Important Dates

Birthday of the Navy 13 October 1775

Birthday of the Marine Corps 10 November 1775

Day the Declaration of Independence was adopted 4 July 1776

Constitution ratified 21 June 1788

Personal Appearance & Grooming


Hair Above ears & around neck:

Tapered upwards & outwards no more than 3/4”

Must not touch collar

No longer than 4”, bulk 2”

Sideburns Neatly trimmed & tailored

Shall not extend below the middle of the ear

Shall end with a clean shaven horizontal line

Mustaches Neat & closely timed

Shall not extend below the upper lip

No other facial hair is permitted

Fingernails Will not extend past the fingertips

Earrings/Studs Not authorized

Necklaces Authorized if religious, but not visible

Rings 1 per hand

Watch/Bracelet 1 of each

No ankle bracelets


Hair May touch, but cannot fall below the lower edge of the collar

Braids must be neatly secured to the head

Bulk shall not exceed 2”

Hair Ornaments Barrettes must be similar to hair color

Cosmetics Blends with natural skin tone applied in good taste

Lipstick should be conservative

Fingernails Shall not be excessive in length

Nail polish color shall complement skin tone

Earrings/Studs 1 per ear, centered on earlobe Small gold or silver ball no larger than 1/4”

Necklaces Authorized, but not visible

Rings 1 per hand + engagement/wedding ring

Watch/Bracelet 1 of each

No ankle bracelets

Uniform Composition

Relaxed Fit Jacket NJROTC patch 1” below the left shoulder seam

All jackets & coats must be zipped at least 3/4 of the way up

Undershirt Plain white crew neck or V-neck tee shirt with all uniforms

Garrison Cap Lowest point 1” above eyebrows

Stowed under the belt on right/left side of uniform when indoors

Socks Black plain knit or rib knit socks

Awards & Decorations

Ribbons 1/4” above left breast pocket

Seniority inboard > outboard

Blue facing right

Non-NJROTC ribbons placed after NJROTC ribbons

Subsequent Awards 2 bronze > 2 silver > 3 gold


Leadership Academy aiguillette worn on right shoulder - Others on left

No more than 1 aiguillette per shoulder

Aiguillette must hang parallel to seam of coat/shirt

Insignia & Device Placement

Rate/Rank Centered 1 and 7/8 inches from the front edge of right collar

J-Bar Centered 1 and 7/8 inches from the front edge of left collar

Name Tag 1/4” above right breast pocket & centered on button

Ribbons 1/4” above left breast pocket & centered on button

Service Stars 1/4” centered above ribbons

Patch Left sleeve on all uniforms Midway between the front and rear of the sleeve

Top edge 1” below the shoulder seem

Garrison Cover

Anchor Centered on left 2” from front, 1.5” from bottom

Rate/Rank Centered on right 2” from front, 1.5” from bottom

Miscellaneous Knowledge

  • Position of Attention Basic military position
  • Heels together at a 45 degree angle

  • Legs straight but knees not locked

  • Hips and shoulders level and chest lifted

  • Arms hanging naturally, thumbs along trouser seams, palms facing inboard, and

  • fingers curled naturally

  • Head facing straight forward, mouth closed, chin pulled in

  • No talking

  • Training Time Out Training Time Out is a safety measure that is called when a source of suspected danger is identified. Anyone may call Training Time Out. When Training Time Out is called, all activity is halted until the source of the suspected danger is eliminated.
  • Gig Line Line formed when belt buckle is aligned with trouser and shirt seams

  • Sunglasses Not authorized. Only permitted if prescription or authorized by the SNSI

Navy Terminology

Trousers = Pants

Bulkhead = Wall

Port = Left

Starboard = Right

Deck = Floor

Ladder = Stairs

Stern = Back of ship

Bow = Front of ship

Aft = To stern

Abeam = Alongside

Head = Bathroom

Galley = Kitchen

Port Hole = Window

Bravo Zulu = Good job

Chow = Food

Overhead = Ceiling

Passageway = Hallway / Corridor

Hatch = Door / Opening

Military Time – 24 Hour Clock – 3:00 p.m. = 1500, pronounced “fifteen hundred”