Chapter 8 - God's commission for ministry 

God’s commission for ministry


The Lord wanted Sunderapandian to remain in fellowship with this CSI Church (Anglican Church) and not to leave this church because the servants of God like him should testify in the churches like this. The Lord wanted him to be a pillar of the churches like this. The Lord also revealed to him that all these churches were established by the saints after much sacrifices and tearful prayers.


The Lord gave Sunderapandian a specific mission. It was a team evangelical ministry, called Paramankurichi Self-Denial Evangelical Team. The Lord wanted him to visit the churches twice every month for doing the ministry. The Lord gave him the following 12 objectives.


1). The Lord would be sending him and his team for doing this ministry.

2). He should preach the gospel, laying special emphasis on salvation and repentance along with his testimony.

3). He should speak about the eternal life through forgiveness of sins.

4). He should testify during the meeting as to how God was glorified through the premature death of the children of Gnanamani Ammal.

5). He should know the burden on the heart of God about the spiritual condition of the churches and share His burden with the churches.  This should be His message.

6). He should find out in every church the people who have accepted Him and should lead them to deeper truths.

7). He should encourage and strengthen in faith those who pass through the furnace of afflictions in their Christian lives.

8). He should prepare the hearts of those who undergo trials and tribulations in their Christian lives for the second advent of Jesus.

9). He should not leave the CSI church but endeavor to win souls for Christ by remaining in the church.

10) He should preach the gospel to non-Christians in the manner approved by the Lord.

11). He should preach the gospel freely without expecting any hospitality and financial support from anybody.

12). He should enlist some other children of God in this evangelical team as members for doing My work.  They would be co-workers with Christ.   


The Lord also told him that he should minister to those who had been tossed to and fro in their lives trying to commit suicide out of desperation like him. He should go to Tiruchendur Temple and look for those Hindu hermits searching for the truth and should lead them to Christ. He should beget holy children unto God and anoint them for God's ministry. Sunderapandian thus received the call for his ministry from the Lord.




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