English for Christian Studies

EFL Workbooks These workbooks are designed for learners of English who need to improve their reading comprehension in order to perform effectively in Bible colleges and seminaries that require extensive reading in English. The intention is not to teach English, but to supplement classroom instruction with biblically contextualized passages and exercises. Vocabulary Building for Biblical Studies aims to help students with an intermediate level of English expand their vocabulary for the specific purpose of reading the New International Version of the Bible and biblical studies literature written in English.

Men and Women in the History of the Church is a pre-intermediate primer that provides supplemental reading to classroom English instruction.

Developing Reading Skills is a two-part curriculum based on the books of Jonah and Ruth and designed for students with a pre-intermediate level of English proficiency. Each curriculum includes a Student’s Workbook and a Teacher’s Book. The focus is on understanding and using a variety of reading strategies, particularly observation-interpretation-application.

Lynn Stapleton is currently an English language instruction consultant with LeaDev-Langham working with Bible schools and seminaries in SE Asia to develop programs that enable students to read and research biblical studies in English.

Lynn began teaching EFLstudents in Manila, Philippines in 1995. Her affiliation with AsianTheological Seminary during this time gave her the opportunity to teachEnglish for biblical studies to students from a variety of Asian countries.

Lynn received a CELTA certificate from the British Council in Bangkok in 2003 and a MA in TESOL/Intercultural Studies from Wheaton Graduate School in 2006. She has taught at the Evangelical Theological College of the Philippines, Hankuk Academy, and Asian Theological Seminary. Lynn has held workshops in TESOL training and communicative grammar teaching at various venues in Manila.

While teaching at Asian Theological Seminary. Lynn began to specialize in Academic English for Biblical Studies with particular emphasis on reading strategies. These workbooks are the result of her classroom interaction with students from diverse backgrounds.

The workbooks are available as a download, to print and photocopy for personal or class use, but may not be reproduced for profit.

Please send any comments to Lynn at lynnstapleton50@gmail.com