Vocabulary Building for Biblical Studies: Intermediate Level

Theological English Workbook - Intermediate Level

The purpose of this intermediate workbook is to assist students in improving their ability to read English in preparation for study in a Bible school or seminary. Therefore the focus is on vocabulary building and reading comprehension.

The workbook includes fifteen chapters. Each chapter centers on a topic related to biblical studies or Christian themes. The passages are general introductions to the topics and aid the students in understanding and expanding their vocabulary through appropriate contexts. Each passage is approximately 1000 words.

Each chapter follows the same format. The chapters begin with a pre-reading discussion question and are followed by while-reading questions or 'what to look for' type suggestions. The passages are followed by a reading comprehension check and exercises for vocabulary building. Topics such as contextual definitions, synonyms, antonyms, lexical transformation, and synonymous sentences are included.

Each chapter contains a short grammar section. The intention is not to teach grammar, but to help the student use grammar as a tool in reading. Topics such as passive voice, conjunctions, tenses, and transition signals are covered in this portion. The chapters end with integration questions. These can be used for classroom discussion or written assignments. The chapters are arranged in chronological order. There is no intentional order in the progression of difficulty in vocabulary or in the grammar points.

An answer key is provided in the back of the workbook.