Fun Stuff

This is pure spreadsheet craziness just to show that you can do very mundane things (dealing cards using card game rules) using just spreadsheet formulas (and very complex ones in fact). If you are interested in spreadsheet formulas, or just feel like seeing how the results of lots of Texas Hold'em deals turn out, check this one out. It also contains some interesting methods for translating formula results into english readable results. Don't ask why I created this - I did it originally in 2004 in excel, and only recently pulled it into Google Docs where I added the "deal" button.

It's really hard to pick the right numbers in a lottery, but it's really easy to write a spreadsheet which picks random numbers for you. The only trickery in this - which is the better reason for checking this one out - is using the =rank() function to rank a list of random numbers to easily pick n unique values. No tracking which numbers were already picked or any of that nonsense. The spreadsheet also uses a script to give a big fat button to regenerate a set of numbers in case you're sure the first set are losers.  

Show-n-Tell Spreadsheet Gadget: 
Create a mini presentation using the contents of a spreadsheet. If you have a spreadsheet with a ton of links to images or websites, this gives an easy way to embed a slide-show of sorts in other sites or blogs. I Blogged about this one - so you can click here to learn more and see it in action.

Have fun with friends by setting up a semi-automated box pool. This spreadsheet lets you use a form to get participation and then puts the random numbers and participants in the boxes for you... or, you can just use the box format to print and fill in yourself.