Govinder Nazran Limited Edition Prints

Govinder's striking, naïve portrayal of the feline and canine form, married with strong oriental overtones, and rich texturing and layering, has won him thousands of fans across the globe.

After completing formal training in Graphic Design, Govinder worked on illustrations for children's books in London. After progressing to a photographic art director, directing fashion shoots all over the world, Govinder moved back to his home town of Saltaire in West Yorkshire working freelance on card designs with major publishing companies. In 1999 he approached Washington Green where he became one of the publisher's most prolific artists.

Charming, moving and intellectually funny, Govinder had an indisputable talent for brightening up the dullest day or greyest spirit with the incandescence of his imagination. Many of his paintings were about good and evil – innocence and malevolence, leaving it to the individual to look at his paintings and choose what they would like to see, innocence or malevolence – the 'good' or the 'evil'!

Image size 60.5 x 61 cm

Mounted size 80.5 x 81.5 cm

250 copies

RRP £495 mounted

SALE - £295