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Acronym Finder | Acronyma | Accronyms & Abbreviations 
Information Please Almanac | Factmonster Almanac | World Almanac for Kids | Daily Almanac 
American Factfinder | American Sign Language | Ancient World | Anecdotes | |Archaeology, Anthropology & Ancient Civilizations | Anywho | Aphorisms 
Artcyclopedia | The Artchive | National Gallery of Art for Kids See also Art page 
Articles (Find) 
Ask a Librarian | Ask a Linguist | Ask-A-Scientist 
Astronomical Data See also Grade 4 page

Aerial Imagery GlobeXplorer | Google Earth | Google Maps & Satellite Images | Terrafly | TerraServer |World Wind

Atlases & Maps-see "Population" below for population maps
Atlapedia contains full color physical maps, political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.
Norman B. Leventhal Map Center | Merriam Webster Atlas | Owl & Mouse Maps that Teach | Historical Maps for Classrooms | NY Public Library Map Warper | Historical USGC Maps | Old Maps Online
Atlapedia | All the Worlds Maps | American Memory Map Collections | Broer Map Library of Historic Maps | Census Bureau Mapping & Cartographic Resources & Interactive Maps | CIA World Factbook |Geography Network | Hometown Locater/Gazetteer | How Far is it? Distance Calculator HRW World Atlas | Infoplease Atlas | Map Machine | Map Library | Mapquest | Mapquest Printables | MapZone |Yahoo Maps | Maps and Directions by Rand McNally | Historical Atlas | Expedia | Xpeditions-Printable Maps | National Atlas-printables & more | Virtual Tourist | National Map | Outline Maps | UN Cartographic Maps of Countries | Map Links & Skills | Color Landform Atlas | Map of the World |World City Maps | David Rumsey Collection of Historical Cartographic Materials | Maps | |Netstate | Topozone | Odden's Fantastic World of Maps 14,000 Cartographic links | Open Directory of Maps | Panoramic Maps | Delorme | Cultural Maps | Perry Castaneda Map Collection | Printable Maps |Yahoo Maps | Graphic Maps | Blank Outline Maps | All the Worlds Maps | Maporama | Historic Mapping | World Atlas by List | Draw Your own US Map | Maptech Topographic & Nautical Charts |Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe | Geoamericas | Quick Maps of the World-Flags,Geography, Climate,etc. | ReliefWeb Map Centre | Atlas of the Oceans | Blank Map of the World | Graphic Maps custom maps and graphics | Topozone  | World Atlas | Xpeditions | Atlas of Historical County Boundaries | University of Texas Historical Maps

Worldmapper-600 online maps with different variables mapped i.e. waste recycled, religions, etc. instead of land mass
To Create your own maps" | Mapbuilder | quikmaps | Wayfaring
To get walking directions from one place to another try Maps & Directions
To find latitude & longitude of places try U.S. Gazeteer | Terraserver | USGS | National Atlas |ARRLWeb

Babel Fish Translation Services | Bible-Gutenberg | Bibliographic Sources

Biographies & Biographical Dictionaries | Infoplease Biographies | Biography-center |  Biographical Dictionary | Distinguished Women | People from US History | Women | Who's Who | Astronaut Biographies | ESPN Top N. American Athletes of the Century | First Ladies | BBC Historic Figures | NBA Players | Nobel Prize Winners | Scientific Biography | People Index Timeline | Pro Football Hall of Fame | Rulers | Biography Megasites | Time Biographies of Important People | Top Biographies | Education World Biographies | Who is Alive and Who is Dead? | Who2 | see also Presidents below, see also "Current Events" page for African-Americans (February) and Women (March)

Bartleby Great Books Online-Classics in fiction, non-fiction, reference & verse, styles sheet 
Baseball Almanac | Baseball Index | Baseball Reference | Baseball Think Factory | Birthdate Database |Google Book Search
Boston Public Library different calculators
Census Bureau Stastical Abstracts
 | Kids' Corner U.S. Census Bureau | Census Bureau | CensusScope |Census Links | Census State & County QuickFacts | Census-1880 | American Factfinder |  Federal Statistics | Chambers of Commerce | Company Profiles 
Citation Styles | Citing Sources 
Computer Terms Dictionarysee also "Computers" 
 | Convert It! | | Dictionary of Units | Measurement Converter | Convert Me! | Measurement4Measure | Metric Conversion Card | Metric Conversions | Megaconverter | 
CIA World Factbook | Country at a Glance | Country Library | Country Studies | Country Quick Facts |UN Cyber School Bus | Aneki | see also "Country" page 
Costume History | Folk & Ethnic Costumes 
Currency Converter | see also "Inflation"

CyberDewey | Dewey Decimal System Tour | Dewey Browse | Dewey Quick Guide | KidsClick Dewey |Webrary | Let's Do Dewey | Do the Dewey | Dewey to the Rescue | Dewey Decimal Classification |Dewey Decimal Classification | Dewey Decimal Categories for Kids | Dewey and the Alien | The Story |Matching Game | Dewey Concentration | Dewey Decimal Rap | The Great Dewey Hunt PowerPoint |Melville Dewey Rap |

Dictionaries  | Especially for elementary students-Word Central | Learner's Dictionary | FactmonsterOneLook - dictionary and reverse dictionary | Oxford |  Wordsmyth |  Wordnik | Little Explorers Visual Dictionary | Little Explorer's English Spanish Dictionary | Illustrated Science Dictionaries | EasyDefine-whole lists of words at a time! Visuwords Visual Dictionary Forvo-says “We want to have all the words that exist in the world pronounced and recorded, including names.” | | The Free Dictionary

AllWords | AskOxford | Dictionary and Thesaurus-Merriam-Webster | The Visual Dictionary French & Spanish too | Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary | YourDictionary | Century Dictionary | TheFreeDictionary | Dictionary of Difficult Words |Etymology Dictionary |  Internet Picture Dictionary | Wordnet | Webster's Unabridged 1913 | Dictionary of Computer Terms | Dictionary Link | Reverse Dictionary | RhymeZone Rhyming Dictionary & Thesaurus | Rhyming Dictionary | Law Dictionary Legal Dictionary | Knowplay | Spanish/English Dictionary | Wiktionary | see also "Translating Dictionary" below


Encyclopedia Britannica | The Encyclopedia of Earth | My Virtual Encyclopedia | Encarta | | Encyclozine |HighBeam | Information Please | Factmonster | Wikipedia | Encyclopedia of Life

E-Texts Bartleby | Electronic Text Center | Online Books Page | Project Gutenberg | Bibliomania |Internet Public Library | National Academy Press | Rare Books Online | Rare Books on the Web |eLibrary Research(subscription after 7 day trial) | | Using ESL Online 

Exchange Rates | EveryRule 
FirstGov-Government Sites

Flags | World Flag Database | Flags of the Nations | Flags of all Countries | Flag Identifier | Flags & National Anthems

Foreign Languages Translation 
German Tutor | Gray's Anatomy 
Geography | Gapminder & Worldmapper Geographia See also "Countries" and "Social Studies"/Geography 
Global Computing | Glossarist a searchable and categorized directory of glossaries and topical dictionaries. Offers access to vocabularies for a wide range of topics at various levels of specificity. 
Government Web Sites | includes searchable data catalogs providing access to data in three ways: through the "raw" data catalog, the tool catalog and the geodata catalog.Tutorial recommended. 
Blue Book of Grammar | Guide to Grammar & Style | Guide to Grammar & Writing | Elements of Style | | 

Children in History | HistoryNet | AlternaTime | Technology Timeline | HyperHistory OnLine | This Day in History | On this Day | Today in History | Historic Events & Birthdates | History of the US Timeline |History Central | US Historical Documents | Anyday-This Day in History | History of Costume History of the United States | Spartacus Encyclopedia | Internet Modern History Sourcebook | Making of America | Documenting the American South | America's Story | Time's Man of the Year | Eyewitness to History | History Wired | 20th Century Year-by-Year | 20th Century Year-by-Year Major Events |Historic Events & Birthdays by Month & Year | What Happened the Year You Were Born? | History & Politics Out Loud | US | Best of History WebSites | History World see also "Countries" and "Social Studies"

Diversity Calendar see also "Current Events" page 
Home Economics Archive 
HomeworkSpot | Homework Help-Multnomah | Homework Help-BigChalk | StudyBuddy | Infoplease Homework Center | Lifelines Homework Resources | Tools
How Stuff Works | Human Anatomy 
Inflation Calculator 1800-1999 | Inflation Conversion 1700-2010 |  How much is that worth today? |Current Value of Old Money 
Information Please | Kid's Infoplease Almanac | InfoNation | Infospace | InformationSphere 
BBC's Learning English | BBC Languages | Language Resources | Language Sites | Google Translation |Ethnologue | I Love Languages | Parlo-Learn to speak other languages | Verbix-Conjugate Verbs in 100 Languages 
Library of Congress | Librarian's Index to the Internet | Library Spot 
Martindale's Reference Desk 
Math Encyclopedia | Ask Dr. Math | Measure 4 Measure 
Measurement conversion- see Conversion above

Media Especially for Kids | Children's BBC | CNN StudentsDiscover Magazine  | DogoNewsGlobal Gang | GoGo NewsHeadline Spot for KidsKidsnewsroom | NewselaNewsHour Extra | Planet Diary |  Wall Street Journal-Classroom Edition | Time for Kids | CNN for Students | Children's Express | Student News Net | ABC News for Kids | Weekly Reader|New York Times Learning Network | KidsPost | Pencil News | Scholastic News | NASA Voyages Newsletter | National Geographic News | Newsela |  Science News for Kids | Student News Net | Teaching Kids NewsWhyFiles-Science News (5th grade) | Yak's Corner see also "Grade 5" page under "Journalism" Teaching Current Events | Youngzine  is a child-centered website that provides articles, images, and videos about world news, science and technology, society and arts, movies, and books. School-age children are encouraged to respond to the content and may submit articles, short stories and book reviews. All content is reviewed by Youngzine’s editors and updated every two weeks. Grades K-8.
Media-News, Newspapers, Magazines
 NewsTimeLine from Google | 
 is your personal newspaper that brings you the latest about what's happening in your world. Sign up to create your own MeeHive newspaper about the topics that interest you most. Enjoy mainstream topics like politics, travel and the NFL? Fascinated by niche topics like Harry Potter, Iditarod racing, and Tibet? We'll bring you fresh stories for your collection of interests every day. Read news articles, blogs, editorials, press releases, and more anytime you want. You can even watch videos about your interests and hear what others are saying on Twitter. Here's how it works: List the topics and issues you're passionate about, and then MeeHive will scour thousands of news outlets and millions of blogs to find stories about your interests. You can share articles with others, see what friends read, and even use your iPhone to get MeeHive on-the-go. It's your news, your way.
ABYZ News Links | Al Jazeera | | AllinOneNews | Articles  | Arts Journal |Blogging News | Google News Archive | Media USA Today | US NEWs Online | ABC NEWS | BBC News | CBS NEWS | Reuters  | Boston Globe | | 1stHeadline News  | LexusNexus News |Newseum The front pages of more than seven hundred newspapers from around the world. 
| Newseum Map | NY Times | CNN | News Index | PBS | Washington Post | Newspaper & Magazines Online | Life Magazine | Chicago Tribune | BBC | Africa Daily | Today's Papers | The Jamaica Gleaner |Radio Free Europe Newsline  | | Asiaweek | 250 Newspapers & Magazines of the World |The Paperboy-Link to World Newspapers | Glossary of Newspaper Terms | NewsLink | Moreover |HeadlineSpot | | News Directory | Afghanistan News | Philadelphia Inquirer | World Newspapers | Zdnet News | allAfrica | ArabNet | BBC (includes historic newscasts) | UN Wire |TracerLock | Life Magazine Covers | Total News | Today's Papers | US Government News | Knowledge News Net | NewsDirectory-searchable | Google News Headlines & Search | Online | Online Newshour Archive | World News Network | MagPortal | NY Times Learning Network | RocketNews-Breaking Ne2ws & Weblog Searches | Time Magazine Cover Search | Worldpress | Yahoo News
Media-Science News | BBC Science/Nature | Science Daily Magazine | ScienCentral | Space News |Breaking Space News | NOVA | Odyssey Magazine | Popular Science | Science Magazine | Science DailyScience Friday | Scientific American News | NY Times Science News | NY Times Technology News |CNN Technology | New Scientist | Science | RocketNews Search Engine | Science in the Headlines | The Why Files | Science News for Kids | NASA's Kids Science News Network
Massachusetts Historical Society | Minuteman Library Network 
Money World of Money 
Museum of Fine Arts | Virtual Library Museums Online | MuseumSpot | Rijksmuseum | Museums of the World |  1000's of Museums | Virtual Smithsonian see also "Art" page for many more
Music Encyclopedia | Musical Instrument Encyclopedia 
Myth Search  | Bulfinch's Mythology | The Gods | MythWeb 
NationMaster Nation Stats Comparisons | National Archives | National Geographic Publications Index |NatureServe Encyclopedia of Life 
Nobel Prize | 
Notetaking | Methods | Effective Notetaking | Learning Toolbox | Listen Actively & Take Great Notes | Notetaking Skills
Numbers from 1-10 in over 4,500 languages | Numismatic Org 
Periodic Table | Periodic Table | Perpetual Calendar | Phrase Finder
Poetry Bartleby's Anthologies & Poems | Inspirational Poems | Internet Poetry Archive | Granger's world of Poetry | Glossary of Poetic Devices | Poetry | World Poetry Database 
 see also "Literacy" page
Population World Population Honeycomb Map-Built with stats from the 2004 CIA Factbook, it will certainly help you better grasp the relative population, geographic area, and density of the world's biggest countries. Each square represents a country. You control how the countries are grouped within the Honeycomb, what data is represented by the size of the square (population, size, or density) and what is represented by the color of the square. Clicking on any square will display the country's quick facts, along with a link to its Wikipedia entry.
Made in the U.S.A Clicking on any state will reveal population changes expected there. "North Dakota is the only state that is expected to decline in population." To scroll backwards through history, click on the timeline at the bottom of the graphic, or use the Previous button. Note changes in our racial profile (see the graph on the right), and population density. Just above the timeline, are audio clips about the corresponding generations, including The Lost Generation, Baby Boomers, Gen X, and more. 
Population (Census 2000) | US Population Clock | Population Stastics | U.S. Population | Population Reference Bureau | Census Bureau | World Population Grid | World Population Clock | Population ClockPopulation Clock International Database of Demographics & Socio-Economic Data | City Populationssee also "Social Studies"
Primary Source Repositories | Publications Directory

Presidents | Presidents | Grolier's President Bios | Presidents | Presidents | First Ladies | American | Presidents | The Secret History Presidential Timelines of the 20th Century | see also Current Events/President's Day

Project Gutenberg

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations | BrainyQuote | Creative Quotations | Little Oxford Dictionary of Quotations | Quoteland | Dictionary of Quotations | Annabelle's Guide | Cybernation | Quotation Database | Motivational Quotes | Quote Machine | Quotations Page | Quotation Ring | Quotations & Proverbs Search | Quotesplace | Quoteworld | Science Quotations Dictionary | Simpson's Contemporary Quotations | Sayings & Phrases Search

Ready Reference Questions | LibrarySpot | iTools | Ask a Reference Librarian | E-mail Reference |Virtual Reference Desk | LOC Virtual Reference Shelf | LOC Web Sites & Databases | AskA+ Locator |Ask an Expert | RefDesk Fastfacts | Electronic Reference Desk | Martindale's Reference Desk | Thor Virtual Reference Desk | | Beaucoup Reference Search Engine 
Research Tool and Bibliography Composer | Argus Clearinghouse | ReviseWise Practice Tests 
Rhyming Dictionary | |  Rhyming Dictionary | Rhyming Dictionary | Rhyme Zone 
Roman Numeral Converter | | Rulers (of states and Governments) 
Sign Language Dictionary American Sign Language & Fingerspelling | ASL for Kids | Fingerspelling Alphabet 
Science Reference for Kids | Space Encyclopedia see also Science page 
Spanish Translator | Say Hello in Another Language | Speech Accent Archive 
State QuickFacts | State Profiles | State & Local Government on the Net 
Synonyms & Antonyms
Telephone Directories on the Net | 
Thesaurus | Roget's II | Visual Thesaurus | Web Thesaurus Compendium see also Dictionaries above
Time | Time (World) | WorldTime | World Time Zone Map | Time (US Naval Clock) |Time-Official USTime & Date | Daylight Saving Time | Daylight Saving Time Greenwich Time |Horology Index | Standard Time Zone Conversions | Time Zone Converter | US Code: Advancement of Time or Changeover Dates | US Time Zones 
Translator | Babelfish | Google Language Tools 
Translating Dictionary | Bilingual Dictionary | Chinese/English Dictionary |Babelfish | Dictionarist | English/Swahili | Hieroglyph Translator 
Units of Measure Dictionary | United Nations | United States Postal Service | USA Source Material 
Virtual Smithsonian | Virtual Library | Vocabulary University | Supervoca Vocabulary Builder Site |Voice of America 
World FactBook (CIA) | World Resources Institute See also "Country" page 
Zip Codes | Zip Code Database | Zip Express