Marksmanship Program

Our new air rifle team will shoot sporter class air rifles authorized by the Department of the Navy and the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

Rifle Team membership requires cadets to complete a comprehensive weapons safety course prior to qualifying live fire. Air rifle marksmanship is a NCAA Division 1 sport and can lead to scholarship opportunities for top shooters. Shooting is a year round sport with local, regional, and national competitions.

The Sterling team will fire Daisy 888 Air Rifles loaded with .177mm lead pellets into the center of a target 33 feet away. The team shoots in 3 positions: Prone, Offhand, and Kneeling. There are competitions for individual cadets and for Sterling as a team. Competitions can be either Shoulder to Shoulder matches in which we compete on site or they can be postals in which we send in our targets after they have been shot. Marksmanship is a great opportunity to get involved with Sterling NJROTC, make friends and earn ribbons and medals.

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