Developing Reading Skills: Jonah

Reading is not a passive experience. It is important to read actively in order to read well. Readers must continually be asking questions of the author, the passage, and themselves. This curriculum is designed to help students ask questions of the passage as they read, to assist them in interpreting what they read, and to apply the passage in a personal and meaningful way.

A Student’s Workbook and a Teacher’s Book are included in this curriculum and the exercises are based on the biblical book of Jonah. The six lesson plans are intended for Christian students at a pre-intermediate level of English in a classroom setting. The emphasis is on introducing and practicing the observation-interpretation-application method used as both a reading strategy and an inductive Bible study method.

The biblical account of Jonah in the New International Version is included in the appendix. An additional appendix in the Teacher’s Book offers suggestions for grammar instruction based on each chapter of Jonah. The Teacher’s Book also contains answers, ideas for additional practice, and explanation of each lesson.