Rebecca Stone

I am a postgraduate student studying for a PhD in Biological Sciences. My research is broadly focussed on the ecology and conservation of the Honeycomb Worm Sabellaria alveolata, with the aim of increasing knowledge of the species in the face of coastal development.

My research interests lie in the development of novel mitigation techniques such as translocation and habitat recreation and how these efforts may be scaled up and implemented in real time application.

I am also interested in the evaluation of such efforts and what constitutes success at different spatial scales.

My PhD is funded by Tidal Lagoon Power, who aim to construct the World's first Tidal Lagoon renewable energy project in Swansea Bay, Wales. I am working closely with the company to identify and address the potential environmental impacts of such a project on intertidal species such as Sabellaria alveolata, which are currently present in large areas within the project footprint and the wider bay.

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Investigating the relationship between Sabellaria cover and species diversity at the Port reef site, Swansea Bay.