Vacation Daily Planner

This Google spreadsheet is great for planning trips. Invite others to collaborate with you to plan the trip and then let friends and family view it so they know where you'll be. Agenda view is created automatically for you, giving a smaller view for mobile access!

You can Get Your Own Copy !

Once you have your own copy, here's how to use the template:
  • Start on the Itinerary sheet (the first sheet).
  • Enter the first date of your trip in the greenish cell - B3. That will automatically fill in the next 7 day's dates (it's just an 8-day planner for now).
  • Enter your activities and information for each day. You can change the names in the leftmost column if you want, but keep them short for the best results in the Agenda View.
  • Check out the Agenda View sheet (2nd sheet) - it should show you a summary for each day.
  • Use the SHARE tab to invite people to view or edit the planner...
Here's a preview of the Vacation Daily Planner spreadsheet:

Trip Planning Template