Chapter 5 - After salvation experience 

After salvation experience


 After experiencing personal salvation, the Lord showed Sunderapandian the hell.  He saw millions go to the hell and started shedding tears for their salvation.  The Holy Spirit gave him a great burden on his heart for lost souls. He went after lost souls weeping for them. He held the hands of lost souls and told them about the sin and its punishment and about salvation and eternal life. He told the people around him whosoever they were about salvation and about the need for forgiveness of sins.


In the shop, he worked as a true Christian worker.   Prior to his salvation, he used to participate in idol worship on every Monday and Friday. The Holy Spirit led him to share his testimony with his employer.  His employer promoted him as manager in the shop.  Sunderapandian was asked by the employer to distribute salaries amongst the workers.  Once upon a time, he slept outside the shop and now he became the manager of the shop. He refused to participate in idol worship in the shop.  He refused to garland the photos of idol gods. The workers of the shop were angry with Sunderapandian. They reported to the employer that until and unless idol worship was restored, they would not work. The employer requested him at least to give money to the workers for the idol worship. He did not relent. Enraged at his attitude, the employer punished him and stopped giving him food allowance.  If he wanted to attend the church service on Sunday, he had to work even throughout the night on Saturday. Sunderpandian obeyed his employer and worked during the night of Saturday and then attended the church service on Sunday. The employer extracted work from him right from 5 a.m. till twelve at midnight.


The Holy Spirit one day asked him to break the photos of gods and goddesses in the shop. Sunderpandian obeyed the Lord and broke these photos. The workers assembled themselves before the shop and complained to the employer about this. Since the employer knew that Sunderapandian was honest in his work place, he did not speak any word against the latter.  However, he removed Sunderapandian from the shop in deference to the wish of the workers. Sunderapandian did not spend his salary money even for himself but saved a major portion of it. Out of these savings, he paid tithes to the church and sent money to his mother.


Sunderapandian was attending the church of “Laymen Evangelical Fellowship” headed by Brother N.Daniel. Sunderapandian told N.Daniel that he was prepared to serve God in his church till his last breath. Daniel informed him that he would find out God’s will in this regard.  Then he informed Sunderapandian the following day that he should go back to his native village and serve God. Then he went to his native village, filled with the joy of salvation. He had got the peace in his mind and all the debt incurred by him had vanished. The evil spirit had also left his house.  He could not remain idle in his home and started preaching the gospel to those whom he met.  He was led by the Holy Spirit to preach on the second advent of Jesus Christ.


He then asked his maternal aunt (mother’s elder sister) with whom he had chosen not to talk due to animosity, for forgiveness. She he asked her to forgive him, she refused. Then he reminded her that he had written a letter to her earlier seeking her forgiveness. Even then she was adamant. One day, his maternal aunt was walking in front of him. At that time, the Holy Spirit asked him to meet her. But he was fearful. He then called, “Periamma” (meaning elder mother in Tamil). Upon hearing his call, she turned her face aside. Then he followed and touched her.  Being annoyed, she asked him what the matter was. He replied that he had sent her a letter asking for forgiveness.  She told him, “Why did you seek my forgiveness?  You should have sought the forgiveness of God. Then he stood there and wept. The Holy Spirit convinced him that she had forgiven him.




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