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Going to School
50 Simple Things Youy Can Do to Help Your Child 
Dolly Gray Award for Children's Literature in Developmental Disabilities | 
Select Bibliography of Children's Books about the Disability Experience |

Answers for Parents, Creating an Atmosphere for Learning at Home | Asthma & Schools | All Kinds of Minds 
American Academy of Pediatrics | ABCs of Parenting | ADD | ADDw/Hyperactivity | ArtsEdge Curricula 
American Academy of Pediatrics | Anagram Generator | Autism Web site (for Kids)
Behavior Management
Berit's Best Sites for Children | Books for Parents | Bullying BooklistBully Prevention/Intervention Online Class | Dealing with Bullies | Bus Safety Basics 
Car Travel Activities | Car Games
Child & Family WebGuide (Tufts) | Children's Books | Children's Partnership | Cooking w/ Young Children 
Deafness & Hearing | 
Disability Related Resources | DiscoverySchool | 
Family | Family First Web Site Reviews 
Gifted & Talented Resources | Girls' Self-Esteem Gr. 5 | Girls' Body Image | GirlTech 
Health | Dr. Greene | Healthfinder | WebMD eMedicineHealth | Medline Plus Children's Health |Healthy Home Stop Germs-Interactive House Tour | Heal the House | Child Health Advice
Helping & Homework 
Helping Your Child Learn Math | Helping Your Child Learn Science | Helping Your Child Learn Geography | Helping Kids with Learning Differences | Homework: Amount, Effects, Help for Students and Parents |
Internet Safety bNetS@vvy | PluggedInParent.com | bNetS@vvy | Parents Guide to the Information Superhighway | Internet Filters Report | Get Net Wise Stay Safe Online with Shaquille O'Neal | OnLine Safety (Disney) | GetNetWise | NetSmartz Workshop | Safe Surfin | SafetySurf | see also Technologypage
Its My Life Topics
KidsHealth | Kids-in-Mind | KidSource | Kinder-Today |  KinderStart-Info & SearchEngine for Parents |Kids First Software and Video Reviews | Kidsite | KidSmart | 
Kindergarten | Full Day or Half Day? 
Learning Disabilities Internet Special Education Resources | Learning disability & Learning Information & Resources | LD Online | ERIC LD/ADD (scroll down) | see also ADD/ADHD above
Learning Partner Activities for Parents | Lightspan | Listening Skills 
Math Challenges for Families | At Home with Math | At Home Math Toolkit | see also Math
Media Literacy  | Issues & Advice for Different Ages | Resources for Parents | Games for Kids 
Minuteman Library Network 
National Parent Information Network 
NY Times Learning Network 
Parent Soup | Parenting Special Children | ParenTech | Parenting Advice | Parenting Web Resources |Parents and Kids Online | Parents' Choice Foundation | Parentcenter | Parenting in the Digital Age | PBS Parents | 
Ready,Set,Read | Reading Rockets 
Scholastic | Science for Families | ScreenIt | Self-Control-How to Teach 
Reading | Starting Out Right-An Online Guide to Promoting Children's Reading Success | The Art of Reading a Storybook | How to Read Aloud Trelease-on-Reading | PBS Kids Island Reading Games for Kids | see also Literacy page
Sibling Rivalry
 | It's My Life | Sisters & Brothers: Working Things Out 
Smart Parent | Smithsonian Education | Software Review | SPED Resources | Speech & Language Developmental Milestones 
Special Needs Project | StoryBook Corner | 
The Review Zone 
Totcity | Tufts University Child and Family WebGuide 
Understanding Test Scores 
WebSmart Media Literacy Activities | 
Weekly Reader |   The Whole Child-It;s the Little Things: Daily Routines, Separation Anxiety, etc. 
Wilderness Survival Primer for Kids 
Youth Leagues 
Zero to Three | Zillions (Consumer Reports for Kids)