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 11-17-2015 Song-Tao Faculty member recognized for cancer research - UT News
 11-7-2015Wenbin and Chris
Wenbin and Chris both won poster awards in 3rd Department Research Symposium! Congratulations!
 7-10-2014 Kexi New Paper on TRIP13!
 4-20-2014 the lab
 New Grant!
 The lab has been awarded a NCI R01 grant to study the functions of TRIP13 AAA-ATPase in chromosomal instability and breast cancer development.
10-31-2013  New Paper!
*Tipton, A.R., *Ji, W., Sturt-Gillespie, B., Bekier, M. E. 2nd, *Wang, K., Taylor, W. R. and Liu, S.T. (2013) Monopolar Spindle 1 (MPS1) kinase promotes production of closed MAD2 (C-MAD2) and assembly of the Mitotic Checkpoint Complex. Journal of Biological Chemistry. In press. PMID: 24151075. [e-publication]
 9-1-2013  Welcome to 2013 fall undergraduate researchers: Sharin Afifi, Laleh Fathnezhad, Ali El Tatawy and Quinn Sampath!
 1-14-2013 Undergraduate students Sama Issa and Sharin Afifi have started in the lab. Welcome!
 10-01-2012 Our BMC Cell Biology paper has been designated "Highly Accessed".
 09-05-2012 Undergraduate researcher Lu Zhang has joined the lab. Welcome!
 08-07-2012  Our BMC Cell Biology paper is now among the Editor's picks!
 07-31-2012  BMC Cell Biology has chosen our image on GFP-KIAA1377 as 2012 June IMAGE Highlight.

Two undergraduate researchers, Sara Federman and Ali Eltatawy, have joined the lab for summer research. Welcome!

 06-29-2012 Aaron has successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Tipton!
 05-26-2012 A new paper has been accepted for publication in BMC Cell Biology!
Tipton, A.R., Wang, K., Oladimeji, P., Sufi, S., Gu, Z.,
Liu, S. T. (2012) Identification of novel mitosis regulators through data-mining with human centromere/kinetochore proteins as group queries.
 01-26-2012  Liu Lab webpage test run!