Fun Time!

Some top sites for fun and learning are: DK Find Out!Funbrain | Gameaquarium | Braineos 
See more below for in alphabetical order by topic! See bottom of page for 40 more!

Academic Skill BuilderAdventures of Josie True American Girl | Animal Diaries | Anagram Genius | Anagram Maker | Animal Fun | Archimedes Lab | Arty the Part-Time Astronomer | Babysitting Training | Getting Started Babysitting | 

Major League Baseball Kids' Dugout | Baseball Almanac | Baseball Reference | Baseball-LinksBallparks | Digital Ballparks | Baseball ThinkFactory | Little League Online | National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum | Science of Baseball Total Baseball | Baseball America | Beat the Streak 
Basketball Basketball(NBA) | 

Battleship | Beast of Loch Ness | Beyond the Black Stump Games | Between the Lions Games | Bikes | Billy Bear for Kids | Bing & Bong's Tiny Planets | Birth of a Coin  | Bonus | Boowa & Kwala | BrainpopBlankety Blanks | Boogaloo | Brain Bashers | BrainQuest | Brain Binders | Brain Explorer | Brain Food |Brain Games | Brain Games | Brain Teasers | Brain Teasers | Brain Teasers & Puzzles | Brainwave 
Build-a-Saurus | Build a Medieval Castle | Build a City | 
Captain Underpants | Card Tricks Cartoon Corner | Checkers
Chess Chess For Kids | Chesskids Academy | Chess is Fun | Internet Chess Club | Chess Corner 
Chateau MeddyBemps | Children's Museum Circus Web | Clifford the Big Red DogCollecting
Coding | Cryptokids (gr. 5 and up) | 
Kidopo | Coloring | Color Your World
Comics | MakeBeliefsComix | Create Your Own Comic by Marvel | Unclefred | slylockfox
 | Crafts | Crafts | Printable Crafts | Crayola Crafts 
Crossword Central | Crossword Puzzle Games | Kid Crosswords | OneAcross | Cowboy Museum | Cyber Camp | CryptoKids 
Design a Satellite | Dimdima | Dinotopia | DIY (Do it Yourself ) Dogs | Dragons | Zantor | Droodles | Dynamo's Den 
Earthtroop | Educational Games | Eduplace Games | Escape from Knab | Etch a Sketch 
Fact Monster 
Fairy Tales Trivia Quiz | FakeOut | FBI Field Trip | FBI Kids | Football | Fun Games from the FBI | FBI |Franklin Institute Puzzler | French | Friendship Bracelets | Friendship Bracelet (hard) 
Funbrain | | Funschool | Fun & Games | Games Kids Play 
Galaxy Search | Geocaching & Letterboxing | Geospy Game | Geography Trivia | Go GolfWeb | Garden Maze | 
Games-Miscellaneous | JumpstartGames Kids Play | Games | Traveler IQ | School time Games | 4Kids2Play | 39 Clues | I Know That! | National Geographic Kids | neoK12 Videos & Games | Poptropica | 40 Educational Games | 
Hockey | Hockey Game |  Hockeynet | Hockey Encyclopedia 
Harry Potter Harry Potter Crossword | Harry Potter #4 Crossword | HP Wordsearch | Harry Potter Interactive Site | HP Treats & Crafts | All About Harry ThinkQuest | The Magical World of HP ThinkQuest 
Iditarod | | Inventions Game 
Jokes All Kids Humor | Knock Knock | Scatty | Smirk City 
Jigsaws Jigzone | Jigsaw Break | Jugsaw | Jigsawland | jspuzzles | justjigsaw puzzles | Kidz Page-easier js puzzles | Cyberchase jigsaws | Puzzle House | Joe the Dragon | | Jumanji | Jumbalaya
Kaleidoscopes | The Symmetrizer Kewlminds | Kid Wizard | Kid's Castle | Kids Go Wild | Kids in Motion | Kids Go Wild | Kindle Park | Kitecast | Knitting Help | Knitting Pattern Central 
Knot Tying 
Labyrinths | Learning Kingdom | Learning Games from KidsKnowIt | 
Lego Lego Games |  Lego Mindstorm | Serious Lego 
Linkasaurus | Living Letters | Lycos Zone 
Mad Libs | Magic Schoolbus | Magic TreehouseMagic Tricks | Magic Guide | Magic PathshalaMaMaMedia | Mazes | Mindstretchers | Make a Town (Windows only)Mancala | MazeWorks (Grade 5 and up) 
Memory Game for Grade Five | Memory Game for Grade Two | Fun Match Memory Game | Money Central Station | 
Mysterious Inca Brainteaser Quiz | Mr. Picassohead 
Nancy Drew Games ($) | NASA Kids' Club | Nature Games from PBSNational Geographic World (Kid's Magazine) Online |National Geographic for Kids | NIEH Kid's Pages | Noggin Olympic Museum | Online Games for Pre-School to Grade 3 | Optical Illusions | Optical Illusions
Online Virtual Worlds | SecretBuilders | 
Origami | More Origami | Oriland | Alex Bateman's Page | The Geometry Junkyard | Jim Plank's Page | Joseph Wu's Page | K's Origami | Marc Kirschenbaum's Page | | Origami USA | | Tammy Yee's Page | 
Paper Airplanes Paper Airplanes | Alex's Paper Airplanes | Build the Best Paper Airplane in the World |Joseph Palmer's Paper Airplanes jline Paper Airplanes | Paper Building | Paper Cut-outs | Paper Toys |Pirates of the Spanish Main | Planet Giggle | Pocket Change | Pretty Strange Patents | Princesses | ProngoPuppet Show (create a multimedia one!) | Khufu's Pyramid | The Puzzle Connection | Puzzle Corner |Puzzlemaker 
Rhythm Web | Rules for Games | Race Car (print & build) | Room 108
Save Houdini Scholastic | Science Jokes | Secret of the Maya Glyphs
Pirates | National Geographic Interactive Game |
+Logology | Puzzles |Scrabble Rack
SecretBuilders SecretBuilders is a virtual world for children 5 to 14 years. Students will explore virtual lands, undertake quests, play games, maintain a home, nurture a pet, and interact with their friends. Three features which form the backdrop for SecretBuilders distinguish it from other online worlds: Children learn through immersing themselves in the stories, themes, and concepts from the best in literature, arts and humanities. Children can publish their works – writings, art, videos – making SecretBuilders their own personal store of creativity.
Sesame Street | Set Daily Puzzle | Skateboard Science |  Skateboarding | Skiing | SlimeKids | Goski |Stamps | Skiing 
Snowboard Jigsaw | Jigzone |
Soccer | SpellBee | Quokka Sports | ESPN Sportszone | Sports Media 
Space Crosswords | Space Memory Game | Sports | Sports | Sports Media | SprocketWorks | Stamp Collecting | Stamp News | StampWhys | StoryplaceCandlelight Stories | Story Hour | Street Games |Surfnet Games 
Studying StudyStack | Study Island  | StudyWorks Explorations
SwitcherZoo | Sudoku
Tennis The Tennis Server | 
Tic Tac Toe |  Tic-Tac-Toe | All Mixed Up Tic Tac Toe | Tic Tac Toe 
Tiger Adventure Games | Today in History | Towers of Hanoi TotCity | Twenty Questions
Up to Ten | Virtual Field Trips | Secret Builders
Web Adventures | Where in the World? | 
The Wacky World of Words | Who Pooped? |
Wonderopolis  Wonderopolis is a whimsical, fun website providing "Wonders of the Day" such as "Do Rabbits Have Good Eyesight?" to "When is Technology Old?" A vocabulary list provides a learning base for each lesson. Related questions will spark students' curiosity and motivate them to learn more about the topic. The "Wonderize It" tool lets teachers customize a lesson based on a daily "Wonder" question. The engaging informational text can be used to address Common Core Standards in reading while incorporating related images and videos. Grades K - 12.

Wordgirl | Whyville | Word Puzzles | Word Searches | Word Games 

Yuckiest Site on the Internet 
Zeek Games | Zoboomatoo | Switcheroo Zoo | Zoom Games
40 More Sites for Educational Games

  1. ABCya - A great site for games and mobile apps for elementary students.
  2. Academic Skill Builders - A wonderful site with learning through the use of multi-player games.  Also, there is an educational portal which allows for student tracking.
  3. Arcoiris - A nice site for educational games in English and Spanish.
  4. Braineos - Games based on flash card in a wide variety of subjects.
  5. BrainNook - A fun site for students that focuses on English & Math.  Also, there is a teacher portal with lots of resources for educators.
  6. Bubbabrain - Lots of game for all grade levels that allows teachers to create games too.
  7. Cackleberries - A virtual world filled with educational games for kids 3-7 yrs old in a safe environment.
  8. Clever Island - Excellent games for kids 3-8 yrs old in a wide variety subjects such as: Math, Reading, Spelling, etc.
  9. Cookie - A great site for educational games and teacher resources.
  10. Creativity Games - Learn through the use of creativity brain training games.
  11. Creating Music - A fun site for learning music through the use of educational games and other online activities.
  12. DimensionU - An innovative site for learning math in a 3D virtual world.
  13. Fish Smarty - Excellent site for online learning through the use of educational games.  There is an educational portal for student tracking as well.
  14. Fuel the Brain - A wonderful site to learn elementary skills such as math, science and reading. Lots of educational resources too!
  15. Funbrain - One of the most popular sites for educational games for kids K-8 yrs old.
  16. Funschool - A wide variety of games, activities, and videos for kids.
  17. Game Classroom - Games for students K-6th grade in math and LA with lots of resources such as: worksheets, videos, and more.
  18. Gamequarium - A popular site with lots of games in a wide variety of subject areas.
  19. GameUp - A innovative site from the creators of BrainPop where the games are based on their interactive animated videos.
  20. Kidz Page - A fun site for educational games PreK-8th grade.
  21. Learning Games for Kids - A great site for educational games on lots of different subject areas.
  22. Lure of the Labyrinth - An innovative game for middle school pre-algebra students.
  23. Magnahigh - Math games for K-12 with educational portal.
  24. MinecraftEdu - A unique game based on the popular PC designed for schools.
  25. PhyFun - Physics-based games for all grade levels.
  26. Pipo Games - A nice site for educational games for ages 3-12 yrs.  A paid site unlocks all the features.
  27. Play Brighter - A fantastic site filled with educational games on a wide variety of subjects, built on its unique anime style interface.
  28. Play Kids Games - A fun site for educational games in subject areas such as math, vocabulary and geography.
  29. Power My Learning - A great all-in-one site for education filled with games, videos, resources and more.
  30. Sheppard Software - A nice site with lots of games on different subject areas.
  31. Skoolbo - Wonderful educational games for core skills in the primary grade levels.
  32. Spelling Connections - A cool site for spelling and vocabulary games with educational portal.
  33. Teaching with Portals - A very innovative game based on the popular console/PC game Portal, with lots of lesson plans to be found.
  34. Tucoola - A great site for skill-building games for the younger kids with student tracking.
  35. Tutpup - A cool site for math and spelling where kids compete against each other.
  36. Vedoque - A nice site for educational games PreK - 8th grade.
  37. What2Learn - A excellent site for educational games where teachers can create games and track students with a paid account.
  38. Yogome - A great site/company with lots of innovative games and mobile apps on recycling and more.
  39. Zondle - Interesting games that support learning and can be embedded into a site.
  40. ZooWhiz - A fun site for kids 5 - 15 yrs to develop Math and Reading skills by creating their own virtual zoo.