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Sterling High School Remote Online Instructional Plan Phase Two

STERLING HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT 501 S. WARWICK ROAD, SOMERDALE, NEW JERSEY 08083-2175 PHONE (856) 784-1333 FAX (856) 784-7661 Matthew Sheehan Acting Superintendent / Principal April 6, 2020 RE:

Remote Learning Update for Parents/Guardians Dear Parents/Guardians:

UPDATE The information you will find here is a collaboration among the Sterling High School Administrators. Through April 9th, the Remote Learning plan should continue as planned. We will observe Spring Break as approved on the school calendar.

Beginning Monday, April 20th, we will continue with Phase 2 of Remote Learning:

THE CURRICULUM: Remote Learning presents multiple challenges for both teacher and the students. Learning should focus on essential content, as the pace may not be as quick as it can be during live classroom instruction. Plans are created for reasonable and meaningful lessons adjusted for remote learning. Daily lessons may require 30-40 minutes to complete.

GRADING: During this period of Remote Learning, students will be assessed through daily participation and modified assessments. Fourth quarter grading will have an emphasis on participation and effort. Our collective focus is toward student meeting end of the year expectations. The role of teacher is to post grades regularly. The role of student is to complete all assignments, and the role of parent is to monitor progress and check OnCourse daily.

All parties should maintain regular communication. The end of the third marking period is April 6th. Report cards will be available in OnCourse on the evening of Thursday, April 9th.

Our school calendar dates for marking periods will remain the same.

ASSESSMENT AND ASSIGNMENT DEADLINES: Teachers are encouraged to push students by setting assessment and assignment deadlines. There will be flexibility in discerning late submissions, however both students and parents should be proactive in communicating any circumstances that may result in missed deadlines.

PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES: Parent Teacher Conferences for the Spring Semester have been cancelled. In lieu of traditional conferences, we will encourage parents to monitor OnCourse and contact teachers directly via email at any time during this Remote Learning time period.

STANDARDIZED ASSESSMENTS: State Assessments are Cancelled. This includes the NJSLA Math, English, and Science assessments. AP tests have been modified. AP teachers are communicating these updates with their students directly. The May SAT test has been cancelled. The June SAT hosted at Sterling is to be determined.

Please note, Drivers Ed mini blocks 6, 7, and 8 will not be permitted to take the test due to closures at the DMV.

PHASE 2 OF REMOTE LEARNING: Teachers and students are being pulled in too many directions. All stakeholders are balancing life and commitments in the Remote Learning environment. Beginning April 20th, Sterling High School will move to Synchronous instruction and will follow the schedule below.

Teacher who opt (not required) to utilize live lessons during the school day, are asked to follow this schedule. Teachers will inform the students when they will be using Synchronous instruction.

Day Monday/Wednesday Tuesday/Thursday Friday

A.M. Session 9-11 Block 1 Block 4 Block 3

P.M. Session 12-2 Block 2 Block 5

Sterling High School Remote Online Instructional Plan Phase One


Sterling High School is dedicated to the continuity of instruction, especially when emergent conditions

require alternate plans. In the event of extenuating circumstances that may result in a school closure,

Sterling will continue instruction using our current online platform, Microsoft OneNote Class Notebook,

supported by our 1:1 initiative. While this plan is not intended to replace the traditional classroom

environment, teachers will still be able to deliver standards-based instruction to students in an online

environment until the normal school schedule can resume. The purpose of this document is to outline

how Sterling will continue to provide instruction in a remote online school format while a traditional

classroom setting is otherwise not recommended. The plan outlines roles and responsibilities for parents

and students, as the success of this plan is dependent upon the dedication and partnership of our

faculty/staff, students, parents, and district administration. This plan has been developed in accordance

with the NJ Department of Education broadcast on March 5, 2020.

Roles and Responsibilities- Parents

Support your child in their learning process by:

• Monitoring Sterling updates via the various communication platforms: Email, Channel 19, and

Sterling HS website.

• Check in with your child daily about the tasks, activities, and assessments that they are

working on.

• Designating a place where your child will work independently on his/her assigned tasks.

• Asking your child to provide a brief summary of the learning he/she is engaging in for each

class to ensure their understanding of the content and of the process they are being asked to

engage in to demonstrate their learning.

• Asking your child about submission recommendation dates and supporting them, as needed,

in completing their assignments in a timely fashion.

• Reminding your child to email his/her teachers if they have any questions.

Roles and Responsibilities- Students

• Dedicate appropriate time to learning, as guided by your teachers.

• Check appropriate Microsoft OneNote Class Notebooks and emails on a daily basis.

• Identify a comfortable and quiet space to study/learn.

• If you are having difficulty accessing the internet, please visit Connecting to Home WiFi

• Approach your work with academic honesty.

• Review submission recommendation dates and complete assignments in a time