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          Over 90% of solid tumors are aneuploid. The long term goal of our research is to understand and control aneuploidy in cancers. We are investigating both subcellular structures (centromeres, kinetochores and centrosomes) and regulatory mechanisms (the mitotic checkpoint or spindle assembly checkpoint) involved in chromosome segregation. We also aim to identify essential genes for aneuploid cancer cell survival and test whether they can be used for aneuploid cancer prognosis and treatment.

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Department of Biological Sciences

University of Toledo


Tel: 419-530-7853 (office)

 419-530-7857 (lab)

Email: sliu@utnet.utoledo.edu


Mail: University of Toledo, MS601

Wolfe Hall 4254,

2801 West Bancroft St.

Toledo, OH43606

mitosis art

Lab Outreach: Our Lab, Your Lab
Citizen Science: diversity of cell division

     We are interested in collecting images of cell division in all types of organisms. You are welcome to share your images with us. Alternatively, interested K-12 students, teachers or parents are welcome to visit the lab on the last Saturdays of every month. Bring your own samples to watch under microscope if you wish. Email Dr. Liu for appointment.

Lab Highlights:
Graduate Student Wenbin Ji:
1.  Wenbin has successfully defended his PhD dissertation on 12/12/2016.    Congratulations, Dr. Ji!  
2. Wenbin has been selected as a 2016 summer intern by Cayman Chemicals.

Graduate Student Christopher Arnst:
Chris has defended his qualifying exam on November 2 and now an official PhD candidate. Congratulations!
Dr. Michael Moenk:
Funded! “Research Supplement to Promote Re-Entry into Biomedical and Behavioral Research Careers” (PA-15-321)” 

High School Student Sanjay Jinka (Anthony Wayne High School, 2015 summer), supervised by Dr. Michael Moenk.
Awards: 2016 "The OSU College of Medicine Future Physicians Award for Most Outstanding Project" and "Mercy Medical Award for Most Outstanding Project".

News:  High School Senior Studying Cancer Cells

Recent Publications: 

1.     Liu, S.T. and *Zhang, H. (2016) The mitotic checkpoint complex (MCC): looking back and forth after 15 years.  AIMS Molecular Science, 3(4): 597-634. Review for a special issue on Cell Signaling and Signal Transduction
doi: 10.3934/molsci.2016.4.597 [link]

2.     *Ji, W., *Arnst, C.A., *Tipton, A.R., Bekier, M.E. 2nd, Taylor, W. R., Yen, T.J. and Liu, S.T. (2016) OTSSP167 abrogates mitotic checkpoint through inhibiting multiple mitotic kinases. PLOS ONE. PMID: 27082996. [link