Mortgage Loan Payments Calculator

This Google spreadsheet is great for the mortgage or loan planning process. It calculates a range of monthly payment amounts across a variety of Principal amounts and Interest Rates that you can select and presents them in a table that's easy to read and refer to when shopping for a home or mortgage.

CLICK HERE to GET YOUR OWN COPY of this spreadsheet to use as your own personal reference for the mortgage or loans you are considering.

Mortgage Loan Payments Comparison Calculator

This spreadsheet makes it very easy to compare monthly payment amounts across varying mortgage principal amounts and mortgage rates in one simple payments table.

Just enter up to five principal amounts across the top of the table, and ONE mortgage rate with an incremental amount which the calculator uses to vary the rate across fifteen rate amounts.

This is the easiest way to see the monthly payment amounts across a variety of potential loan amounts and rates when you are considering a new mortgage - whether it’s a refinancing or completely new loan. When you refinance a mortgage, it' is helpful to see all the potential monthly payments that are possible depending on your varying principal amounts and varying rates.