The SOM project is keen to share data with the scientific community.

You can find all the data currently released in our Dataverse, where you can download all the data produced by the project in various formats and undertake limited analysis on-line:

You can also find instructions for data collection and our codebook for the media analysis. The instructions for data on the political opportunity structure (POS), and the codebook are available as working papers (Working Paper 1 and Working Paper 2 respectively). The instructions for the demographics of immigration are attached here.

  1. Morales, L. (2011) Demographics of Immigration: Guidelines for Data Collection

Attached are also files we used during data collection:

  • an Excel spreadsheet to collect the POS data
  • an Excel spreadsheet to code party manifestos manually (sentence by sentence, choose code from drop down menu)
  • an Excel spreadsheet as a checklist for coding party manifestos
  • instructions on coding party manifestos (using Yoshikoder to select bits that are about immigration; manual coding; check list, see Ruedin (2013) for additional information)
  • an Excel spreadsheet to collect data on the demographics of immigration
  • instructions on article selection for the media study

It should go without saying that these were internal documents and have not undergone significant polishing. If there is anything missing, please do get in touch.