"For the Price of a Coffee"

Due to the potential inconsistency of fundraising which makes program planning difficult, we are seeking a "core" of supporters.  Our Village Support Project provides extra classes for over 160 children who are academically struggling.  It also monitors the students' health and nutrition.  In addition, we identify the poorest families in the community and provide economic support, usually in the form of small grants.  

We are seeking people who are willing to give a recurring donation of $10 per month for this cause.  We call this the "For the Price of a Coffee" campaign because that is just about what it costs.  If we all drink one less coffee per week (or drive 20 less miles, or eat out one less time in a month---you get the idea), then this funding would be attainable.  

We will all have plenty of opportunities to drink many cups of coffee in our lives, but our chances to make a real difference in the world will be relatively few.

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