Our mission is to provide the opportunity for young men and young women to become the highest quality citizens and to promote a positive image of young people in our local communities.

Guiding Principles:

Everyone is expected to Use the Core Values: Regardless of your rank or your experience in the unit, you can, and must, exercise Honor, Courage, and Commitment whenever possible. You need to set the standard through your work ethic, personal accountability, and with your highest sense of personal honor. Never let your fellow cadets sacrifice their integrity or fail to live up to their potential. Every time you turn a blind eye to substandard performance, the team gets weaker and mission accomplishment becomes more difficult.

Life / School Balance: In order to be the best cadets/students/friend/brother/sister AND the best Son/daughter, you must manage your time effectively so you can balance your competing demands between school and family. Effectively setting priorities and proper time management will help you at home and at school. Although moments of sacrifice and long hours of community service will be necessary from time to time in this unit, we do not expect or desire them to become the norm.

Attitude is everything: Our success and happiness is not determined by events that happen in our lives – they are determined by how we react to events that happen in our lives. The attitude that we choose to bring with us will determine the level of our success. You will be surprised at the effect a positive mental attitude will do for you in school (and life).

As JROTC Cadets, we are in positions of great responsibility and challenge. JROTC is not for the timid or the meek. If we fail to meet our mission, the strength of our Unit and subsequently the citizenship of our communities will decline. Hiding in your shell is not an option – We need everyone actively engaged in the challenge.