Apple Roses Recipe

Apple Tart Roses


One Roll of frozen puff pastry

- Defrosted of course (Aldi do a great offer 2 rolls for 1.99 in the freezer section )

Apples- I used 5 small Pink Ladies

2tsp Cinnamon

5 tsp Brown Sugar

2 tbsp Lemon Juice and lemon zest

4 cups water

2 tbsp sugar

The How To

1. Core the Apples but do not peel them, quarter them and then slice them into thin slices.

2. Place them into a pot with the lemon juice, lemon zest ,water and 2tbsp of sugar and cook until soft but not mushy. Drain and dry on paper towel.

3. Pre heat your oven to 200 degrees c.

4. Roll out your pastry onto greaseproof paper cut into slices about an inch think and cover in a mix of cinnamon and brown sugar.

5.Then place the slices along the strips of pastry have them slightly overlapping and with the skin running along the top as in the picture above - then roll up the strip until it resembles a rose

6.Place on a baking sheet and brush with egg wash or milk wash - place in the oven for 25 minutes or until pastry is golden.

You can add icing sugar to decorate and then server with cream or custard.

If you fancy something a little different but equally pretty - try peach slices - no need to cook them as they are already soft but slice them thin. And you could try honey or peach conserve on the pastry instead of sugar and cinnamon.

Happy Baking - Amber xx