-----Postdoc position
A postdoc position is available to work on the mechanisms to activate and silence the mitotic checkpoint. The position requires proficient skills in biochemistry or biophysics or structural biology. The candidate is expected to dissect key protein-protein or small molecule-protein interactions that regulate the mitotic checkpoint. There are opportunities to develop other skill sets including teaching and grant writing. We are looking for a confident and highly self-motivated colleague who appreciates independent thinking. Please send CV and three names of references or contact Dr. Song-Tao Liu for more information.

-----2014 yearlong Lab Outreach: All about cell division.
Interested K-12 students, teachers or parents are welcome to visit the lab on the last Fridays of each month throughout 2014. Bring your own samples to watch cell division under microscope if you wish. Please email Dr. Liu for an appointment.

      Over 90% of solid tumors are aneuploid. The theme of our research is to understand how aneuploidy arises as a result of  chromosome missegregation during cell division. We are investigating both subcellular structures and regulatory mechanisms involved in chromosome segregation. Ultimately we hope our research can contribute to diagnosis and treatment of aneuploid cancers.
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