya, J.G. van der Ven, Esq. Register of the Court of Justice
  • November
    • On the 8th, Willem Jacob Thomas Raffles Couperus, aged 2 years, son of P.T. Couperus, Esq.
    • On the 19th, Mr. Petrus Decker, Secretary to the Lombard Bank
    • On the 23d, Mrs. J.C.M. Wasbeek Eekhout, aged 27
    • At Buitenzorg, on the 26th, Olivia Marianne, the Lady of the Honourable Thomas Stamford Raffles, Esq.
      Lieutenant Governor the this Colony. The numerous assemblage of persons of both sexes, to assist at the
      mournful ceremony of paying the last duties and honours to the deceased, and the general and marked
      expression of unaffected grief which was there evinced, is the best proof of the respect and regard which
      her benevolence and manners had acquired among all classes of society in Java; and her more immediate friends will justly say that, possesed in life of a heart glowing with the most
      generous affections, and of a mind guided by the purest principles of friendship and kindness, she lived
      beloved by all who knew her, and carries to the grave the certainty of being ever remembered by them
      with a fond, devoted, and faithful attachment.
      Her remains were interred at Batavia, by the side of the late Dr. Leyden.
    • On the 30th, Maria Adriana Schill, aged 5 years adn 8 months, daughter of Mr. J. Schill
  • December
    • On the 4th, Mr. F.M. Killian, aged 43 years
    • On the 5th, Captain Thomas Cameron, of H.H.78th Regiment
    • On the 19th, Dorothea Justina, aged 3 years and 3 1/2 months, daughter of Mr. J. Schill
    • Lately, at Macassar, Capt. Philips, of the Madras Establishment, Resident and Commandant of that Settlement
  • Januarij 1815
    • At Sourabaya, on the 3d, Mr. Petrus Johannes Moor
    • At Buitenzorg, on the 14th, after a very short illness, George Augustus Addison, Esq.
    • Assistent Secretary to Govt.
    • On the 20th, James Shrapnell, Esq. senior partner in the Firm of Shrapnell, Skelton an Co.
    • On the 25th, Mr. G.J. Buyskes, aged 17
  • Februarij
    • At Cheribon, on the 9th, Cornet and Adjutant E. Alexander, of the Hussar Corps, aged 38
    • On the 23d Mrs. D. van Son, aged 53
    • Lately, the Panambahan of Sumanap, aged 72
  • March
    • On the 2d, Mr. Pieter van Geemen, aged 64
    • At Samarang, on the 7th, Lieutenant-Colonel Butler, His Majesty's 89th Regiment, Deputy Adjutant General to the Forces on Java
    • At Souracarta, on the 18th, Mrs. S. Rauws
    • At Cheribon, on the 29th, Mr. P. Ekeboom, Assistant to the Resident at Tagal
  • April
    • At Samarang, on the 7th, Mrs. F. Bor, aged 15
    • At do. on the 28th, Mr. H. Buys, aged 40
    • At do. on the 30th, Miss Amelia Leonora Gore, infant Daughter of Mr. Paul Gore, Dept. Commissary of Ordnance
  • May
    • On the 7th, Johannes Otto, son of Mr. Jan Tiedeman
    • On the 12th, the Lady of W.A. Senn van Basel, Esq. aged 40
    • On the 13th, the Lady of H. Veeckens, Esq. aged 33
    • On the 15th, Mr. A. Betting, aged 77
    • On the 19th, a Daughter of Mr. G.C. van Ryk
    • On the 24th, Robert Duff, Esq.
    • Lately, Mr. Carrol, late Commander of the Brig Grey Hound
    • On the 27th, Mr. C.H. Specht, aged 64
    • On the 30th, a child of mr. F.C. Robberts
    • Lately, Mr. J. Willis
  • June
    • On the 3d, a child of Mr. Klynders
    • On the 4th, Mr. Arie de Jong
    • On the 5th, Mr. J.H.P. Bernhoff
    • On the same day, Mrs. Bernhoff
    • Lately, Mr. Johannes Jongkind, Dept. Civil Architect
    • On the 9th, Wynandina Elisabeth Henrietta, eldest daughter of P.T. Chasse, Esq aged 13 years and 2 months
    • On the 10th, very suddenly, Mr. G. Grasshuis, Captain of the Burger Corps
    • On the 15th, Mrs. K. Hey...., aged 39 years.

Marriages, jan 1814 - may 1815 on Java

published: 22 nov 1999
source: the Java Half-Yearly Almanac and Directory for 1815,
published under sanction of Government
  • Januarij 1814
    • On the 27th, Mr. A.F. van den Berg, to Miss C.M. DeAbo
  • Februarij
    • At Campong Malayo, on the 15th, by the Rev. Professor Ross, Dr. A.J. Kerst, to Miss E.C. Couperus
  • March
    • At Batavia, on the 20th, Mr. Krause, to Miss Arend Barends
  • April
    • On the 17th, by the Rev. Proffessor Ross, in the Church of Batavia, Philip Skelton, Esq. to Miss Maughan
  • May
    • On the 22th, at the Church of Batavia, Mr. van Heerdt, Assistant to the Resident of Buitenzorg,
      to Miss Dupuy, only Daughter of the late P.P. Dupuy, Esq. formerly Resident and Commandant of Bantam
  • July
    • On the 31st, G.F. Meylan, Esq. Registrar of the Supreme Court of Justice, to Miss Verster
  • September
    • At Sourabaya, on the 1st, Captain Charles Harris, Bengal Artillery, to Mrs. Wilhelmina Clara van Cattenburch
  • October
    • On the 22d, at Chemangis, at the House of the Commander of the Forces, by the Honorable the Lieutenant
      Governor W.A. Purnell, Esq. Surgeon to the Staff, to Miss Jane Peach, youngest Daughter of Johan Peach, Esq.
      of Richmond Hill, in the Country of Surrey
  • December
    • On the 16th, Cornet Thomas Ward, to Miss Rouband
    • At Sourabaya, on the 17th, Lieutenant Newton Wallace, 27th Regiment B.N.I, to Miss Catherina Maria, eldest
      Daughter of H.C. van der Hoff, Esq.
    • At Samarang, on the 11th, Lieut. William Cotes, Collector of Land Revenue, to Miss W. Hoff, second Daughter of Dr. Hoff
  • Januari 1815
    • On the 1st, P. Mathew, Esq. Assistant Surgeon on the Bengal Establishment, and Surgeon on the General
      Hospital, to Mrs. Makepeace
    • At Sourabaya, on the 5th, Lieut. Wilson, Quarter-master Javanese Corps, to Miss Olivia Maria, Daughter
      of S.J. Bouberg, Esq.
    • On the 23d, Captain Smith, Master Attendant at Batavia, to Miss Lynch
    • At Sumanap, on the 23th, Mr. G.B. Leyfeldt, to Miss Francina van Hasen
  • April
    • At Samarang, on the 10th, A. Loudon, Esq. Collector of Customs, to Miss Valck
  • May
    • On the 21st, Mr. Mathew Consalvo, to Miss Maria Jansen
    • On the 31st, in the Church of Batavia, by the Rev. Professor Ross, James Dupuy, Esq. Deputy Secretary to Goverment, to Miss Johanna Elezabeth van Groll

Government Adminstration BATAVIA, 1815 on Java

published: 19 dec 1999
source: the Java Half-Yearly Almanac and Directory for 1815,
published under sanction of Government
  • Lieutenant Governor
    the HonorableThomas Stamford Raffles, Esq. Lieutenant Governor of the Island of Java and its Dependencies
  • Staff
    Private SecretaryCharles Assey,Esq.
    LieutenantThomas Watson, Aides-de-Camp
    Lieut.T.O. Travers (in Europe), Aides-de-Camp
    Lieutenant James Dalgairns, Acting do.
    CaptainR.C. Garnham, Honorary do.
  • Commander of Forces
    Lieutenant GeneralMiles Nightingall, Commander of His Majesty's and the Honorable Company's Forces serving on the Island of Java and its Dependencies
    CaptainJohn Nixon, Military Secretary and Aide-de-Camp
    LieutenantJ. Hendy, Aide-de-Camp and Malay Interpreter
    LieutenantCharlton Tucker, Major of Brigade
  • Members of Council
    Lieutenant GeneralMiles Nightingall, First Member of Council
    Hugh Hope, Esq. Honorable Company's Bengal Civil Establishment, Second Member of Council, (absent on account of ill health)
    Willem Jacob Cranssen, Esq. Third Member of Council
    Herman Warner Muntinghe, Esq. Late Second Member of Council, Resigned in November 1813
  • Secretaries
    Charles Assey, Secretary to Government
    James DuPuy, Esq. Deputy
  • Secretary's Office at Batavia
    Mr.Jan Christiaan Baud, First Assistant
    Mr.J.G. Klynders, Second Assistant
    Mr.A.D.N. van Groll, Assistants and Clerks
    Mr.A. van Ysseldyk, Assistants and Clerks
    Mr.J. Clancy, Assistants and Clerks
    Mr.H. Wilson, Assistants and Clerks
    Mr.T. Stanley, Assistants and Clerks
    Mr.J.C.G. Borwater, Assistants and Clerks
    Mr.B.P. Barends, Assistants and Clerks
    Mr.P.M. Wels, Assistants and Clerks
    Mr.F. Mulder, Assistants and Clerks
  • Secretary's Office at Buitenzorg
    Mr.N.M. McIntyre, First Assistant
    Mr.J. Marlin, Second Assistant
    Mr.R. Brietzcke, Assistants and Clerks
    Mr.B. Valle, Assistants and Clerks
    Mr.T.J. Richardson, Assistants and Clerks
    Mr.S. Smith, Assistants and Clerks
    Mr.N. Baillie, Assistants and Clerks
    Mr.S. Poulter, Assistants and Clerks
    Mr.J.A. Vickers, Assistants and Clerks
    Mr.G.E. Selby, Assistants and Clerks
    Mr.L. von Franquemont, Assistants and Clerks
    Mr.R. Goldsmith, Assistants and Clerks
    Mr.J. Cebergh, Assistants and Clerks
    Mr.Radcliffe, Assistants and Clerks
    Mr.Grenier, Assistants and Clerks
    Mr.Bullock, Assistants and Clerks
    Mr.Smith, Assistants and Clerks
  • Revenue Committee
    Hugh Hope, Esquire, President
    Willem Jacob Cranssen, Esquire, Acting President during Mr. Hope's absence
    C. Assey, Esq., Member
    J.G. Bauer, Esq., Member
    W. m Young, Esq., Member
    Mr. R.W. Walker, Secretary
    Mr. J.H. Heupner, Assistant
    A. Jacobs, Clerk
    H.L. Jansz, Clerk
    J.R. Dirks, Clerk
  • Commercial Committee
    Willem Jacob Cranssen, Esq. President
    Messrs.James DuPuy, Member
    Messrs.Anthony Vincent, Member
    Messrs.Jan Willem Daniel de Jongh, Members
    Capt.D. MacDonald
    Mr.Petrus Theodorus Couperus, Secretary
    Mr.J.W.D. de Jongh, Assistant
    Mr.T.C. Canter Visscher, Clerk
  • Supreme Court of Justice
    Hugh Hope, Esq. President
    Mr.Pieter van Heemsteede Cappelhoff, First Member (Acting President during Mr. Hope's absence)
    Mr.Anthony Hendrik Smissaert, Supernumerary Member and Judge of Circuit in the Western Division
    Mr.Gysbertus Henrikus DeWitt, Member
    Mr.Jan Willem Borwater, Member
    Mr.J.W.D. DeJongh, Acting ditto
    Mr.Jan Hendrik Burggraaf, Advocate Fiscal in the Dutch Department
    Mr.William Young, Advocate Fiscal in the English Department
    Mr.Germain Felix Meylan, Register
    Mr.P.B. van Groll, Ditto to the Court of Circuit
    Mr.Pieter van Hock, Sworn Clerk
    Mr.Nicolas Constantia Martheze, under do.
    Willem Anthony van den Heuvel, Door-Keeper
  • European Orphan Chamber
    Wouter Hendrik van Ysseldyk, Esq. President
    William Young, Esq., Vice President
    Charles Assey, Esq., Member
    Mr.D. Christiani, Member
    Mr.Gerardus van Groll, Member
    Mr.Adriaan de Nys, Member
    Mr.G.F. van den Berg, Member
    Mr.D. Christiani, Secretary
    Mr.Anthony Vincent, Deputy Secretary and Translator
    Mr.P.E. Nyland, Book-Keeper
    T. Brongers, First Clerk
    L.C. Senff, Messenger
    T. Alexander, Messenger
  • Bench of Magistrates
    Willem Jacob Cranssen, Esq. President
    Mr.Pieter Veeris, First Magistrate
    Mr.Timmerman Thyssen, Magistrate, (absent on account of ill health)
    Mr.Abraham Anthony Cassa, Magistrate
    Capt.D. MacDonald, acting Magistrate
    Mr.Mr. F.E. Turr, acting Magistrate
    Mr.A.A. Cassa, Acting Ballieu of the Town and Suburbs
    Mr.J.C. Schmidt, Register
    Mr.F. van Sprenger, Deputy do
    Mr.A.L. Fransze, Accountant and Translator
    Mr.C. Heyer, Door-Keeper
  • General Treasury
    ------, Sub-Treasurer
    Lieut.John Tulloch, Assistant Sub-Treasurer
    Mr.A.F. van den Berg, First Assistant
    Mr.J. Klein, Assistant
  • Accountant's Office
    John Godlieb Bauer, Esq. Accountant General and Civil Auditor
    Mr.Johan Christian Goldman, Deputy do.
    Mr.Herman Johan August Sack, Sub-Accountant
    Mr.Jeremias Schill, Sub-Accountant
    Mr.J. U. Janssen, First Assistant
    Mr.A.C. Coenradi, Assistants and Clerks
    Mr.M.W. Mendes, Assistant and Clerks
    Mr.J. Burgess, Assistant and Clerks
    Mr.H. Blom, Assistant and Clerks
    Mr.J.G. Goldman, Assistant and Clerks
  • Collector's Office
    ------, Collector General of the Customs and Revenues of Batavia
    Mr.Petrus Theodorus Couperus, Deputy
    Mr.Fredrik Alberti, First-Assistant
    Mr.W.A. Keuchenius, Second-Assistant
    Mr.L. Weyhenke, Assistant and Clerks
    Mr.H. Boekhoff, Assistants and Clerks
    Mr.P. Brown, Assistant and Clerks
  • Civil Pay-Office
    LieutenantJ. Tulloch, Civil Pay-Master
    Mr.N.C.L. Marheze, Assistant
  • Ware-House Department
    Mr.R.D. Selby, Foreign Store-Keeper
    Mr.F. Treffz, Assistant
    Mr.Lebreght, Book-Keeper
    Mr.R. Prediger, Colonial Store-Keeper
    Mr.G.W.A. DeRoock, First-Assistant
    Mr.H.A. Vorst, Second do.
  • Marine Department
    Mr.R.T. Smith, Master Attendant
    Mr.W. Hicks, Deputy, (absent on account of ill health)
    Mr.J.R. Frewin, Acting Deputy
    Mr.R. Stout, Boat-Master
    Mr.R.C.N. D'Abo, Marine Store-Keeper
    Mr.J.G. Sweebe, Assistant
    Mr.J. Simon, Book-Keeper
  • Post Department
    T. McQuoid, Esq. Superintendent
    Mr.A. Vincent, Post-Master
    V. Frans, Assistant
    L. Thiesen, Writer
    J. Bierskel, Writer
  • Translator's Office
    Mr.D. Christiani, Dutch Translator
    Mr.J. van Boeckholtz, Ditto
    Lieut.C. Methven, Malay Translator
    Mr.G. Kool, Assistant do.
    Adipati Damak, Javanese Translator
    Mr.G.N. van Groll, Assist. to the Dutch Translator
    Mr.A. van Ysseldyk, Ditto
    G. Beth, Writer to ditto
    H. Dewitt, Writer to ditto
  • Lieut. K. McKenzie, Superintendent of Public Buildings and Works
  • -----, Deputy
  • J.H. Horst, Acting Deputy
  • A. Ekkert, Overseer
  • The Rev. P. Wedding, Keeper of the Dutch Records
  • Mr. J. Schill, Collector of Collateral Duties
  • Mrs. De Haart, Collectress of Stamp Duties
  • Messrs. J. Ekenholm and Macare, Superintendents of the Tin Mint
  • The Rev. Professor J.T. Ross, Minister of the Protestant Church
  • The Rev. J.C. Supper, ditto
  • The Rev. P. Wedding, ditto of the Catholic Church
  • The Rev. T. Nelissen, ditto of the Catholic Church
  • Native Orphan Chamber
    J.G. Bauer, Esq. Superintendent
    Mr.F. Bredero, Acting President
    Mr.J. van Leeuwen, Member
    Mr.J. de Jong, Member
    Mr.F. Bredero, Acting Secretary
  • Vendu Department
    Mr.J. Hooyman, Acting Superintendent
    Mr.H.L.S. van Basel, Auctioneer
    Mr.J. Matak, Auctioneer
    Mr.H.E. Wiltenaer, Cashier
    Mr.J. Dirksen, Crier
    Mr.G.L. Goose, Under do.
  • Mr. W. Berkhoff, Cashier of the Lombard Bank
  • Notaries Public
    Mr.G. Drost,
    Mr.M. J. Piepers,
    Mr.P. van de Poel,
  • Government Press
    Mr.A.H. Hubbard, Superintendent
    C. Niemands Verdriet, Assistant
    J. Barns, Assistant
    F.C. Robberts, Assistant
  • Salt Department
    Tho. McQuoid, Esq., Superintendent
    Mr.J. van Boeckholtz, Agent in the Western Division
    J. de Blot, Store-keeper at Tjiena
    D. Groll, do. Indramayo, &c.
    C. Swaluwe, do. Karong-Sambong
    Mr.P.H. van Lawick van Pabst, Agent in the Center Division
    T. Prudants, Store-keeper at Cheriobon
    T. Muylman, Overseer at Samarang
    C. Persyn, Store-keeper at do. and Rembang
    V. Koops, do. at Wedong
    Mr.W. Offers, Agent in the Eastern Division
    W. Wilken, Store-keeper at Grissie
    T. van Zyl, do. at Banjowangie
    F. C. Reep, do. at Sumanap and Madura
  • Forest Department
    J.C. Brown, Esq. Superintendent
    F.C.P. van Winckelman, Deputy
    J.A.H. Sack, Timber Store Accountant
  • Court of Justice at Samarang
    Mr.B.L. van Zitter, President
    Mr.J.H. van Ysseldyk, First Member
    Mr. A.M.F. Baron de Salis, second Member, and Judge of Circuit in the Centre Division
    Mr.J.C. Ellinghuisen, Advocate Fiscal
    Mr.C. van Dam, Registrar
    Mr.B.G. Sartorius, ditto to the Circuit Court
    Mr.L. Versteege, Sworn Clerk
  • Court of Justice at Sourabaya
    Mr.W.F. van Panhuis, President
    Mr.A.P. Goldbach, First Member, and Judge of Circuit in the Eastern Division
    Mr.J. DeBruyn, second Member
    Mr.H.A. van den Broek, Advocate Fiscal
    Mr.F.P.C. Kurtsen, Registrar
    Mr.A.H. DeLanoy, ditto to the Circuit Court
    Mr.A.G. DeRook, Sworn Clerk
  • Mint at Sourabaya
    CaptainCharles Harris, Supterintendant
    Mr.J.A. Zwekkert, Essay and Mint-master
    Mr.W.T. van Leuwen, Assistant
  • Orphan Chamber of the Eastern Districts (Samarang)
    Mr.J.F. Zhaetzcky, President
    Mr.R. Scott, Member
    Mr.H.J. Domis, Member
    Mr.N.A.H. de Beckfelt, Secretary
    The Rev.Bruckner, Protestant Minister at Samarang
    The Rev.L. Prinsen, Catholic ditto
    The Rev.H. Waanders, ditto at Sourabaya
    --, Protestant ditto

Government Adminstration Residencies, 1815 on Java

published: 30 jan 2000
source: the Java Half-Yearly Almanac and Directory for 1815,
published under sanction of Government
  • Environs of Batavia
    F.E. Hardy, Esq. Resident
    Mr.M. van Doorninck, Assistant
    Mr.H. Brethof, Schout of the N.W. Division
    Mr.Gysbert, Under ditto
    Mr.P.B. van den Bos, Schout of the S.W. Division
    Mr.van Minde, Under ditto
    Mr.F.W.B. Fischer, Schout of the S.E. Division
    Mr.van der Ende, Under ditto
    Mr.J.A. Beyvanck, Schout of the N.E. Division
    Mr.------------, Under ditto
  • Buitenzorg and the Batavian Preanger Regencies
    Thos. McQuoid, Esq. Resident and Superintendent of Coffee Culture
    Lieut. C. Methven, Head-Assistant
    Mr.J. van Boekholtz, acting ditto during the absence of Lieutenant Metheven in the Eastern Districts
    Mr.P. Veltbrugge, Clerk
    Mr.G. Vriese, Assistant for the Districts of Chianchore and Bandong
    Mr.F.P.A. Martheze, Assistant at Indramayo and for the Crawang Districts
    Mr.W.F. Lunel, Assistant for the Districts of Sumadang, Limbangan and Soocapoora
    Mr.Beetjes, Assistant Surveyor
  • Coffee Department
    Mr.C. Swalie, Coffee Store-keeper at Carrang Sambong
    Mr.C.F. de Blot, ditto at Tjicao
    Mr.G. Vriese, Coffee Overseer in the District of Chianchore
    Mr.C. Steitz de Wille, ditto in Bandong
    Mr.F. Ermatinger, ditto in Sumandang
    Mr.M. Glansbeek, ditto in Soocapora
    Mr.W.F. Lunel, ditto in Limbangang
    Mr.J.A. Eshe, Land Surveyor
    Mr.C. Fisser, Superintendent of Irrigation
  • Probolingo, Besuki, and Panroekan
  • Link:Lieutenant C.E Davis (Probolinggo, Besuki)
    D. Ainslie, Esq. Resident, and Political Agent for the Native States of Bali
    Mr.O.H. DeWerth, Assistant and Store-keeper
    Lieutenant C.E. Davis, Collector of Land Revenue
  • Grisse
    C. van Naerssen, Esq. Resident
    Mr.E.F. Erentreich, Assistant
    Lieutenant Williams, Collector of Land Revenue
    Mr.Jacobsen, Deputy Collector of Customs
    Mr.A. van Moesbergen, Assistant Surveyor
  • Passourouang
    Lieutenant H.G. Jourdan, Resident
  • Baniowangie
    Lieutenant A. MacLead, Esq. Resident
  • Sumanap
    Captain J. Clark, Resident
    Mr.F. Abels, Assistant
    Mr.W. Liddle, Deputy Master Attendant and Collector of Port Duties
  • Souracarta
    Major J.M. Johnson, Resident
    Lieutenant R. Hart, Assistant
    Mr.Rauws, Interpreter
  • Djocjocarta
    Captain R.C. Garnham, Resident
    Lieutenant E. Taylor, Assistant
  • Japara and Joana
    J.A. Doornik, Esq. Resident
    Mr.Thomas Brownie, Assistant
    Mr.J. Stokbroo, Scriba at Joana
  • Rembang
    John Davidson, Esq. Resident
    Mr.F.D. Henneng, Assistant
    Mr.John Foote, Master Attendant
  • Djipan and Grobogan
    Lieutenant J. Eckford, Resident and Collector
    Mr.P. van Teylingen, First Assistant
    Mr.D.G. van Teylingen, Second ditto
  • Sourabaya and Bangcallan
    J. Crawfurd, Esq. Resident
    Lieutenant R. Burney, Assistant do
    Mr.J.L. van Nyvenheim, Assistant
    Lieutenant Pemberton, Collector of Land Revenue
    Mr.H. van Hoorn, Deputy Collector of Customs
    Mr.J.G. Jansz, Assistant
    Mr.T. Brown, Master Attendant
  • Bantam
    Lieut. Col. U. Yule, Resident
    Lieut. J.L. de Waal, Assistant
    Mr.R.B. McGregor, Master Attendant and Store-keeper at Anjer
  • Cheribon
  • Link:Mr. W m. Davies (Cheribon)
    Capt. M.H. Davy, Resident
    Mr.W m. Davies, Assistant
    Mr.J. De Bois, Assistant Surveyor
  • Tagal
    Lieut. A.A. Homer, Resident
    Mr.W m. Ivatts, Assistant
    Mr.Kurkemeyer, Floatmaker
  • Paccalongan and Cadoe
    W m. Lawrence, Esq. Resident
    Lieut. Heyland, Assistant in the Cadoe
    Capt. De Beauregard, do. in Paccalongan
    Mr.Bach, do. in the Revenue Departement
    Mr.Anthonys, Sub-Collector at Batang
  • Samarang
    W m. Ainslie, Esq. Resident and Magistrate
    -----------, Assistant Resident
    Mr.P. Langewagen, Assistant in the Treasury Department
    Mr.D.C. van Blommestein, do. in the Police do.
    Lieut. W m. Cotes, Collector of Land Revenue
    Mr.A.D. Loudon, Deputy Collector and Acting Master Attendant
    Mr.F.G. Valk, Assistant to ditto
    Mr.Wikkerman, Vendue Master
    Mr.Raadshoven, Auctioneer

List of Inhabitants (Europeans and Descendants of Europeans)

with their occupations and Places of Residence. 1st JULY 1815 Batavia and Evirons (Samarang, Cheribon, Rembang, Tagal, Souracarta, Passouraouang)
published: 30 jan 2000 upd 24 july 2000
source: the Java Half-Yearly Almanac and Directory for 1815,
published under sanction of Government
  • Environs of Batavia (upd. 20 mar 2000
    • A
      Abo, R.C.N. de, Marine store-keeper, Ryswick
      Adams, F. Molenvliet
      Addison, R. of the firm of Ainslie and Addison, merchants, Ryswick
      Adriaansen, J. merchant, Leepel-street
      Adrichem, T.V. pensioner, Weltevreden
      Ainslie, J. of the firm of Ainslie and Addison, merchant, Ryswick
      Aitsma, H.P. van, sexton of the Lutheran Church
      Alberti, F. first assistant in the custom-house, Ryswick
      Albinus, W.D.B. Spinhuis-gragt
      Alexander, T. assistant messenger to the orphan chamber, Voorrey
      Alvis, P.P. writer, Batochepper
      Amende, A.A. clerk in the secretary's-office, Outer Tygerstreet
      Arends, N.
      Arnold, J.F. merchant, Outer Newport-street
      Assey, C. Secretary to government, Buitenzorg
    • B
      Baggers, W.L. Landholder, Weltevreden
      Baillie, N. assistant in the secretary's office, Buitenzorg
      Balm, J.H.L. van, Anke
      Baljee, J.M. landholder, Jacatra
      Barends, A. jeweller, Tygers-gragt
      Barends, J. Tygers-gragt
      Barends, J.P. Goonong Saharee
      Barnes, J. provisioner, Weltevreden
      Basel, W.A. Senn van, Jaccatra
      Basel, H.L. Senn van, vendu-master, Molenvliet
      Basel, J. Senn van, baker, New-port-street
      Basel, M. Senn van, Amanus-gragt
      Basel, G. Senn van, Tygers-gragt
      Basel, J.H. Senn van, Tygers-gragt
      Baud, J.C. first assistant in the secretary's office, Goonong Saharee
      Bauer, J.G. accountant general, Ryswyk
      Becht, J.H clerk to the master attendant, Voorrey
      Beerhorst, W. Voorburgs-gragt
      Bekker, C.G. clerk in the military pay-office, Molenvliet
      Berg, J.G. van den, member of the European orphan chamber, Weltevreden
      Berg, A.F. van den, assistant in the treasury, Molenvliet
      Berkhoff, W. cashier of the Lombard bank, Ryswick
      Beth, J.H. clerk in the translator's office, Molenvliet
      Beth, J.C. Tyger-street
      Beusichem, J.M. van, Ryswick
      Beyster, H. Campong Bandang
      Beyvank, J.A. schout, Cornelis
      Bierschel, J.W. clerk in the post-office
      Blokkert, G. Moors-gragt
      Blom, A. assistant in the accountant's office, Cow-street
      Bock, A.B. de, school-master, Jaccatra
      Bockemole, J.G. tavern-keeper, Leepel-street
      Boekhoff, H. assistant in the collector's-office Outer Newport-street
      Boeckholtz, J.D.J. van, salt-agent, West. Div. Ryswick
      Boeckholtz, G.F. d'A. van, clerk to the resident of Buitenzorg
      Bomberg, A. police-officer, Ryswick
      Bondal, J.W. constable, Utrecht-street
      Bonte, J. Landholder, Goonong Saharee
      Borwater, J.W. member of the court of justice, Molenvliet
      Bos, P.B. van den, schout, Coerepan
      Boswell, J.C. Cow-street
      Boudewyns, P.D. baker, Malay-gragt
      Braam, J.A. van, merchant and agent, Ryswick
      Braet, C. undertaker, Voorburgs-gragt
      Brandenberg, R. pensioner, estate Japan
      Braune, C. Voorrey
      Bredero, F. member of the European orphan chamer, Ryswick
      Brethoff, H. schout, Batochepper
      Brietzcke, R. assistant in the secretary's office, Buitenzorg
      Brongers, J.A. writer, Molenvliet
      Brown, G. apothecary, Weltevreden
      Brown, P. clerk in the collector's office, Ryswick
      Bruggemeyer, J.H. Coerepan
      Bruin, C.J. de, sexton at the Catholic church, Weltevreden
      Bruins, J.G. taylor, Tea-water-street
      Brukers, A. Voorrey
      Bruyn, G. pensioner, Voorrey
      Burgers, A.C. Tygers-gragt
      Burger, J. Jacatra
      Burggemeester, W.O. Tygers-gragt
      Burghgraaf, J.W. advocate fiscal, Molenvliet
      Burkens, M.D. physician, Outer Newport-street
      Burry, C.F. landholder, Voorrey
      Bylon, D.A. Great River-street
    • C
      Cannaarts, J. landholder
      Canter Visscher, C.A. landholder, Molenvliet
      Canter Visscher, J.G. clerk to the commercial committer, Molenvliet
      Cantz, J. baker, Utrecht-street
      Cappelhoff, P. van H, acting president of the court of justice, Molenvliet
      Carel, J.F. Newport-street
      Cassa, A.A. magistrate and acting ballieu, Molenvliet
      Cebergh, J. assistant in the secretary's office, Buitenzorg
      Cesar, W.H. clerk in the vendu-officer, Spinhuis-gragt
      Chasse, P.T. landholder, Molenvliet
      Chasse, J.S. private clerk, Molenvliet
      Christiani, D. translator to govt. and member and secretary to the European orphan chamber, Cow-street
      Claus, J.C. taylor, Newport-street
      Clingberg, M. shop-keeper, Jonker-street
      Coenradi, A.C. assistant in the accountant's office, Outer Newport-street
      Cooning, T. landholder, Peesing
      Coop a Groen, R. Anke
      Commyns, P. extra clerk in the secretary's office, Molenvliet
      Correch, D. pensioner, Goonong Saharee
      Couperus, P.T. deputy collector of customs, and secretary to the commercial committe, Kalver-street
      Cox, J.H. Jaccatra
      Cramen, C. Jamper
      Cranssen, W.J. member of the council, Jaccatra
    • D
      Daalen, J. van, Boelang
      Dakanawitz, A.F. Pataroeman
      Danielsz, J. Amanus-gragt
      Dat, J.A. landholder, Trogoag
      Davids, C.L. Voorrey
      Decker, J.B. landholder
      Deering, J.L. writer, Spinhuis-gragt
      Dessouvagie, J. livery stable-keeper, Amanus-gragt
      Devienne, J.D. Jonkers-street
      Dirksen, J. crier vendu department, Kroone-street
      Domburg, S.J. Spinhuis-gragt
      Dominicus, J.J. baker, Great River-street
      Doorninck, M. van, assistant-resident of the Environs, Bidara China
      Dorna, P. Amanus-gragt
      Drost, G. notary public, Great River-street
      Dumas, C.L. shop-keeper, Leepel-street
      Dunn, J. Malaca-street
      DuPuy, J. Duputy secretary to government, Ryswick
    • E
      Eckhout, C. Tygers-gragt
      Eckhout, J.C.M. Wasbeek, Cow-street
      Eerhardt, W.F. surveyor, Tygers-gragt
      Ekenholm, J. mint-master, Voorrey
      Ekkert, A. employed by the civil architect, Ryswick
      Ende, C. van den, constable, of Tiejebrosa
      Engel, J.G. landholder, Socca Raja
      Engelbert, W.P. constable, Spinhuis-gragt
      Engelbregt, A.A. Anchor Wharf
      Engelhard, N. landholder, Jaccatra
      Eslinger, J.G. Heere-street
    • F
      Fahrman, A.C. carriage-maker, Outer Newport-street
      Faute, J.M. Molenvliet
      Feio, V.C. Campong Malayo
      Feldschon, F.E. Grinding
      Felix, B.G. taylor, Voorrey
      Fernandes, N.
      Fetmenger, A.G. Goonong Saharee
      Fischer, B.F.W. schout, Tjibenong
      Fisscher, E.F. physician, Ryswick
      Fisser, C.F. clerk in the accountant's office
      Fisser, C.A. ditto
      Fisser, C. ditto
      Fransze, A.L. accountant to the bench of magistrates, Newport-street
      Franquemont, D. von, Molenvliet
      Franquemont, C. von, assistant surgeon, Molenvliet
      Franquemont, L. von, assistant in the secretary's office, Buitenzorg
    • G
      Galestan, S. Jaccatra
      Gaupp, C.F. Grinding
      Gertsen, F.L.J. apothecary, Newport-street
      Geugten, G.J. van der, clerk in the accountant's office, Spinhuis-gragt
      Godlib, L.J. Anchor-street
      Goedbloed, D. Molenvliet
      Goldman, J.C. deputy accountant, Molenvliet
      Goldman, J.G. assist. in the accountant's office, Molenvliet
      Goldsmith, R. assist. in the secretary's office, Buitenzorg
      Goose, G.L. assist. crier vendu dept. Malacca-street
      Gonyn, J.F. Spinhuis-gragt
      Goyet, F. employed in the custom-house, Chinese-gragt
      Graaf, L. van der, ship-carpenter, Moors-gragt
      Graham, R.S. merchant, Molenvliet
      Gratiaan, J.M. Newport-street
      Grave, R.G. de, Water-place
      Greeving, C.G. Malacca-street
      Groeneveld, S. Amanus-gragt
      Groenewald, F.J. Shop-keeper, Kalvers-street
      Groenhagen, J.H. clerk, Cow-street
      Groenhard, C.F. Caymans-gragt
      Groll, G. van, member of the European orphan chamber, Molenvliet
      Groll, A. deNys van, assist. in the secretary's office, Molenvliet
      Groll, P.H.B. van, register to the judge of circuit, do.
      Groll, G.N. van, clerk to the Dutch translator, Molenvliet
      Gysbers, C.F. constable, Katapan
    • H
      Haak, D.W.P. van, Kedong Badak
      Haak, D.C. Malacca-street
      Haan, J.B. Voorburgs-gragt
      Haart, W.J. de, employed in the Salt Dept. Cow-street
      Haart, L.S. de, Jaccatra
      Haas, J.P. de, Voorburgs-gragt
      Hageman, J.H. Chinese-gragt
      Hanibalsz, Solomon, Voorburgs-gragt
      Harris, W. Leepel-street
      Hartingh, J.W. Landholder, Tjehoetal
      Hartog, Levie, shop-keeper, Moors-bazar
      Haste, F. merchant, Great River-street
      Haun, H.A. surgeon, Tygers-gragt
      Heerdt, W.H. van, Molenvliet
      Heimeriks, J.L. physician, Molenvliet
      Hek, L.A. van, chief of the shroffs
      Hek, J. van, Campong Gatep
      Hendriks, K.H. Tygers-gragt
      Hendriks, L.J. sexton at the burying-place
      Hekkers, E. assistant in the custom-house, Newport-street
      Herbs, L. clerk, Heere-street
      Heukevlugt, L. merchant, Jaccatra
      Heupner, J. assist. to the secretary to the revenue committee
      Heuvel, W.A. van den, door-keeper to the court of justice, Voorburgs-gragt
      Heyde, H. van der, shop-keeper, Newport-street
      Heyneman, J. Jaccatra
      Hillebrink, J.C. adjutant of the burger corps, Krone-street
      Hindermeyer, J. shopkeeper, Malacca-street
      Hodenpye, silversmith, Moors Bazar
      Hoeff, C. van der, custom-house officer, Vierkant
      Hoek, P. van, first sworn clerk to the supreme court of justice, Outer Tyger-street
      Hoen, H. van der, shop-keeper, Outer Newport-street
      Hoesen, W. van, landholder, Molenvliet
      Hoeven,, H. van der, shop-keeper, Cow-street
      Hoofsteder, J.H. copper-smith, Voorrey
      Hoogh, J.H. De, Ryswick
      Hooyman, J. acting supt. vendu dept. Goonong Saharee
      Hollebeck, E.
      Holm, N. Tygers-gragt
      Hommes, J. Shop-keeper, Jaccatra
      Horreward, M. Berendrecht
      Horst, J.H. Antjol
      Hoyer, H.E. Anke
      Hubbard, A.H. supt. govt. press, Weltevreeden
      Huffenreuter, F. mariner, Sontar
      Hulst, L. van der, shop-keeper, Campong Bandang
      Hulst, R.J.H. van der, clerk, Voorrey
      Hunt, J. Ryswick
      Hust, L. van der, Antjol
      Huysers, A.A. clerk in the magistrate's office, Tygers-street
    • I
      Iges, A. baker, Amanus-gragt
      Ittersum, E.H. van, Kalvers-street
    • J
      Jacobs, J.B. pensioner, Voorry
      Jacobs, B. Tanjong Oost
      Jacobs, J.G. book-keeper to the alms-house, Voorry
      Jansen, N. landholder, Malacca-street
      Jansen, J.U. first-assistant in the accountant's office, Outer Newport-street
      Jansen, C.P. taylor, Voorry
      Jenegen, C.F.
      Jessen, P. of the firm of Jessen, Trail and Co. merchants and agents, Molenvliet
      Jongh, A. de, lieut. burger corps, Heemraden
      Jongh, J.W.D. de, member of the court of justice and commercial committee, Cow-street
      Jongh, J. jailer
      Jugler, J.A. physician, Voorry
      Jung, C. baker, Voorry
      Jurgen, J. shop-keeper, Malacca-street
    • K
      Kaa, J.G.D. van der, merchant, Great-river Street
      Kamphuis, P. Jaccatra
      Karsseboom, P.C.
      Keer, O.G. van der, physician, Newport-street
      Kellius, A.B. clerk to the collector of the slave tax
      Keuchenius, W.A. assistant to the collector of customs, Molenvliet
      Keyer, J. Chinese-gragt
      Keyzer, J.D. employed in the gen. hospital, Weltevreden
      Kibong, C. Sading-oost
      Kiral, M. Tjeloar
      Klein, J. assistant in the treasury
      Kloeg, J.C. Tyger-street
      Klynders, J.G.J. second assist. Sec.'s office, Tyger-street
      Koch, H.F. custom-house office, Voorrey
      Kool, G. assist. malay translator, Voorrey
      Konig, A. moandoor, Campong-malayo
      Kortie (Kortte), A.J. overseer at the govenment house, Molenvliet
      Knaud, C. clerk in the government stores, Tyger-street
      Krimmel, J. book-keeper native orphan chamber, Spinhuis-gragt
      Krause, C.L. shop-keeper, Newport-street
      Krimmel, R. Newport-street
      Kruythoff, H.F. merchant, Kalvers-street
    • L
      Lebrecht, M. book-keeper in the govt. stores
      Lee, J.G. van der, shop-keeper, Sandzec
      Leener, A. mandoor, Bedara China
      Leeuwen, A. van, pensioner, Molenvliet
      Lefen, H. Moors-bazar
      Lentz, W.C. Newport-street
      Leuwen, J. van, member of the native orphan chamber, Great River-street
      Levie, Aron, shop-keeper, Voorry
      Ligtenberg, H. van Heemraden
      lieon, J.A. Amanus-gragt
      Liesart, B.T. physician, Jaccatra
      Linden, W. van der,
      Lintelo, A.W.L. van Gesler te, Weltevreden
      Lippe, H.F. merchant, Molenvliet
      Los, M.C. mandoor, Bodjong Gede
      Lotz. J. Voorry
      Lutzow, B.F.W. Baron von, Molenvliet
    • M
      Maarschalk, A. livery stable-keeper
      Maas, L. shop-keeper, Newport-street
      Macare, A. mint-master, Great-river-street
      MacIntyre, N.M. first assistant in the secretary's office, Buitenzorg
      Mager, L.F. pensioner
      Magteberg, F. mandoor, Tjebenong
      Mains, J.F. pensioner, Campong Vet
      Makertich, S. Armenian merchant, Malacca-street
      Manuk, G. Armenian merchant, Jaccatra
      Mander, H. van, lieutenant burgher corps, Spinhuis-gragt
      Mandel, F. mandoor, Chemangers
      Marcus, J. merchant, Jonker-street
      Marlin, J. second assistant secretary's office, Buitenzorg
      Martheze, N.C. 2d sworn clerk to the court of Justice
      Martin, J.A. de St. Coerepan
      Matak, J. vendue-master, Tyger-street
      Matien, D. shop-keeper, Jonker-street
      Matje, J. mandoor of the convicts, Water-place
      Matthyssen, J.H.
      Mayor. L. lieutenant burgher-corps, Antjol
      Meiro, L. merchant, Great-river-street
      Mendes, M.W. assistant in the accountant's office, Molenvliet
      Meyer, L.W. Jaccatra
      Meyer, J.B. merchant, Outer Tyger-street
      Meyer, M. merchant, Malacca-street
      Meyer, P.M. assistant in the accountant's office, Malacca-street
      Meyer, J.H.
      Mey, J. van der
      Meylan, G.F. registrar to the court of justice, Ryswick
      Mietens, A. Prince-lane
      Minde, C. van, shop-keeper, Moors-bazar
      Minnaar, J. overseer of the roads, Antjol
      Moentdang, T. mandoor, Tjeletang
      Moor, R.B. de, Buitenzorg
      Moorrees, J.W. merchant, Weltevreden
      Mossel, M.A. Cow-street
      Motman, W.G.C. van, landholder, Sading-west
      Mulder, H. Prince-lane
      Mulder, F. clerk in the secretary's-office
    • N
      Natzet, J. tavern-keeper, Sandzee
      Nelissen, J. minister of the catholic church, Weltevreden
      Nearth, W. Weltevreden
      Niemands Verdriet, C. asst. in the printing office, Voorburgs-gragt
      Nyland, P.E. book-keeper to the European orphan chamber, Jaccatra
      Nys, A. de Sr. member European orphan chamber, Weltevreden
      Nys, A. de, jun. apothecary, Newport-street
    • O
      Obreen, J.C. landholder, Weltevreden
      Obenheimer, C.G. Powdeer-mill
      Otto, D. Prince-lane
      Ouden, D. den, mandoor, Passelean
    • P
      Pahud, A.D.F. boarding-school-master, Laanhof
      Pationis, J. landholder, Bladaja
      Papet, D.J. Ryswick
      Piet, Jan, lieut. of the burgher corps, Leepel-street
      Piepers, M.J. notary public, Voorrey
      Pieters, J.D. baker, Heere-street
      Piolle, P.P. taylor, Noordwick
      Piroti, W. T. clerk to the bench of magistrates, Spinhuis-gragt
      Pistor, J.P. clerk to the civil architect, Cow-street
      Plaet, J.F. gun-smith, Utrecht-street
      Poel, P. van de, notary public, Cow-street
      Pondard, J. watch maker, Outer Newport-street
      Popkens, W. elder of the church, Cow-street
      Popkens, D. Struiswyk
      Poulier, S. assist. in the secretary's office, Buitenzorg
      Prediger, R. colonial store-keeper, Goonong Saharie
      Prehn, R. van, landholder, Tjiliboet
    • Q
      Quoid, T. Mac, resident of Buitenzorg, and superintendant of the sait department, Tjiliboet

    • R
      Ramack, W.L. surgeon, Campong Catep
      Rambelje, P.D. D'la, Tygers-gragt
      Reddiko, J.C. mandoor, Chabang-boenieng
      Reenen, J. van, of the firm of J. van Reenen and Co. merchants and agents, Ryswick
      Reep, J.W. Malacca-street
      Reily, -- missionary, Weltevreden
      Reinking, G.A. Weltevreden
      Rensing, G. physician, Voorrey
      Reynst, J.T. landholder, Jacatra
      Reynst, P, ditto Jasinga
      Reysing, P. butcher, Weltevreden
      Richardson, F.J. clerk in the secretary's office, Buitenzorg
      Richter, J.G. Molenvliet
      Riemsdyk, W.V.H. van, landholder, Molenvliet
      Riemsdyk, J.J.H. van, ditto Sading Oost
      Riemsdyk, D.C.H. van, ditto Tanjong Oost
      Riemsdyk, S.Y.H. van, ditto Chebenong
      Riquet, P.F. Newport-street
      Robberts, F.C. compositor govt. press, Outer Newport-street
      Robinson, W. missionary, Weltevreden
      Roesler, E.G. trader, Outer Newport-street
      Roglie, A.J.
      Rolff, C. employed in the salt dept. Campong Bandang
      Rolland, H. van, clerck, Malacca-street
      Ronge, G.S. Pooloo-gadong
      Roock, W.G.A. de, assistant to the colonial store-keeper, Jaccatra
      Ross, Prof. J.T. minister of the protestant church, Prince-lane
      Ryk, G.C. van, merchant, Molenvliet
      Rynhart, F. director of the chinese hospital, Spinhuis-gragt
      Saberlyn, L. deacon of the protestant church, Amanus-gragt
      Salmons, F.P. clerk in the medical stores, Voorburgs-gragt
      Salingre, H.F.G. private accountant, Great River-street
      Sasse, J.F. landholder, Anke
      Schaffer, G.H. landholder, Molenvliet
      Scharff, J.C. clerk, Struiswick
      Schangmuel, J. constable, Vierkant
      Scheever, J.J. Voorrey
      Scheidtus, J.P.L. mariner, Goonong Saharie
      Schierhout, H. Tanabang
      Schill, J. sub-accountant, Cow-street
      Schindelhouwer, G.A. Voorrey
      Schnebbelie, J. Matraman
      Schmidt, J.C. sec. to the bench of magistrates, Molenvliet
      Schott, J. van der
      Schultz, L.F. clerk in the military pay office
      Schultz, H. shopkeeper, Newport-street
      Schoemar, pensioner, Chebenong
      Schoor, E. van, Tanabang
      Schubert, J.J. undertaker, Voorrey
      Schwartz, J.V.D. Newport-street
      Schreider, J. Livery stable keeper, Outer Newport-street
      Selby, R.D. foreign store keeper, Ryswick
      Selby, G.E. assistant in the secretary's office, Buitenzorg
      Servatius, W.N. landholder, Campong Barro
      Seena, F.P. employed in the vendu dept. Tyger-street
      Senff, L.C. messenger to the orphan chamber, Campong-Bandang
      Serriere, A.L.P. de, Molenvliet
      Shnabel, A. mandoor, Chebenong
      Simons, G. clerk in the marine dept
      Simons, H. shopkeeper, Moors Bazar
      Siberg, J. Molenvliet
      Siberg, P.G. Matraman
      Sigfried, J.J. pensioner, Campong Bandang
      Sintruien, W.H. van, Antjol
      Sivers, E.F. lieutenant burger corps, Malacca-street
      Sloane, J.B. merchant, Newport-street
      Slooten, J. Jaagpat
      Sluiter, J.A. Tyger-street
      Smissaert, A.H. judge of circuit, Molenvliet
      Smith, R.T. master attendant, Jacatra
      Smith, J. clerk in the secreatary's office, Buitenzorg
      Smittendaal, C. pensioner, Mey-gragt
      Smulders, L. shopkeeper, Newport-street
      Son, D. van, Molenvliet
      Sprenger, s.H. van, deputy sec. to the bench of magistrates, Jaccatra
      Specht, J.
      Specht, H. clerk in the translator's office, Malacca-street
      Stanley, T. clerk in the secretary's office, Weltevreden
      Steufhaas, G.J. Malacca-street
      Star, J. van der, Water-place
      Stopkeerb, P. Voorry
      Stopkeerb, C.G. house keeper to the Harmonic Society, Ryswick
      Stralendorff, D.F. van, livery stable keeper, Outer Newport-street
      Stralendorff, C.F. van, Outer Newport-street
      Sursansie, J. jailer to the supreme court
      Sue, J. merchant, Newport-street
      Swell, J. van, clerk, Newport-street
      Sweebe J.G. assistant to the marine store keeper, Tyger-gragt
      Swarts, J.C. employed in the custom house, Amanus-gragt
    • T
      Taunay, J.F. Jacatra
      Teissiere, G.E. landholder, Stroom en Weelzegt
      Tekelie, -- Zaagmole
      Thalman, J.W. merchant, Jaccatra
      Thiessen, A.J. clerk in the post-office, Outer Tyger-street
      Tiedeman, J. landholder, Tannabang
      Tienen, B. van, sawyer, Water-place
      Tile, J.R. Tyger-street
      Tink, J.J. assistant in the gen.-hospital
      Timmerman Thyssen, J.S. of the firm of Timmerman Thyssen and Westermann, merchants and agents, Campong Malayo
      Trail, James of the firm of Jessen, Trail and Co. merchants and agents, Molenvliet
      Treffz, F.A. assistant to the foreign store-keeper, Molenvliet
      Trock, F. Ryswick
      Turr, F.E. Magistrate, Campong Malayo
      Tuuk, A.J. van der, counsellor at law, Cow-street
    • U
      Uswald, G. writer, Malacca-street
    • V
      Valle, B. assistant in the secretary's office, Buitenzorg
      Veeckens, H. landholder, Ryswick
      Veeckens, L.Z. landholder, Cow-street
      Veer, L. de, clerk to the dept. barrack-master gen. Molenvliet
      Veeris, P. magistrate, Ryswick
      Veltbrugge, P. clerk to the resident, Buitenzorg
      Velthoven, H.J. van, Voorburgs-gragt
      Velthuysen, merchant, Goonong Saharie
      Vermeer, P. de B. Oojong Crawang
      Veye, C.L. de, Noordwyck
      Vickers, J.A. employed in the secretary's office, Buitenzorg
      Villeneuve, L.F.J. post carriage keeper at Weltevreden
      Vincent, A. post-master and deputy secreatary to the European orphan chambers, and member of the commercial committe, Molenvliet
      Voestersons, P.J. shop-keeper, Newport-street
      Vogelaar, J.J. landholder, Struiswick
      Voorman, H. Weltevreden
      Vorst, H.A. assistant to the colonial store-keeper, Cow-street
      Vos, J.F. de, clerk in the military pay office, Molenvliet
    • W
      Waage, J.H. clerk to the marine store-keeper
      Waard, D. van, salt store-keeper at Pakies
      Wagenaar, G.T. lieut. burger corps, Moors-bazar
      Wall, T. Godong Badak
      Walker, R.W. sec. revenue committee, Ryswick
      Wannemaker, F.J. taylor, Voorry
      Wardenaar, W. Ryswick
      Wardenaar, A. salt department Pakies, Ryswick
      Wardenaar, M. Ryswick
      Wardenaar, H.J. clerk to the civil architect, Goonong Saharie
      Wardenaar, H. engineer's dept. Ryswick
      Watt, J. merchant, Ryswick
      Watt, W. merchant, Rijwick
      Wattig, J.L. writer, Tyger-street
      Wedding, P. catholic minister, Weltevreden
      Weger, J.M. Tyger-street
      Wels, P.M. clerk in the secretary's office
      Wenze, F.H. von, landholder, Outer Newport-street
      Werff, J. van der, clerk in the military pay-office, Molenvliet
      Westerfoort, C. constable, Cow-street
      Westermann, B.W. of the firm of Timmermann Thyssen and Westermann, merchants and agents, Ryswick
      Wierdsma, P. Molenvliet
      Wietsma, H.P. van
      Willemsen, J. Jaccatra
      Wilson, H.J. clerk in the secretary's office, Molenvliet
      Wiltenaer, H.E. cashier to the vendu department, Jaccatra
      Wiltenaer, T.S. clerk in the accountant's office, Jaccatra
      Wingers C. Chinese-gragt
  • Samarang (upd. 31 may 2000)
    • A
      Afflen, Y.J. van
      Agerback, J. Clerk to the Salt Agent
      Albregt, J.A.
      Andra, T. Pensioner
      Antonia, P. Clerk to the Collector
      Apon, J.A. Gardener
      Antrag, H.F.
    • B
      Barko, J.
      Battenburg, H.G. Merchant
      Becker, C. Pensioner
      Beckfelt, Holmberg de, Secretary to the Orphan Chamber
      Beer, J.P
      Beer, J.H. Merchant
      Beninghausen, J.G. Taylor
      Berg, W. Clerk
      Blommenstein, D.C. van, Baillieu
      Bor, F. Asst. to the Superintendant of Public Buildings
      Bilkes, J.L.
      Bridach, S.G.
      Brucker, M. Pensioner
      Brucker, G. Clergyman
      Bruins, W.L. Messenger to the Court of Justice
      Bruno, G. Pensioner
      Bruno, F.
      Bruyen, A. de, Merchant
      Busher, Q. School-master
      Buys, H.
      Bruko, M.
    • C
      Capes, E.E.
      Cesaru, Q.
      Chapman, W.N. Senior Partner in the House of Chapman and Rutter, Merchants and Agents
      Christian, F.
      Coenders, Q. Clerk to the Collector of Customs
      Coenradit, C.
      Cornelius, H.C. Sworn Appraiser
      Castrick, C. Toll-keeper
      Cramer, D.C. Clerk to the Court of Justice
      Cramer, C.F.
    • D
      Dalmeyer, R. Inn-keeper
      Dam, C. van, Register to the Court of Justice
      Deans, Y. Partner in the Firm of Deans, Scott and Co. Merchants and Agents
      Debziene, W.
      Decker, C.J. Attorney
      Decksheit, F.C. Taylor
      Degener, C. Pensioner
      Denoff, T. ditto
      Derlout, P. van
      Diepen, M.
      Doeve, M.W. Clerk to the Resident
      Doeve, J.B. Clerk to the Court of Justice
      Doeve, P.B.
      Domburg, J. van, Attorney
      Domis, H.S. Member ot the Orphan Chamber
      Donkel, C.C. Clerk to the Court of Justice
      Dorwes, W.
      Dring, A. Ship Builder to Messrs. Deans, Scott and Co.
      Drinkhuisen, C. Teacher
      Drognat, J.F. Assistant to the Deputy Barrack-master
      Dryman, C.
    • E
      Ehering, J.B.
      Ehgartner, J. Pensioner
      Ellinghuisen, J.H. van, Fiscal
      Essen, P.H. van der, Writer
    • F
      Ferback, J. Mariner
      Floris, J.C. Attorney
      Fredericksz, J.G. Under Overseer in the Salt Department
      Fredericksz, J.G.
      Fredricks, C.H. Clerk in the Vendue Department
      Fredricks, J.G.
    • G
      Gaaswick, D.
      Gebauer, E.G. Butcher
      Geelhaart, J.J. Pensioner
      Geerling, J.M. in charge of the Old-man's House
      Gerlach, M. Pensioner
      Gerlach, J.M. ditto
      Geselschap, H.W. Post-Master and Notary Public
      Gettentges, J.
      Geugten, A.F. van der, Private Assistant to Mr. Cornelius
      Geugten, H. van der, Pensioner
      Godschalk, J. Clerk to the Collector of Customs
      Goedkoop, J.F.
      Gordon, J. Pensioner
      Grenger, J.M.
      Grieves, C.D. Assistant in the Resident's Office
      Groenings, P. van
    • H
      Haack, W.H. Clerk to the Collector of Revenue
      Haack, J. Mariner
      Harliget, J. Pensioner
      Hartilieft, J.D. Government Store-keeper
      Harrer, J. Overseer of a Brick-kiln
      Haulstoff, F.A. Salt Store-keeper at Tangoolausen
      Heineiger, J. Sadler
      Hekkert, H.G. Clerk to the Collector of Customs at Japara
      Hendricks, J.R.
      Hendricks, J.F. Merchant
      Hexscher, H.M. ditto
      Hillebrandt, H.M.
      Hinch, J.H. Merchant
      Hoff, J. Doctor
      Hoffman, J.
      Hoorn, J.T.
      Hornoff, W.
      Horselenburg, A. Surgeon
      Hulsthoff, D.B.
      Hupner, F.C.
      Husthoff, F.J. Overseer of the Post Horses
    • J
      Jacobs, J.M.
      Jansen, W.
      Johannes, J. Merchant
      Johns, J.E. Writer
      Johnson, J. Employed by the Collector
    • K
      Kesler, D. Pensioner
      Kinket, S.F. ditto
      Kinnon, J. Mac, Merchant
      Klein, C.H. Merchant
      Klerks, P.A. Sworn Clerk to the Orphan Chamber
      Kloprogge, J. Clerk to Messrs. Chapman and Rutter
      Knaap, H. Clerk to the Collector of Revenue
      Knaap, N.B. Book-keeper
      Knops, J.H.D.
      Kops, J.
      Kramer, J.C.
      Kraws, J.H. Merchant
      Krenegar, J.C.
      Krevelyn, A. Pensioner
      Krue, C.F. Assistant to the Collector of Damak
      Kringkeboom, L. Cooper
    • L
      Ladie, A.
      Lamberger, W.G. Merchant
      Langewagen, P. Assistant to the Resident
      Lannet, P.J.
      Lonolette, C. Pensioner
      larch, L.F.C.
      Lausiet, J.
      Laul, J. Clerk to the Collector of Revenue
      Leens, D. Pensioner
      Lemechellen, H. Burger Captain
      Liens, C.J.
      Lisnet, P.A.
      Loffenan, J.H. Pensioner
      Lope, J.R.
      Lyting, J.L.
    • M
      Massee, F.
      Marret, F. Ship-Master
      Mathourne, A. Pensioner
      Maxmans, H.
      Meilsma, P.S.
      Meiners, C. Surgeon
      Meyer, D. Steward to the Society at Samarang
      Meyersick, C.L.
      Middlekoop, J.A.
      Montanus, F. Clergyman
      Muller, J. Pensioner
      Muller, H.
      Muller, H.K.
      Murray, W. Employed by Mr. R. Scott
      Muxen, J. van, Clerk to the Court of Justice
      Muyen, C. van, Overseer of Stores
      Miagen, L. van
    • N
      Nagel, J.A. Owner of a Brick-kiln
      Nemingher, J.H.J. Mariner
      Nenteboom, A.
      Neuwhoff, E.F. Book-keeper
      Nostitz, T. Clerk to the Collector of Customs
    • O
      Ochler, J.G. Pensioner
      Overbeek, P.F.
    • P
      Pabst, P.H. van, Salt Agent in the Samarang Division
      Palm, W.A. Book-keeper in the Resident's Office
      Papo, A.J.
      Paty, P. Mariner
      Paul, T.
      Persyg, P.
      Persyn, C. Overseer in the Salt Department
      Pilgrim, J.H. Pensioner
      Polhof?, J.L. Agent
      Poplos, G.
      Prinsen, A.H.
      Prinsen, L.
      Provi, N.
    • R
      Raadhooven, J. Auctioneer
      Raadhooven, W. van, Stable-keeper at Damak
      Ranzow, A.L. Attorney
      Regensburg, J.H.
      Reide, J.J. van der, Clerk to the Collector of Revenue
      Rohedick, J.E. Pensioner
      Ross, J. Ship Owner
      Rubenkoning, J.
      Rudolph, A.E. Writer in the Forest Department
      Rutter, S. Partner in the House of Chapman and Rutter, Merchants and Agents
      Ryken, J.E.C.
    • S
      Salis, A.M.F. Baron de, Member of the Court of Justice and Circuit Judge for the Samarang Division
      Satorius, B.G. Book-keeper
      Samson, A.D.
      Schanton, D. Pensioner
      Schmidt, W.
      Schoonack, J.C. Clerk to the Baillieu
      Schoone, H.
      Schoones, H.
      Schoonheidt, J.L. Clerk to the Deputy Post-master
      Schualing, J.
      Schuller, J.W.
      Scipio, J.J. Clerk to Mr. Scott
      Scott, Robert, First Member of the Orphan Chamber and Partner in the Firm Deans, Scott and Co.
      Scott, G. Clerk to Messrs. Dean, Scott and Co.
      Seelig, C.A. Fiscal and Register of the Court of Circuit
      Sick, G.M.
      Sicket, J.W. Pensioner
      Simon, C.G. Clerk to the Collector of Customs
      Simons, D.A.
      Siwetz, S.
      Steinmetz, J.E.
      Stekkinger, J.C. Asst. to the Deputy Collector of Customs
      Stronk, P.H. Clerk to the Court of Justice
      Stukker, C.F.
    • T
      Terback, J. Mariner
      Texumuas, S. ditto
    • V
      Veer, R.S. Merchant
      Verstege, L. Clerk to the Court of Justice
      Vincent, H. Servant
      Vintzel, J.P. Teacher
      Vodegel, E.G. Merchant
      Vodeget, F. Clerk to the Collector of Customs
      Vodeget, H.A. Pensioner
      Vodegel, J.H. Merchant
      Vodegel, C.
      Volbort, C.F.G. Merchant
      Vos, R.H. Officer of a ship
      Vossenbruggen, D.
      Vrede, T.J. de, Clerk to the Court of Justice
    • W
      Waan, P.J. Constable
      Walkering, J.W. Clerk to Messrs. Chapman & Rutter
      Walkering, J.W. Accountant to ditto
      Wort, H. van der
      Westerhude, J.B.
      Wickeman, Vendue Master
      Winckelman, C.F.
      Wiackelman, F.C.P. von, Deputy Superintendent General of the Forests
      Willemse, H.
      Witteveer, Overseer of a Brick Kiln
      Worm, C.B. van der
      Worm, B. van der
    • Y
      Ysseldijk, J.H. van, Member of the Court of Justice
    • Z
      Zeener, J.A. Clerk
      Zentye, A.J.C. ditto
      Zhaetzcky, J.F. President of the Orphan Chamber
      Zitter, B.L. van, President of the Court of Justice
  • Passouraouang (upd. 31 may 2000)
    • A
      Abag, J.C.
      Albag, H. Pensioner
      Aronsz, I.
    • B
      Berger, J.H. Pensioner
      Berlaund, C.P.
      Berlaund, G.P. Shoe-maker
      Bisschoff, J.L.
      Bisschoff, J.G. Pensioner
      Blom, H. Pensioner
      Braud, J.H. Pensioner
      Braud, J.H.
      Brouwer, P.T.
      Brust, I.
    • C
      Coppen, S.C.
      Coppen, J.G. Taylor
      Cornelis, P.G.
    • D
      Dam, H. van
      Doup, C.P. Pensioner
      Doup, A.
      Doup, P.
    • E
      Ebeling, J.E. Taylor
      Ebeling, J.E. jr. Shoe-maker
      Ees, A. van
      Eerhardt, J.J.
      Emmerich, N. Pensioner
      Esser, J.
      Esser, F.
      Esser, P.
    • F
      Franksey, D.J.
      Froling, D.L.
    • G
      Gabriel, J.
    • H
      Haar, I. van der, Carpenter
      Hoffmeester, E.
      Hutter, T. Pensioner
    • I
      Isaak, W. Taylor
    • J
      Jacobsz, A.A.
      Jacobsz, P. Pensioner
      Jacobsz, J.F.
      Jansen, S. Shoe-maker
      Jansen, W. do.
      Jansen, B. do.
      Jansen, M. do.
      Janson, F.
    • K
      Keenass, J.E. Pensioner
      Kesselaar, W.T.
      Kesselaar, J.W.
      Khun, T. Pensioner
      Kigal, M. do.
      Kilsdonk, A. Pensioner
      Kohlwagen, F.G. Pensioner
      Kreekel, P.
    • L
      Landouw, D.
      Leytting, G. Pensioner
      Lubeck, J.B. do.
      Lubeck, F.
      Lutz, J.A. Pensioner
    • M
      Meyer, N.
      Morsua, P. Pensioner
    • N
      Neys, J.N. van
      Neys, L. van Pensioner
    • O
      Orsagen, T. van
    • P
      Pelt, F.
      Pestior, B. Pensioner
      Phaff, P.A.
      Proos, T.F.
    • R
      Reins, J.J. Writer
      Reisner, C.A.
      Reisner, C.F.
      Reus, C.H. de
      Reus, H. de
      Reygers, C.H.
      Robyn, J.N. Barber
    • S
      Seroskie, ------
      Shell, M.
      Sleebos, W.F. Pensioner
      Sleebos, J.H.
      Sleebos, J.G. Taylor
      Sleebos, H.
      Snyder, J.M.
      Smit, T.
      Staat, P.C. Pensioner
      Staat, J.F.
      Staat, J.A.
      Sireykenberg, M.
    • T
      Tandie, D.
      Tandia, S.
      Tarpyn, D.
    • V
      Vleeshamer, C. Pensioner
      Vos, C.
    • W
      W?he, T.H.
      Weynand, G. Pensioner
      Wemherd, T. Pensioner
      Woondenschild, C.C. Pen.
      Wolff, V.
    • Z
      Zeydel, J.H.
  • Cheribon (upd. 31 may 2000)
    • A
      Alderhorts, A. van, employed by Mr. Bois
      Aldorp, A. Taylor
      Asaacks, I.S. do,
      Augustyns, A.C.
    • B
      Bartels, C. Trader
      Bois, G. Land Surveyor
      Braam, A. Writer
      Butts, J. Trader
    • C
      Cutters, F.
    • D
      Daniels, J.
      Davidsz, A. Writer
      DAVIES, W. Assistant-Resident
    • Link: Mr. William m. Davies(Cheribon, Rembang, Semarang)
    • F
      Ferdnandus, J.
      Francke, P.
    • G
      Goetoras, R.D.S.
    • H
      Heidenreick, J.H.
      Hennan, J.G. Taylor
      Hobeyn, J.J. Saltstore-keeper
      Hemker, J.J. Trader
    • I
      Immals, M. Employed by Mr. Bois
    • J
      Jacobs, M. Trader
      Josina, W.C. Writer
    • L
      Lanve, I.F.
      Lendert, J.W. Trader
    • M
      Mannal, ----- Servant
      Marchelius, W. do.
      Martins, S. Trader
      Matthys, N.J.
      Michiln, A. Clerk
      Masses, I.C. Pensioner
    • P
      Palomoo, J.
      Philips, A. Taylor
      Pieters,, P. Trader
      Pop, P.H. Writer
      Pop, C.W. do.
      Prudants, J.C.
    • R
      Roodenhuys, S.
      Roose, S.L. de, Shoe-maker
    • S
      Sandman, A.H. Assist. Surgeon
      Sanko, J.C.
      Schmiet, C. Trader
      Smit, W. employed in the Salt Dept.
    • W
      Waalker, J.
      Warne, J. Servant
      Welker, J.H.
    • V
      Vinger, J. Trader
      Visser, J.T.
    • Z
      Zacharias, J.P.
      Zacharias, F. employed by Mr. Bois
  • Tagal (upd. 31 may 2000)
    • A
      Arnout, J.
    • B
      Badendich, E.S.
      Badendich, S.E.
      Bilter, L.W.
      Bossoltiel, R.W. In charge of the Letter Post
      Bossoltiel, F.
    • C
      Claarbout, J.A. Clerk to the Resident
      Claase, T.
    • D
      Delagroa, F.W.
      Drysen, J.F.
    • E
      Evertse, E.
    • G
      Graaff, A.J. de
      Groenland, P.
    • H
      Henricus, J.
      Holland, J. van
      Hostheim, H. van
    • I
      Isaaks, J.
    • J
      Jacobs, J.P.
      Janson, A.
      Jorden, I.
    • K
      Klaas, A.
      Kleyn, J.A.
      Koch, G.F. Land Surveyor
      Koch, P.C.
    • L
      Lao, J. de, Assistant Surgeon
      Leway, G.
    • M
      Martel, J.L. Head of the Burgers
      Martinet, J.
      Meeylman, W.F. Salt Store-keeper
    • N
      Neoy, J. de
    • O
      O?e, J.
    • P
      Pieters, M.P.
    • R
      Ricard, J.B.
      R??emser, L.H.
      Rohmreo, J.G.K.
    • S
      Samuels, J.L.
      Samuels, A.
      Samuels, H.
      Sawaries, B.
      Siket, L.P.
      Slootman, G.A.
      Stoolman D.
      Suikkel, A.
      Striedack, C.
      Symons, F.
    • T
      Ternatos, J.
    • V
      Vicentie, C.
    • W
      Wilde, F.T. De
      Willems, J.F.
      White, J.
  • Rembang (upd. 31 may 2000)
    • A
      Adriesse, C.
      Alje, P. Pensioner
      Amaker, M.
      Anthony, H. employed by the Master Attendant
    • B
      Bakker, W. employed by do.
      Baumeyer, F.
      Benjamintz, L.C.
      Benjamintz, S.
      Benjamints, A.J.
      Bierman, J.
      Bruyn, A. de
    • D
      Davidson, John, Resident
      Diederiksz, Assistant to the Resident
      Dirksz, D.
      Dixon, John, Builder
      Dumas, P.
      Dumas, F.
    • E
      Enterman, G.
    • F
      Foote, John, Master Attendant
    • H
      Haverman, J.C. Pensioner
      Herforen, A. van
      Holtrop, J.C.
      Homung, J.J.
      Homung, P.A. employed by the Master Attendant
      Homung, P.J.
      Huysinga, H.J.
    • I
      Israel, J.
      Israel, W.
    • J
      Jahie?, J. Pensioner
      Janse, L.
      Johnson, W. Clerk in the Resident's Office
      Jose, M.
    • M
      Mente, I. Mandore at Para?essie
      Mulder, H. Overseer of Forests at Sarang
    • N
      Neiff, A.D.G.
    • O
      Ossenbrugger, H. van
    • P
      Persyn, J.
      Persyn, P.
      Persyn, C.
    • S
      Sack, E.C.W. Writer
      Schamen, H.
      Severyn, W.
      Smith J.F. Overseer of Forests at Rembang
      Spits, F.C.
      Spits, J.F.A.
      Soetie, J.A. Mandore at teh Custom-House
      Schries, M. Pensioner
    • V
      Vicane, J.
    • W
      Wegge, J. Pensioner
      Wessel, J.A. Clerk in the Resident's Office
      Winckelhaagen, H.F. do.
  • Souracarta (upd. 31 may 2000)
    • B
      Bastiaan, J.W. Taylor
      Bastiaan, F.T. Taylor
      Banker, H.S. Steward to the Resident
      Beem, T.
      Beem, C.
      Beem, T.L.
      Beem, H.G. Postilion to the Emperor
      Bloemhardt, T. Carpenter
      Bloemhardt, P.
      Boode, M.W. Pensioner
      Boode, A.
      Bourgmeester, W. Pensioner
      Busselaar, G. Pensioner
    • C
      Catjielie, F.
      Coenraad, J.B.
      Coenraad, S.C.
    • D
      Deux, F. Overseer of Bird's Nest Rocks
      Derentje, J.A.
      Derentje, T.F.
      Dierson, F. Pensioner
      Doppert, M.L. In the service of Dr. Horsfield
      Doppert, F.G.
    • E
      Effen, H.P. Watchman
      Ertringer, C.L.
      Ertringer, T.
    • F
      Fischer, T.C. Coachman to the Emperor
      Forkade, L.A. Trumpeter to the Emperor
      Forkade, A. Pensioner
      Fredericks, T. Residency Orderly
      Fredericks, C.G. Overseer in the Post Establishment
      Friebel, C.F. Blacksmith
      Friebel, P.D. Smith
    • G
      Gregorawith, P.
    • H
      Helwick, T.F.
      Heyster, A.
      Heyne, H.C. Trader
      Heyde, J.P. van der
      Heyne, T.W.
      Heyne, M.W. Trader
      Hoff, T.H.
      Holland, D.T. Trader
      Hornoff, H. Javanese Translator
      Horsfield, Thomas, Botanist
    • I
      Imminck, F.
    • J
      Jacobs, J. Trader
      Joseph, D. Merchant
      Joseph, S.
    • K
      Kagie, T. Taylor
      Keunitter, T.K.
      Kiest, T.
      Kilian, C.D. Overseer of the Roads
      Kilian, P.
      Kilian, J. Watchman
      Kliyn, H. Pensioner
      Kops, C. Trader
      Kreet, T.H.
      Kreft, T.F. Coachman to the Emperor
      Kreft, W.D. Ordinary to the Emperor
    • L
      Lattom, P. Barber
      Lay, T. van der, Blacksmith
      Ley, T.T. van den, In the service of Dr. Horsfield
      Ladtman, T.H.L.
    • M
      Manoth, T.
      Martins, H. Ordinary
      Masks, T.F.
      Mathyson, T.T. Carpenter
      Meyer, H.J.
      Meert, T. Gardiner
    • N
      Nolgris, G. Watchman
    • P
      Palleth, T.F. employed by the Resident
      Parvoudre, C. employed by Dr. Horsfield
      Peehler, I.M.
      Pemulder, C. Serjeant
      Peters, J.
      Portier, M. Trumpeter to the Emperor
      Portier, T.P. Ordinary
      Portier, M.
      Puttenar, T. Pensioner
    • R
      Rauws, S. Dutch Translator
      Roode, T.M.
    • S
      Scholten, H. School-master
      Schrender, T. Pensioner
      Schultz, C.T. Taylor
      Schultz, T.L.
      Schultz, T.A.
      Schultz, T.L.
      Sconbergen, J.D. Pensioner
      Sentius, G.W. Surgeon
      Simon, D.C. Sworn Clerk
      Smith, C. Merchant
      Smith, S.F.
      Smith, T.W.
      Smith, J.C.
      Smith, T.H.
      Smith, T.A.
      Staves, William, Merchant
      Stralendorff, F.C. van, Pensioner
      Stralendorff, O.L. van, Pensioner
      Saydevid, C.T. Watchman
    • T
      Tal, J. van
      Teerko, F.
      Toepamtroe, B. Laborer
    • W
      Warlich, H.A. Pensioner
      Weer, P.W. van der
      Wener, J.A. Musician
      Wener, G.S. State Coachman
      Winter, T.W.
      Wolff, A.
      Wolff, T. Carpentier
      Wynschenk. L.
  • Sourabaya (upd. 24 july 2000)
    • A
      Aalst, Jacobus van
      Abels, Wolffaart
      Adogleft, Andris Matus
      Adrianus, Arnoldus
      Androg, Johan David
      Antrag, Gerardus Theodorus, Clerk to the Court of Justice
      Antrag, Fredrik Balthazar
    • B
      Babtiste, Jan
      Baggers, Jan, Tide Waiter
      Bakker, Andries
      Baudoin Leonard
      Bart, Etum, Pilot
      Bartels, Johan Carel, Pensioner
      Beekhuysen, Adrianus
      Beete, Jacob Fredrik
      Belders, Roelofs
      Bemer, Johan Fredrik
      Benton, Jan Hendrik
      Bercum Claas van
      Berkholst, Willem Ernst
      Beurlin, Wilhelm Ludwig, Pensioner
      Beukers, Johan Barend
      Bink, Auke Jacobus, Overseer at the Mint
      Blank, Cornelis, Mandoor at do.
      Bank, Jacobus du, Pensioner
      Blockland, Johannes
      Blondel, Johannes, Pensioner
      Boermeester, Johan Jochem
      Boermeester, Johannes Fredrik
      Bohl, Johannes Julius, Commandant of the Burgher Corps
      Bol, Pieter
      Borghart, George
      Bosch, Jacobus van den, Apothecary at the Gen. Hospital
      Bouberg, Sybrand Jacobus, Landholder
      Bouman, George Coenraad, School-master
      Bout, Johan Nicolaas
      Broeck, H.A. van den, Fiscal
      Brockhuisen, Simon
      Brouwer, Godfried
      Brown, John, Master Attendant
      Burgemeestre, Pieter
      Bruyn,, Member of the Court of Justice
      Brunink, Jan Henderik
      Buyten, Jacob Jans
      Buse, Fredrik Bernardus
      Brusz, Fredrik Libregt
    • C
      Coolen, Coenraad
      Coppen, Pieter
      Cramer, Christiaan Benardus
      Cramer, Hendrik Christinus
    • D
      Damwyk, Johannes Willem, Sworn Clerk to the Judge of Circuit
      Daiscart, Louis Lambertus
      Davidsz, Johannes
      David, Abraham
      Deppe, Christoffel
      Deurveld, Adam, Pensioner
      Diederick, Andries
      Diedrik, Jan
      Dietzer, Jan, Pilot
      Dinsbach, Jacobus
      Does, Jacob van der
      Dols, Jan
      Don, Johan Philip, Jailer
      Dreeger, D.H.
      Dreick, Adriaan Franciskus
      Driessen, Carel
      Dryman, L.M.
      Dryman, Joseph Maryn
      Duuring, Fredrik Barend Jan
    • E
      Eberst, Fransz, Maandoor in the Mint
      Emde, Johannes
      Esche, J.A., Surveyor
      Eurrard, Jean Louis, School-master
    • F
      Farber, Henry, employed in the Garrison Hospital
      Fisser, A.B.
      Fisser, Christiaan, Overseer of the Charcoal Manufacture and Banks
      Fredrik, Jacob
      Frolyk, John Godlieb
      Fruyndt, C.F.
    • G
      Gabor, Mattheys, Pensioner
      Gautier, Pieter Joseph, Pensioner
      Geliegen, Miggel
      Gezwiend, Johannes
      Goldbach, Petrus Adrianus, Judge of Circuit
      Goldman, Christiaan Hendrik
      Graaff, Andreas Antonie
      Graaff, Carel de
      Gryner, Johannes Hermanus
      Gryner, Johan Falentyn
      Gunsch, Christiaan
    • H
      Haan, J.P. de
      Halewyn, Martin, Merchant
      Halter, Jan Jurgen, Pensioner
      Hart, Paul Godfried
      Haverzaak, Nicolaas
      Heebers, Alexander
      Hek, Zacharias van, Landholder
      Heynispz, Klaas, ditto,
      Heyneman, Willem
      Heldernisse, J.C., Taylor
      Herkel, Andries
      Hertveld, A., Doorkeeper of the Court of Justice
      Herweg, Fredrik Lodewyk Ulrich, Pensioner
      Herrenauw, Joseph, Clerk to the Court of Justice
      Hoek, Johannes van der
      Hoefnaagel, Johan Hendrik
      Hom, Johannes
      Hoff, Hendrik Carel van der
      Hornoff, Christiaan Fredrik
      Horst, Johannes
      Huber, Leopold Augustus, Pensioner
      Hunderberger, Pastiaan, Pensioner
      Hutting, Carel Hendrik
      Hutting, Pieter Hendrik
    • J
      Jacob, Jan
      Jansen, Hendrik
      Janssen, Pieter, Landholder
      Jansz, Isak
      Jansz, Hendrik
      Jansz, J.G., Assistant to the Deputy Collector of Customs
      Jedlitzka, Joseph, Jailer to the Resident's Court
      Jesel, Cornelis Willem
      Jesel, Jan Christiaan
      Jonker, Johannes Henderickus
    • K
      Kady, Stiffanis
      Kappel, Johan George, Pensioner
      Keiser, Jan Harm de Bruyn
      Kessing, Fredrik Carel, Pensioner
      Keyer, Johan Godfried
      Kieffer, Johannes, Merchant
      Kiene, Johan Fredrik, Pensioner
      Kintsens, Pieter
      Kip, Joseph
      Klock, Willem, Watch-maker
      Koolbeek, Louwerens
      Kollmeyer, Johan Bernhard, Pensioner
      Kolmus, Casper, Clerk to the Post Office
      Kolmus, Fredrik Cornelis, Book-keeper to the Mint
      Kolmus, Gysbert
      Konta, Stevannis
      Koster, Willem
      Koster, Jacobus
      Kouffman, Anthony
      Kouthoofd, Philippus Jodocus, Clerk to the Master Att.
      Knipping, Jan Arend, Attorney
      Knuppel, Christiaan
      • Link: Knuppel Family
      Ksisek, Joseph, Night Waiter
      Krygsman, W.E.
      Kurtsen, F.P. C., Secretary to the Court of Justice
    • L
      Lambregt, Hendrik
      Lanoy, A.H. de, Sec. and Fiscal to the Court of Justice
      Lapre, Jan, Pensioner
      Laurens, Christiaan, Boatswain at the Wharf
      Llaudenslager, Johan George, Pensioner
      Leclerc, J.N. Pensioner
      Leeuwen, Wilhelm Theodorus van, Assist. Mint-master
      Leeuwen, Cornelis van, Clerk to the Vendue Master
      Leidelmeyer, Joseph, Night Waiter
      Lewensky, Jacob
      Lentceel, Franciscus
      Lodin, Simon, Pensioner
      Loge, Lodewyk
      Loontjes, Johan Adriaan
      Lugt, Gerret van der
      Lufting, H.C.
      Lupke, Henricus Josephus
      Lupschi, Antonie
      Luyten, Nicolaas
    • M
      Maas, C.
      Mader, Johan Fredrik
      Manuel, Bernardus Christiaan, Taylor
      Manuel, Johan Engelbert, Clerk to the Collector of Revenue
      Manuel, Johannes Martinus
      Manuel, Antony, Taylor
      Marlisa, Cornelies
      Marten, Pieter
      Marthen, Jan
      Maurets, Hendrikus Martinus, Clerk in the Resident's Office
      Meelhuysen, Johannes Cornelis
      Meeverden, N. van, Town Surgeon
      Melger, Johan Fredrik
      Meyer, Hendrik
      Meyer, Frants Rynhard
      Meyer, Johan Andries
      Mentel, Johan Fredrik
      Mittelsdorffer, Johan Hendrik, Clerk to the Court of Justice
      Moelier, P.J.
      Muller, J.G.
    • N
      Neyman, Johan Fredrik
      Niels, Joseph
      Nyndorff, Nicolaas Frans
      Myndorff, Jacob Bartholomus
      Nyvenheim, J.L. Baron van Nieuwkerken genaamd, Assistant to the Resident
    • O
      Obey, J.
      Obey, Cornelis Hein, Shoe-maker
      Oglou, Johannes Cornelis, Visitor of the Sick
      Olmeyer, Antonie
      Oostzick, Hendricus
      Otjes, Eylert
      Overdyk, Philip
    • P
      Pacheo, Bernard dos Anjos
      Paier, Benjamin
      Parisek, Frans, Night Waiter
      Panhuys, Willem Fredrik van, President of the Court of Justice
      Paulus, Johan Fredrik, Clerk to the Master Attendant
      Pieter, ?????? Cornlis
      Pietersen, Jan, Clerk to the Master Attendant
      Phaff, Jonas Lodewyk, Clerk to the Court of Justice
      Poutje, Nicolaas Fransz
      Pypers, Joseph Bernardus
    • R
      Raam, Johan Coenraad
      Ranzow, Daniel Ditloff van, Pensioner
      Rashorn, Wilhelm, ditto
      Rennezn, Carel Bernhardus
      Reynen, Frans van
      Reynst, Jan Jacob
      Reyneke, Johannes Fredericus
      Reyneke, Fredrik Daniel
      Reynholdts, Johan Gerardus Albertus
      Ribero, Hyronimo
      Ries, Johan Casper, Clerk to the Dept. Coll. of Customs
      Roech, Christiaan Simon
      Roock, Albertus Gerrit de
      Roesler, Johan Frederik
      Rooy, J. de
      Rosbach, Dirk Smith
      Rosemeyer, Coonraad, Surgeon
      Ruben, Bordgard
    • S
      Saint-Genis, J.N. de, Merchant
      Samsom, Andreas
      Samuel, Josuas Albertus
      Samuel, Daniel
      Sawatong, Pietree, Smith at the Mint
      Sax, Casparus Martinus
      Schaege, W.L., Iron Smith
      Schaege, C.P.
      Schauer, Marthin
      Scheepe, Carel Wilhelm
      Scheepe, Jan Godlieb, Shoe-maker
      Scheepe, Casper Bartholomeus
      Schimmel, Piliep
      Schnitslyn, Johan Michiel, Pensioner
      Scholts, Johan Weynand
      Schonherr, Johannes, Pensioner
      Schonherr, Johan Daniel, Merchant
      Schoester, Hendrik Lodewyk
      Schryn, Fredrik
      Schryn, J.L.
      Schryn, Johannes
      Schryn, A., Taylor
      Schreder, Jacob
      Schuerman, Zenier, Pensioner
      Scholten, Hendrik
      Sebo, G.W.
      Seket, Willem Roeloff, Clerk to the Resident's Court
      Siseniets, Johan Fredrik, Pensioner
      Smith, Jacob
      Smith, Barend
      Sollee, Johannes, Mandoor at the Mint
      Sourain, Johan
      Soelberg, Pieter
      Snel, Simon Jacob
      Sprew, Johannes van, Vendue Crier
      Sprew, Elias van
      Sprew, Job van
      Spiering, Johannes
      Sulheim, Fredrik
      Swartjes, H.
      Swense, Hendrik, Head Servant at the Mint
      Swerissen, S.
    • T
      Tawaris, Johannes
      Teylingen, G.W. van, 3rd Assist. to the Collector
      Thierbach, Justus Frederik
      Toledo, Jose
      Top, Leendert, Notary
      Toris, J. de
      Turpuyn, Petrus Albertus, Taylor
    • V
      Vasson, Jan, Pensioner
      Verleeke, Philip
      Vermeulen, Adriaan Theodoor
      Volkers, Jan Hendrik, Taylor
      Vysma, Johan Hendrik, Overseer of Stores
      Vyver, Johannes Wilhelmus van de
      Vyver, George Pieter van de
    • W
      Waanders, Henricus, Catholic Minister
      Wagenaar, Willem
      Walker, Willem David
      Walsaree, M
      Wanner, Jacobus Josephus
      Wanner, Johannes Helvetius
      Wardenaar, J.W.B.
      Wattermena, Pieter, Taylor
      Weberg, N.P. Sail-maker
      Wellenberg, Lodewyk, Pensioner
      Wendel, Laurens, Overseer at the Mint
      Wetters, Jacobus Samuel
      Wetters, Johan David
      Werninck, Hendrik, Commander of the Ship Po
      Wetsel, Abraham, Merchant
      Wif, Cornelis de
      Willemse, Jan
      Wittenberg, Carel Godlieb
      Wolff, J.G.
      Wolff, H.J.
      Wolff, Willem Hendricht
      Wolput, Nicolaas, Shoe-maker
      Wout, T.F. van 't, Merchant
      Wysman, Joseph
    • Y
      Ypes, Jeppe
    • Z
      Zange, Justus Lodewyk, Assistant in the Orphan Chamber at Samarang
      Zeyl, Hendrik Alberth van, Provisional Agent to ditto ditto
      Zeyl, Johannes van, Salt Store-keeper
      Zimmerman, Johan Godlieb
      Zon, Fredrik van
      Zwekkert, Johan Anthony, Essay and Mint Master

  • Grissee (upd. 24 july 2000)
    • A
      Abels, G, Merchant
      Amersfoorth, J.A., Clerk to the Resident
      Aronds, J., Shoe-maker
    • B
      Barreveler, J.C., Merchant
      Barth, J. Store-keeper
      Batreer, J.J. Shoe-maker
      Braak, O. van, Shop-keeper
      Brinkman, J.
      Brink, J. van den, Carpenter
    • C
      Carel, B.D., Shoe-maker
      Corels, J.
      Cosyn, T., Taylor
    • D
      Dirksen, D.
      Dobbels, F.
      Dofgelanden, N., Salt Store-keeper
      Dreyter, J.M.
    • E
      Eberleyn, F., Merchant
      Eerhardt, P.W.F., Merchant
      Ehrenoron, J.
    • F
      Erentrech, C.F., Assistant Resident
      Foss, J.
      Fransz, J.C.
      Fransz, L., Clerk to the Resident
      Fredriks, J.B., Taylor
      Fredriks, J., ditto
      Fredriks, J. W., ditto
    • G
      Geerling, J., Merchant
      Gheyn, J. van, Book-keeper
      Graaf, J. de, Merchant
      Graaf, J. de, ditto
      Graaf, W. de, ditto
      Graaf, L. de, ditto
      Graaf, A. de, ditto
    • H
      Hanssen, G., Mariner
      Hubert, C.L.
      Huck, C.F., Overseer of Timber
      Hullart, E.
    • J
      Jacobson, C., Dept. Col. and Master Attendant
      Jan, D., Mariner
      Jansen, G.P.E.
      Jenick, J.F.
    • K
      Klerks, J.J
      Kortz, A., Assistant Surgeon
      Krugenberg, M. van,
    • L
      Landtrehr, J.C. Mariner
      Lighten, C.L. van, Merchant
      Lofman, J.F.
      Loth, L.F.A., Private Store-keeper
    • M
      Mente, J.H
      Meul, F.B. van der,
      Mobrow, J.
      Mobrow, J.A., Merchant
      Manbergen, A. van, Land-Surveyor
      Muller, J.C.
      Muller, N., Taylor
      Muller, C., Taylor
    • N
      Nicolaas, J.A.
      Nicolaas, P.H., Clerk to the Resident
    • O
      Offerman, D.
      Offers, W., Salt Agent
      Ollemyr, M., Mariner
      Ollemyr, C., Taylor
      Oostziek, J.W.
      Orisius, J., Clerk to the Dept. Collector
    • P
      Parro, J., Pensioner
      Pielat, L.C., Merchant
      Pieterson, D., Overseer in the Salt Department
      Piettring, H.R., Smith
    • R
      Rosenquist, J.H.
      Roya, J.H.L. de, Writer
      Roya, J.F. de, Mariner
    • S
      Schade, W.H. do.
      Schultz, M. do.
      Segfeld, J.D.
      Severing, H., Clerk to the Coll'r
      Sevryn, J. Overseer in the Salt Department
      Siegel, D.J.
      Simon, J.
      Spekman, S., Pilot
      Steenbergen, A.A. van, Mariner
    • V
      Vest, W., Jeweler
      Veye, J.A.S. de, Writer
      Verhaage, W.
      Vreedenberg, J.
    • W
      Weedemeyer, H., Pilot
      Wendelstigh, H., Writer
      Weertmillen, J.P.
      Wilkens, J., Salt Store-keeper
      Willem, W. Overseer in the Salt-Department
      Willems, M.G.
    • Z
      Zwaal, M.

  • Japara (upd. 24 july 2000)
    • A
      Aschen, H.
    • B
      Berg, M.
      Borsetheil, N.C.
      Bout, J.N.
      Branne, J.G.
    • E
      Eysback, A., Pensioner
      Eysback, J.A.
    • F
      Faulhabber, A., Pensioner
      Frederitz, A.
      Frick, A.P., Pensioner
    • G
      Geugten, J.A. van der
      Gunsten, B. van
    • H
      Hubner, J.F.
      Hubner, J.C.
      Hubner, E.
    • K
      Kemmel, J.C.
      Kapsenberg, E.
      Kahle, J.A.
    • L
      Lange, P. de
      Laurensz, F.
      Lelieveld, J., Pensioner
      Lelieveld, J.
    • M
      Meeng, J.H.
      Meeng, J.M., Pensioner
      Mergart, J.A.
      Mergart, J.P.
      Monerau, D.
      Muller, J.M.
      Muller, F., Pensioner
    • N
      Nenland, G.
    • O
      Oudloff, H., School-master
    • R
      Raadshoven, J.A. van, Scriba
      Raadshoven, J.M. van, Writer
      Rambalds, J.
      Ryke, R.
    • S
      Schornach, C.G., Pensioner
      Shruit, A. van der
    • W
      Wouds, Edward, Mariner
    • Z
      Zeelig, J.D.

  • Joana (upd. 24 july 2000)
    • B
      Bastiaan, W.
      Bastiaan, H.
      Beekman, J.C.
    • C
      Coeryn, A.
    • D
      Dukeme, J.P.
    • F
      Foss, J.C.
    • J
      Joseph, E.
      Jurgens, J.
      Jurgens, P.
    • K
      Koster, P.
    • M
      Mayer, G.
      Mechten, J.L. te
      Merander, J., Surgeon
    • P
      Pick, J.J.
    • R
      Rustman, J.D.
    • S
      Santi, J. de
      Sant?, A. van
      Simao, G.W.
      Smid, J.G.
      Stokbroo, J., Scriba
    • T
      Titaly, P.
    • W
      Wedding, H., Merchant
      Worm, B. van der
    • Z
      Ziegelietz, A.

  • Paccalongang (upd. 24 july 2000)
    • A
      Anthonys, Th., Sub-Collector of Land Revenue
      Anthonysz, B.A.
      Anthonysz, C.
    • B
      Back, B.F., Assistant to the Resident
      Badenbrook, H.
      Badenbrook, W.
      Beer, J.M.
      Berg, T. van den
      Bloem, T.D.
      Blondeau, N., Pensioner
    • C
      Carel, M.
      Carel, P.
      Caspersz, J.A.R.
    • D
      DA??, W.
      Deykop, H.
      Douglas, R.S, Superintendant of the Government Indigo Manufactory
      Dunke, J.C.
      Dupont, Charles, Indigo Manufacturer
    • E
      Egbertus, J.
      Enelen, A. van den, Pensioner
    • F
      Frauwenberg, F.
    • G
      Gephart, J.
      Grender, H., Overseer of Teak Forests
    • J
      Janzens, J.C.
    • L
      Lairwreens, W., Taylor
    • M
      Melello, N., Pensioner
    • R
      Rosenkrans, J.
    • S
      Spreanger, Gerret, Taylor
      Sterht, T.A., do
      Striewer, L.I.
      Striewer, D.W.
      Schrufel, G.P.
    • T
      Tevrop, J.
    • V
      Voyal, S.L., Assist. Surgeon
    • W
      Weys, Jan
      Westhoff, E., Pensioner

  • Banjowangee (upd. 24 july 2000)
    • A
      Abels, L., Writer
      Abels, A.
      Bordal, A.
      Class, J.
      Dederick, G.G.
      Delsine, J.
      Delsine, P.
      Delsine, J.F.
      Hagenstein, J.B.
      Hoppag, J.
      Janson, R.
      Janson, F.
      Keeler, F.
      Knelke, T.J., employed by the Resident
      Mayer, M.
      Mayer, C.
      Potenseer, J.
      Ringers, H.
      Ronkes, H.
      Ruyter, J. de
      Vleeshamer, H.
      Waasbergen, A. van, Assistant Surgeon
      Watle, J.
      Wel, J.F. van der

  • Bantam (upd. 24 july 2000)
    • A
      Blumenstok, J.L.
      Coenraad, P. de
      Coenraad, J. de, Clerk to the Resident
      Gasper, A.L.
      Koch, J.C., Clerk to the Resident
      Linden, C.W. van der, do.
      Mathe, J.G., Overseer of the Salt-Stores
      Zeldenryk, F.W. van, Colonial Surgeon, 1st Class

  • Sumanap (upd. 24 july 2000)
    • A
      Abels, T., Writer
      Abels, L., Trader
      Abels, C., Tradesman
      Abels, G., do.
      Baptist, E., Writer
      Boogaard, C. van den, Trader
      Burgemeestre, J.E., do.
      Bryant, John, Employed by the Master Attendant
      Desons, J.
      Domingo, C., Trader
      Domingo, A., do.
      Eervsard, J.L., School-master
      Favemeer, J., Trader
      Frederiks, D., do.
      Fransz, J.P., do.
      Fransz, B.C., do.
      Fransz, P.G., do.
      Heinson, J., do.
      Hoffmaster, H., do.
      Hutton, G. van, do.
      Jansens, A.B., Silver-smith
      Jansens, H., Trader
      Langejan, H.
      Langejan, B.
      Liddle, W., Dept. Master Attendant and Col. of Port Duties
      Lodrigo, D.
      Loo, J. van, Trader
      Manres, J.B., do.
      Munter, H. do.
      Palito, A., Taylor
      Phefferkorn, J.T., Trader
      Reep, F.C., Store-keeper
      Samuels, E.D., Trader
      Smith, L., do.
      Stevens, A.
      Stevens, J., Farmer of the Ferry of Calleanas
      Stuart, L.H.C., Trader
      Tawaris, J.
      Timmerman, F., Taylor
      Vink, A.F.A., Trader

  • Bangcallan (upd. 24 july 2000)
    • A
      Braun, C.A.R. van
      Catsters, C.
      Catsters, T.
      Catsters, H.
      Catsters, B.
      Doorlang, A.
      Geers, J.F., Pensioner
      Haack, C.A. van
      Huyser, D.
      Karstens, J. Writer to the Resident
      Kuhnau, C.A.
      Kuhnau, J.N.
      Ligten, A.F. van
      Meurs, J.J. van
      Meyer, H.
      Reep, C., Salt Store-keeper
      Reep, A.
      Rigter, J.
      Springer, P.M. de
      Siegel, J.A.
      Siket, J.W.
      Siegel, J.
      Theedens, D.
      Top, J.H.
      Wendelstik, J.F.H.


Indische Genealogische Vereniging

English Gravestones in the BATAVIA (JAVA, INDONESIA)

Cemetary/Begraafplaats "Laanhof"

afd. A - Deel voor Engelschen
    • 1. In remembrance / of / Dora Boyd / stillborn September 10th 1920 / The Lord gave / and the Lord hath taken away / Blessed be the name of the Lord.
    • 3. Peter Murray / born March 19th 1921 /died March 21st 1921.
    • 4. Until the day dawn / In memory of / Vera Johns / died at Batavia Nov. 23 1920 / aged 26 years / erected by her loving mother.
    • 6. John C. McCree / Oct. 1st 1884 / Dec. 25th 1920.
    • 7. Charles Matthew / born / Edinburgh / 30th June 1884 / died / 26th April 1921.
    • 8. In loving memory of James Granville Davies Master Mariner son of Captain and Mrs. Davies Maxwell House New Quay Cardiganshire born 17th November 1892 died 19th August 1924 I know that my redeemed liveth!
    • 9. Sacred to the memory / of / Robet Gamble / Bob Alton / who departed this life / on Feb. 17 1921 / mourned for and regretted by all his friends.
    • 10. In memoriam / Thomas Fuller / Lieut. 6th Royal West Kent Regiment / born at / Worcester, England / March 13th 1885 / died in Batavia / November / 28th 1921 / This stone is erected by the / British community / as a mark of high admiration / of the fortitude with / which he bore prolonged suffering / from wounds received at Arras / during te Great War 1914-1918.
    • 17. Thomas Cockerill / chief officer S.S. Epsom / died at Batavia 18th August 1921.
    • 18. In loving memory / of / Charles John Stuart Robertson / born Batavia 28 April 1891 / died Batavia 4 June 1923.
    • 22. I.H.S. / Sacred to the dear memory / of my son / Herbert Philip Holton / aged aa ? / who died at Weltevreden / 26 May 1925.
    • 23. In loving memory / of / Sara Jan McDonald / wife of / L.J. Farley / born Titusville, Penna. / Jan. 23 1896 / died Batavia / Oct. 25 1923 / R.I.P.
    • 24. In / loving memory / of / Michael Joseph Ryan / Stoker H.M.S. Emerald / died 18th August 1927 / aged 28 years / R.I.P./ erected by his shipmates.
    • 26. In memoriam / Captain Roger Couchtrie R.G.A. / died April 9th 1923 / aged 45 years.
    • 30. Son of / Mr. and Mrs. / J.B. Emmert / born September 6 1930 / died Sept. 7 1930.
    • 32. In memory of / Joseph H.H. Sargent / born Jan. 16 1920 at Hobert, Tasmania / died Febr. 19 1931 at Batavia / R.I.P.
    • 33. Sacred to the memory / of / Valeriano Conceicao / beloved husband / of / Agnes Isk Conceicao / born in Hongkong 12th September 1899 / died in Batavia 5th December 1933 / R.I.P.
    • 35. In loving memory / of / John Henry Lough / Engineer T.S.M.V. Thurnland Castle / born 19th October 1909 / died 9th Februari 1932 / dearly loved son of Janet and / the late John Wil. Lough / of Wallsend on Tyne, England / A lonely grave in a foreign land / Is a thought that is hard to bear / But this I know and understand / He has answered the call up there / Mother / This stone was erected by Lancashire Shipping Company Ltd. of Liverpool.
    • 36. In loving memory / of / Charles Albert Edwards / aged 54 years / who departed this life on 22nd October 1931.
    • 37. Erected in memory / of / Geoffrey Bendelack Hewetson / Wirelessoperator M.V. Clytoneus / died 20th May 1932 / aged 23 years.


Indische Genealogische Vereniging

English Gravestones in the Samarang Cemetary

  • Van de op blz. 478-479 vermelde 14 grafschriften zijn er vijf reeds bij Prins vermeld (BvTP III, 351 e.v.).
  • De overige luiden:
    • 1. Sacred to the memory of James Crawford Gray, born Sept. 6th, 1835; died Nov. 27th, 1865.
    • 2. Sacred to the memory of Mary Annie, infant daughter of George and Annie Henderson, who departed this life May 23rd. 1874.
    • 3. Sacred to the memory of Robert, the beloved son of James B. and Mary T. Clark, born at Batavia on the 17th January, 1875; died at Samarang on the 23rd August, 1876.
    • 4. Richard Hutchinson, born January 3rd, 1842; died January 10th, 1876.
    • 5. Sacred to the memory of Captain Salomon Nickerson, of bark 'Olustree', born September 1813; died November 21st, 1877; native of Chatham, Mass. U.S.America.
    • 6. Sacred to the memory of Henry Charles Downie, born 9th Feb., 1847; died 25th Jan., 1886.
    • 7. In loving memory of William Barlow, died 12th August, 1893, at Samarang, aged 65 years. Not lost but gone before.
    • 8. In loving memory of James Munro Ryrrell, R.N.R. Commander B.I.S.N.Co., who died on board his steamer, the Satara, at Samarang, September 29th, 1908, aged 44 years. Deeply regretted. Erected by his brother and sister.
    • 9. In memory of Ernest Crawford Smith, late third engineer A.S.N.Co. s.s. "Pasha"; died September 6th, 1910, aged 24 years. Erected by his brother officers.