Rebecca Phillips

I am a postgraduate researcher at Swansea University, studying towards a PhD in Biological Sciences. My project broadly looks at multi-species space use of marine predators around the UK , particularly the causes and consequences of ‘marine predator’ overlap and coexistence. My interests have always focused on having practical management outcomes from research. I am funded by a Swansea University Research Excellence Scholarship.

Previously MSc Environmental Biology, with thesis "Applications of molecular tools to the management and conservation of Atlantic salmon." ESF Funded Research Project working with Natural Resources Wales on genetic salmon connectivity and DNA extraction methods. BSc Marine Biology, with dissertation"Going with the flow: will the relocation of Loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta) to the Canary Islands mean currents take them to life-threatening areas?" Using proxies of NOAA buoys to mimic hatchling flow patterns in a changing climate.