Solaid International
a non-profit NGO supporting health and educational projects in the developing world


Examples of what your donation supports:

75 cents=a new book for a school library

$12=a round trip bus ticket to Phnom Penh for a patient to get specialist medical care

$60=cost for a 2.5-hour remedial education class (3 days per week) for 20 students for one month

$2,000=our complete Village Support Project expenses for one month

Who We Are


Solaid is the only non-profit organization which works exclusively in the Kampong Kreng village area of Kampot, Cambodia.  As such, we are a main supporter of development programs in this area.

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Students greeting at Moat Peam

Solaid International, Inc. is a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to facilitating support and exchange across borders through the provision of health and educational aid. Though the material aid that we provide largely flows one-way, we endeavor that the educational, human, and cultural contacts that our programs foster benefit everyone involved in our projects.

 Our Mission

To reduce illness and mortality in the developing world through the provision of essential health services, while providing educational programs for promoting the knowledge and skills required to lead healthier lives. To this end, we foster projects which aim to support local health and education initiatives.

What's in a Name?

Our name does not come from the Spanish for "sun", but rather from the acronym for "Snow On Leaf."   Doing aid work amidst  poverty is akin to snowflakes falling on a leaf.  Thousands, millions of flakes land on a leaf, with no apparent effect.  Then, one out of millions finally drops, and.... Whoosh!, the balance is shifted, the leaf overturns, and the snowflakes scatter to the ground.  It is impossible to predict which snowflake, or good deed, will be the momentous one.  But all of the snowflakes and deeds are needed for larger change to occur.  Simple?  Yes, though not naive, as it is often the simplest ideas that carry the day...

Kampot, Cambodia

Our current projects focus exclusively on the province of Kampot, Cambodia.For 30 years, Cambodia was a country torn by war.The low point came during the late 1970’s, when nearly two million Cambodians died under the Khmer Rouge regime. Cambodia’s people are still recovering from that decade of war, and we aim to aid Cambodians in this ongoing process.

Kampot is a region of Cambodia on the south coast blessed with fertile plains, offshore tropical islands, and thousand-meter tall mountain peaks. Like most of Cambodia, it is largely rural and impoverished.