Chapter 7 - Holy Marriage 

Holy Marriage


One day, the Lord spoke to Sunderapandian about his marriage. Sunderapandian told the Lord that his marriage with Him had already taken place. Then the Lord told him about the importance of the holy covenant of marriage in flesh, though his spiritual marriage with the Bridegroom had already taken place.  The Lord wanted him to be a witness to this holy matrimony and asked him to be a partaker of this holy marriage in the Church.


When he asked the Lord how he should marry, the Lord told him that it would be a simple marriage without the pomp and show of jewelry, costly garments, flowers, bridal cars, etc. The Lord told him that the bridal couple would wear only white dresses devoid of golden ornaments. Sunderapandian wondered how a girl would marry him even without wearing a golden chain in signia of marriage. He ultimately surrendered to the Lord's will and sought the Lord to show him that particular girl whom the Lord had in His mind. After some days, Sunderpandian went to a woman of God, named, Gnanamani Ammal for her godly counsels. She prayed and told him that God would do His will in his life. When Sunderapandian told his mother about this kind of a marriage, she rebuked him saying that a marriage by wearing white dresses and without the bride wearing a golden chain was not a marriage at all. In the meantime, his mother saw a dream.  In the dream, she saw Gnanamani Ammal hand over a vessel to his mother telling the latter that it contained all the blessings. Then his mother went to the house of Gnanamani Ammal and proposed the marriage of his son with her daughter, Epsibah Beulah.  Upon this, Gnanamani Ammal agreed to this proposal after prayers.


About the printing of the marriage invitation card, the Lord revealed to him that it should be like a notice of invitation for a spiritual convention which contained the following Bible verse:


"For mine eyes have seen thy salvation, Which thou hast prepared before the face of all people" (Luke 2:30-31).


The Lord also revealed that after the marriage was over, there would be a sermon in the marriage hall for which the people were asked to bring their Bibles and Hymn books. The congregation of the whole church was anxiously waiting for the marriage day. On the day of engagement preceding the marriage day, his relatives did not come there. Only his sisters and mother were there. At 11 pm, he took the mike and sang a song,"....There is none like You for me on this earth".  Then all of them went to bed. In the morning of the marriage day, he woke up early for prayers. Then a small group of believers came to his house.  The house of the bride was at a distance of about less than a furlong.  He was in the grip of fear as he thought how to go to the bride's house singing hymns on the way in the company of a small group of believers. Then a big group of believers from the Paramankurichi Self Denial Fellowship made a debut there with musical instruments.  This emboldened the frightened Sunderapandian. After some time, another group of believers from Udankudi Santyanagar Evangelical Fellowship came there.  Then all these people began to pray in his house.


Then, Sunderapandian, attired in white dresses, took his Bible in his hand, accompanied by this big group of God's people, reached the bride's residence. Then from there, all the people reached the CSI (Church of South India) for the marriage. After the marriage, Sunderapandian gave a testimony about his salvation experience in the marriage hall. His wife, Beulah, also gave her testimony and sang a song, "Oh, my beloved Jesus, all mine is thine". Her mother Gnanamani Ammal and her son also gave their testimonies. All in all, about 18 people gave their testimonies.  Later, it was known that two people were got saved on hearing these testimonies.




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