Who We Are

Starting an organization such as Solaid International has been a goal of ours for a  number of years.  Extensive travel throughout much of the developing world has exposed us to some harsh reality, and has been the primary motivation in taking proactive steps to rectify this situation.  Thus, Solaid was created.  The goals of our organization, though relatively modest, have the potential to greatly affect many lives in a solid, positive fashion.  Our organization is largely motivated by the simple notion that providing aid to other people can enrich the lives of all concerned. 


The Team

Solaid staff: Mr. Phan, Ms. Sina, Mr. Sarin, and (below) Ms. Channy.

Some of our Teachers

Ke Mom, fifth grade, Boeung Preah School
Mey Koan, third grade, Boueng Preah school

Hout Sandy, second grade, Boeung Preah School


Chiv Chanvannary, 4th grade, Boeung Preah
   Pun Thea, 1st grade, BP
       Kong Channy, Moat Peam

Cheav Lyseang (L) and Pot Mom, Moat Peam teachers

Steven Andrew Budd MD, MPH, DTMH
        President; Medical Coordinator 

Steve founded Solaid in 2008 as a means for propagating his long-held belief that a world that provides adequate health and education is a better place for everyone.  He has spent a decade living in the developing world in-between studying Medicine in Ireland, International Health in New Orleans, and Tropical Medicine in London, and is board certified in Preventive Medicine.    Besides Solaid, his days are now filled with raising three children.

Peter Heng


Peter is from Colorado and is currently in a Family Medicine residency program there.  He previously attended Creighton Univ med school, at which time he volunteered with Solaid in Kampot.  His mother and father both lived through the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia.  From Peter: "Both of my parents experienced many hardships and horrors from the labor camps to witnessing loved ones being executed.  They often told me the stories of their experiences and suffering, and I realize that this past, along with their hard work once in the US, has given me the opportunity to succeed in my endeavors.  My parents experienced what it is like to be without hope, so by working with Solaid I hope to help the people in Cambodia who may be feeling as my parents once did."

Mark Sheeran

     Board Secretary; Scholarship Coordinator

Mark is a teacher of French in the Boston area who has taken groups of his students out to Kampot to volunteer with Solaid on a number of occasions. Seeing the great need in the area, Mark was compelled to establish a scholarship fund to assist academically promising students to continue with their education throughout high school and, hopefully, beyond.

 Christian Calma

      Board Treasurer

Originally from California, Christian pursued his undergraduate studies in San Diego and worked in the Bay Area before attending medical school at Creighton University, and is now an OBGYN resident physician at the Univ of Iowa. Before starting med school, Christian pursued a public health project in Hyderabad, India, which instilled in him a passion for global healthcare and preventive medicine. Since then, he has led groups of medical students to volunteer in Peru and Cambodia (with Solaid). “Throughout my travels, I’ve seen that there is so much potential in even the most impoverished communities. To push forward, these communities need not just better healthcare, but also improved infrastructure and access to education, things that I wish to influence through my position in Solaid.”

Gwenola Caradec


Gwenola was previously the main teacher at our language school in Cambodia.  She comes from Bretagne, France, and is fluent in three languages.  She has a Master's degree in language teaching and a PhD in French literature, and she seeks to inspire her students with a love for education that she has had since childhood. 


Son Sovath

     Primary School Director

Son Sovath is the director of one of the schools in which Solaid operates, a position he has held for the past three years.  Before this he was a primary school teacher in the area for nine years.  He is originally from a nearby village, is married, and has three children.

Teng Sok

     Primary School Director

Sok directs one of the 'newer' of the Solaid schools, and is also a full-time teacher there.  When Solaid first began working with there, this school (and village) were only accessible via canoe, but a bridge has since been completed.





And, lastly, a special mention must be made of Jean-Yves, our "voluntaire extraordinaire", as the program could not run without his oversight.  Originally from France but a resident of Cambodia for over 25 years, he is married and is raising four children in Kampot.  His past experience of many years working with a German aid organization in Cambodia has been vital to the launching of the Solaid project.