Mushroom poisoning

We are, unfortunately, unable to give advice on suspected mushroom poisoning. If you think someone may have eaten a poisonous mushroom, take them to your local accident and emergency unit. If possible, take with you a sample of the mushroom, several if you can, and try to dig out the whole of the stem including any root. Samples will keep better in a plastic or cardboard box than in a plastic bag.

About Staffordshire Fungus Group

Staffordshire Fungus Group was formed in 1994 to cater for the increasing number of people sharing a fascination for the fungi of Staffordshire. We are a specialist sub-group of the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust and work with the Potteries Museum & Art Gallery where the County's Records are kept.

We run a number of fungus forays and other events for members and the public throughout the year.

We add records of our finds to local and national databases.

The Group exists to:

  • record species of fungi and their distribution in Staffordshire

  • foster an awareness of the need to conserve fungi and their habitats

  • work with other organisations to further the study of fungi

  • liaise with the British Mycological Society in their nationwide recording schemes, conservation and survey projects.

Membership costs £5 per household per year and is open to anyone with an interest in fungi, from beginners onwards. Members can attend all forays and events organised by the group.