Men and Women in the History of the Church: Pre-Intermediate Level

A Pre-Intermediate Primer for Christian Studies The purpose of this primer is to provide contextualized passages for students involved in biblical studies who want to improve their proficiency in reading English. Each passage is a brief biography of a man or woman who has influenced the development or spread of Christianity in a significant way. The passages are approximately 600-800 words. The purpose of the reader is not to teach church history, rather, it is intended to provide appropriate, and hopefully interesting, supplemental reading for students to practice the English grammar they have learned in the classroom. Because of the nature of the book, more attention has been given to circumstances and conversion experiences than to the particular contribution the person has made to church history. The units begin with pre-reading questions and are followed by exercises on reading comprehension and vocabulary building. The last section of each unit is entitled "Questions to think about." These questions can be used for either in-class discussion or written assignments. The questions are designed to be reflective and interactive, applying the topics in the passage to the present circumstances. A glossary sidebar is included with each passage. An answer key is provided at the end of this workbook.