Rebecca Robotham

I am a postgraduate student studying for Biosciences Research Masters (MRes). My research project focuses on detection

probability and bias when counting seals in Wales. Observation errors could majorly impact estimates of seal abundance and distribution. In turn this could then have implications for any conservation efforts. I will be assessing and comparing existing monitoring protocols as well as designing and conducting my own surveys. My survey site is Worm’s Head (right) located at the end of the Gower Peninsula, grey seals haul out here at low tide.

Previously, I have made two research trips to Bardsey Island (left) where I collected data on grey seals for the Humane Society International. We are investigating site fidelity during the pupping season that takes place between September and December each year.

I have also been involved in grey seal research at Donna Nook (right); this was for a project being conducted by the University of St Andrews. A few years ago I spent 2 weeks volunteering with the Animal Care team at the Cornish seal sanctuary (bottom).